Are Expensive Locks Better and More Secure ?

Spending a fortune on your security and safety should never be a difficult choice to make, but does it worth it? Due to some cheap door locks’ good performances, questions like are expensive locks better keep running through people’s minds.

The truth remains that some cheap locks perform exceedingly, but they don’t come with the features you will find or see in some expensive door locks.

Features that make expensive lock better

Some excellent factors make expensive locks distinctive in their operation, making it hard for any cheap locks to match up with it.


Some expensive locks come with pin technology. It is similar to the system you have on your mobile phones, where you only get to access things therein only when you have the pin.

It is only to those that have access to your pin that can GEF into your house. So, it gives users a level of confidence that no burglar can have access to your home, unlike cheap locks that can easily be bypassed.


Another one is the fingerprint which is quite challenging for anyone to breakthrough. This lock system requires installing with your fingers and those you want to have access to your home.

It will become so hard for anyone whose finger is not activated to have access to your home. The feature makes it one of the expensive locks out there.

App lock

Another is the app lock which is used by some sectors llllthat have essential things to secure. This operates with the use of an app on mobile phones.

You need to connect the lock with the app on your phone, and then you can control the door lock to do anything you want it to do.

Voice recognition

Another feature is voice recognition which works like Alexa. This is one of the expensive door locks you will find in local and online stores. Once IG recognizes your voice, it will initiate whatever you tell it to do.

This helps when you have your two hands loaded with things, and you can’t touch or press any key.


Some door lock system comes with a remote system that makes it effortless for you to lock and unlock any door. You don’t have to move too close to the entrance to lock and unlock the door. It is straightforward to do, and no one that doesn’t have access to the remote control can come into your home.

Pros of expensive lock

  • Expensive locks give you the rest of your mind
  • It assures you of maximum security
  • It keeps burglars away

Cons of expensive lock

  • It is expensive


Are expensive locks better to protect your valuable assets ? Yes. They are because of the level of security they deliver. They work exceptionally and perform on the high end compared to some cheap locks that can easily be bypassed. There are Manny options in the market and never have we seen anyone regret opting for an expensive door lock.