Best Butane Torch For Jewelry Making Cooking Soldering Plumbing

A best butane torch is a flaming gun that creates flames by burning the butane. As you know, butane is flammable gas. Therefore, butane used in this torch. These butane torches mostly used in case of burning copper or aluminum. You will see them mainly in the constructions area. These torches used in case of soldering, plumbing, brazing and many more.

A good quality butane torch is a very reliable and very much useful tool. A butane torch is sometimes necessary for many works. And it is also known as the most comfortable and safe handy tool. Choosing the best butane torch is also way too much complicated. There are pretty much things to consider while selecting the best butane flame burner. The better the product you will buy, the more comfortable you will be using them.

But don’t you worry about that. I came up with the correct solution for this confusion of yours. In this article, you are about to find the top 11 butane torch. Besides that, I also discussed many things related to the butane torch. Those points will help you to choose the precise one according to your needs. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump into the ocean of butane torch.

Go Inside : Top 11 Best Butane Torch For Jewelry Making, Cooking, Soldering, Welding, Plumbing – Ultimate Guide 2020 – That Surely Satisfy You!

Product NameImagePriceProduct Rating
Blazer 189-9276 Butane Refillable Mini Torchbutane torch for jewelry making

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5 Star Rating
The Big Shot Butane Torchbest butane torch for jewelry

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5 Star Rating
Power Probe Micro Torchbest butane torch for dabs

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4.9 Star Rating
Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Torchbest butane torch for dabs

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4.9 Star Rating
R Series Mega Butane Torchbest butane micro torch

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4.8 Star Rating

List of 11 Coolest Butane Torch Lighter

1. Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch
2. Big Shot, Lava Red, Red, Blazer, Blazer Torch
3. Power Probe PPMTKIT01 Micro Torch Kit
4. Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch
5. SToK FYR R Series Mega Torch
6. Wgwioo Blow Torch
7. Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro Torch
8. Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch
9. T-XINRONG Culinary Butane Torch
10. Dremel Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch
11. BernzOMatic Butane Torch

In this section, you are about to get the most sold, most rated, most comfortable butane torch list. Therefore, it will make your choice and thinking narrower. Instead of jumping here and there and choosing the butane torch, I am giving you the top products of butane torch available in the market. Choose from here as I can guarantee you that you will get benefited. So let’s see the products review:

#1. Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

This Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch is at the First position of this list because it deserves the first place. People who are searching for low budget mid-range, medium quality butane torch. Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch can be on your choice list. This product is also great for working on small or handy projects. The Standard Blazer Butane Torch is not over a feature like the other products. This product is not for professionalism.

butane torch for jewelry

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If you have some handy working where you need a burner, you can choose this one. This product is extremely portable as well as an anti-flare torch. Includes detachable base, the flame nozzle is robust and made up of brass, crystal ignition, accurate controls of the flame. And it’s run time is about 35 minutes long with 2500 degree Fahrenheit temperature of the fire.

On the other hand, Standard Blazer Butane Torch is refillable. And you can also work precisely with this product in both small and professional sectors (small works).

Pros –

  • Very simple to use and handle
  • A large tank that holds butane
  • Attractive look
  • Refillable
  • No chance of leaking

Cons –

  • Gets hot while using for long term
  • The tip turns to darken after extended use

Best Alternative – New Release

Blazer 189-9276 Fire Fox Butane Refillable Mini Torch, Silver by Blazer

  • General use like – Jewelry making, Cooking, Repair works, Plumbing, Laboratory work, Working with glass
    & ceramics etc.
  • Easy Refillable
  • 2500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Torch that Wind resistant
  • Burn continuously 20 minutes with a full fuel chamber
  • Height 4.5 inch
  • Safety Lock that permits continuous operation
  • Have kids resistant trigger for safety
  • Loosen frozen locks
  • Including table high lighter

butane torch for jewelry making

New Arrival –

Blazer 189-9275 Fire Fox Butane Refillable Mini Torch, Gold by Blazer

Use this torch for –

  • Culinary works
  • Plumbing works
  • Laboratory works etc

best butane for torch lighter

#2 Big Shot Butane Torch

Whenever you go for buying big shot packages, the package will include the Big Shot GT-8000 Butane Torch. The GT-8000 Butane Torch is also refillable. Therefore, there is nothing to worry when the butane gas will finish. You will also get an instruction manual along with the Butane Torch as well as a detachable base.

Along with the adjustable base the Big Shot Butane Torch also includes the nozzle of brass frame. This torch will let you do your work much more precisely. This butane torch allows heating the application directly with its precise flame. In the case of soldering, brazing, plumbing, culinary as well as good quality butane torch for jewelry making, the Big Shot GT-8000 Butane Torch always stands at the top.

best butane torch for jewelry

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This butane torch has better flame control and more safety than another butane torch. The butane torch is handy because of its angled head, and the table top base also makes the work easier. On the other hand, you can control the flame length of this butane torch with the flame adjustable dial.

Without any electrical connection, you can run this butane torch pretty efficiently. And the best start/ignition is present in this torch. Without any molecular reaction, this torch provides a comfortable and soft start. This machine weighs only 12.0 inches, and it measures 7.5 x 5.25 x 2.0 inches. The temperature of the flame rises to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros –

  • Replacement Warranty
  • Excellent Start-up
  • You can fire unlimited times
  • Best usable tool in professional and industrial sections
  • Flame lengths can control
  • Higher flame temperature

Cons –

  • Red color gives a dull look
  • After too much usage, it gets extremely hot

Best Alternative –

Blazer Limited Edition Blue Big Shot Torch GT8000

best butane for torch lighter

#3. Power Probe Micro Torch

Here, I arranged another beast for you which can continuously run for 2 hours non stop. Not just this, the temperature of the flame is also 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. This torch can give 0.5 to 2.5 inches thick fire. Now guess how stunning it is. With various soldering tips and a nice case makes it more arranged.

best butane torch for dabs

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Whenever you want to solder something, wrap anything, loosening the nuts that became tight by the rust, Power Probe will stand at the first choice. Well! Let me clear you, if you are a newbie in the working field with the Butane torch, then choosing this product would be a great idea. It also offers many accessories which will surely be your helping hand.

With that saying, this equipment will be the best tool for your small works like making jewelry ornaments like – finger ring, ear tops, earing, neckless etc, kitchen works but you cannot use it in professional jobs. The power probe is not that professional tool.

Pros –

  • Can run for a long time even releasing 2500 degree Fahrenheit temperature flame
  • Accessories and Kits case is also available with the product
  • Electric Igniter

Cons –

  • Soldering tips are a bit difficult to attach
  • Lighter is not that reliable

Best Alternative – New Arrival

Power Probe MTKIT01 Micro Torch Kit

best butane torch for dabs

#4. Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Torch

With that flow of the list, I am giving you the 4th best butane torch lighter which will surely be beneficial to you. Actually, among all the other products of this list, the Blazer ES1000 is the most favorite one to most of the citizen. Its design makes it unique from all the other butane torches. As this product is exceptionally slim, therefore, you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

best butane torch for dabs

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With the angled head of the Blazer ES1000, you can work pretty much efficiently and much more precisely. It is incredibly lightweight. Therefore, no problem should arise carrying this tool. This tool will be best for works which consist of many details like in the dental labs, soldering jewelry, cooking. Its nozzle head lets it point the flame more precisely. The hands-free facility is also available with this product.

The significant part of this butane torch is that you can adjust the flame strength, length of the flame, color of the fire, etc. And its service run time is about thirty minutes long even launching 2500 degrees Fahrenheit of flame’s temperature. Well! This product should name as Beast in case of the butane torches. Ha ha!

Pros –

  • The angled head of this butane torch lets you work more precisely
  • The flame can change from yellow to blue (which is extremely hot)
  • Auto-ignition facility which requires no electrical connections
  • Can improve the airflow of the fire
  • Very comfortable to carry

Cons –

  • Only for professional fields
  • A bit costly
  • Ignition system sometimes work negatively

#5. R Series Mega Torch

Well! If you think about the portability, then the R Series Mega Torch will be the first choice. This butane torch will let you comfortable handle and carry anywhere with anything you want. The ignitor of the R Series Mega Torch lasts for a long duration. Therefore, you can work with this butane torch for a long time without any stop

best butane micro torch

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It can provide a high flame. Approximately up to 9″. Now think, how great is this butane torch? Those of you who need large fire to work, the R Series Mega Torch will be the best choice. But the significant part is you know what? Besides giving the high flame, it also increases the flames’ temperature as well. In short, it can provide 2700 degrees Fahrenheit of flame’s temperature.

On the other hand, you know, your kids are also safe with this butane torch? Yes absolutely. Its locking system will allow no fire to come out. Therefore, less accident will occur. Isn’t that a great feature? R Series Mega Torch weighs only 10.4 ounces, and its dimensions are about 3 x 6 X 10.5 inches. It is a small tool to carry comfortably.

Pros –

  • Affordable Butane Torch
  • Holds lots of Butane
  • Extended run time even with a small amount of fuel
  • Small handy size
  • Powerful heat, up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best butane micro torch

Cons –

  • The base is a bit loose, it falls very often

#6. Wgwioo Blow Torch

This butane torch is way too much different from all the other butane torch I mentioned in the above list. You can easily refill it once the butane runs out. The flames intensity can also adjust according to the usage. The temperature of this butane torch can reach up to 2370 degree Fahrenheit. You can use any flames’ warmth as you want and as you need.

best butane torch for cooking

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This butane torch is mostly present in the kitchen. It is used to glaze sugar or the fruit on the top of the ham, flash searing the fish pieces, browning the tart’s as well as meringue’s top part, toasting the breadcrumbs, etc. Sometimes it is also used to torch the wood to bring a smoky flavor in a cocktail or a dish.

This butane torch mostly used by the chefs or in the home bakers. This torch provides a lot of reliability as well as different flame consistency. And the super ignition setup gives a quick and smooth startup. The Wgwioo Blow torch is made up of metal as well as plastic with the dashing black color on it. And it can run continuously without any stop for long 1.6 hours to 2 hours.

Used for – 

  • Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch
  • Refillable Adjustable Flame Lighter for DIY
  • Creme
  • Brulee
  • BBQ
  • Baking

Pros –

  • Flames length width, as well as the temperature, can be adjusted
  • Reliable and consistency flame release
  • Easy and portable to use
  • Best for chef or kitchen use
  • With the warmth of 2370 degree Fahrenheit, it can run up to 1.5 hours to 2 hours

Cons –

  • Keep it away from kids because it is a bit risky to use

#7. Blazer GB2001 Self Igniting Butane Micro Torch

Here comes the great legend in the list of the selected butane torch. Blazer GB2001, the king of the flame burner. It is one of the unique butane torches because it includes many facilities, features as well as advantages of using this torch. The burn time of this butane torch is about 1.5 hours to two hours. This machine is the perfect tool for jewelry making, plumbing, culinary, automotive as well as soldering.

best butane torch for cooking

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With the adjustable knob, you can easily control the flame. On the other hand, if you want to work for hands-free, then the Blazer GB2001 also includes table-top stand. The rubber finishing on the Blazer GB2001 body makes it much more comfortable to hold. Like the other blazer butane gun, the Blazer GF2001 also includes the piezoelectric based ignition system. But sometimes you might need to turn it on with a lighter or a match. That is not a big issue.

This equipment is minimal, and it is very comfortable with all kind of works like the soldering, jewelry things, etc. The small flame can let you work precisely at every joint. As I told you that, it is the most impressive tools among all the other butane torch. It provides the most precise flame tip, and the flame can change to orange to blue. Flame’s temperature can rise 2500 degree Fahrenheit.

Pros –

  • Burns flame for a long time
  • Flame length and width, as well as flame’s temperature, can also control
  • The option of working hands-free
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Best ignition system

Cons –

  • The fire is not that big like the other butane torches
  • A bit more expensive

#8. Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch Review

Blazer Butane Torch is at the 8th position of this list. This butane torch can deliver up to 35 minutes of run time even when the settings are at the maximum. This torch also includes a fine and handy flow dial with a range of 1.25 inches to 5 inches. With this dial, you can control the flame flow.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

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It also includes mesmerizing features along with the anti-flare nozzle. Undoubtedly it the most top-ranked and the most top reviewed butane torch. You can easily and quickly handle all your projects as the flame in the Blazer GT8000 big shot butane torch can reach up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that, this butane torch also includes piezoelectric ignition. Therefore, even at the starting as well the flame doesn’t spread.

On the other hand, Blazer GT8000 big shot butane torch is about 7.5 X 5.25 x 2.0 inches only and 12.0 ounces of lightweight. So guess what? You can easily carry it inside your toolbox or along with other materials. When you aren’t using the butane torch, you can lock it so that kids don’t face any accident with the butane torch. With the elegant and sleek black design and look, it separates itself from all the other butane torches.

Pros –

  • Long flame run time up to 35 minutes (even at maximum settings)
  • Manually lock facility
  • Dial for the gas flow
  • Maximum flame temperature is 2500 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Flame length 1.25 inches to 5 inches

Cons –

  • A bit expensive
  • Recommended for professional as well as industrial use

#9. T-XINRONG Culinary Butane Torch

Well, here is another butane torch that mostly needs in cooking and kitchen stuff. This torch will keep you shock with its features. Don’t you believe it? Well! This BBQ torch includes the hardest massive duty body form all the other butane torches in this entire list. The full body of this butane torch is cover with a metal coating.

best butane torch for jewelry making

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It also includes security lock which prevents sudden star up or accidental ignition. Therefore, you can handle it without any worries. The flame itself can be control as well as the flame’s temperature to reach about 2500 degrees of Fahrenheit. You can choose various types of fire for cooking or any other working activities. This torch is easy and comfortable to use. It is also one of the most amazing foody torches.

You can use this butane torch in your party for doing BBQ. You can also use the T-XINRONG Culinary Butane Torch in camp for cooking any foods. This torch is convenient; therefore you can carry it easily. Its dimension is about 6.3 x 5.2 x 2.6 inches only, and it weighs about 9.3 ounces. So carrying it won’t be a big issue.

Use for –

  • DIY Food Torch
  • Professional Cooking
  • Creme Brulee
  • BBQ
  • Baking Adjustable Torch

Pros –

  • The best tool to bake or cook foods
  • Available within an affordable price
  • Perfect size to handle
  • Great temperature great control ability
  • Very strong and unbreakable

Cons –

  • Becomes too hot after using for five long minutes

#10. Dremel Butane Torch

Dremel Versa Butane Torch is for those people who are searching butane torch for different purposes. Dremel Versa Butane torch is also one of the most versatile tools that mostly used in case of soldering, searing, pipe fitting as well as culinary brazing. Besides that, the significant part of this torch that separates this torch from all the other butane torch is its features.

best butane torch lighter

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You can not only control the flame length with this torch. Instead, you can also control the temperature of the flame in this torch. On the other hand, you don’t need any other accessories to start up this tool. Instead, you can quickly start it with the ignition trigger that integrated on this butane torch.

Besides that, this butane torch also includes an accessory kit of 9 pieces for different work fields. You can use them for diffusing flame, soldering, deflecting heat, blowing heat, etc. You can also lock the fire with the flame lock switch while using the long extended projects. The durability of this product is excellent. It also includes the Dremel 4486 Multi Pro Keyless Chuck.

Pros –

  • Can be used in any professional works
  • Flame length, as well as the flame temperature, can also be controlled.
  • Works great even upside down
  • Highly durable product
  • It also has the Dremel 4486 Multi Pro Keyless Chuck
  • Excellent Versatility

Cons –

  • Sometimes it may create problem while starting up after a long time off

#11. BernzOMatic Butane Torch ST2200T

The BernzOMatic Butane Torch ST2200T mostly needs while working with the concrete or with any metal tools. Some people also feel comfortable soldering with this butane torch. This butane torch is the highest quality manufactured from all the other butane torch in the list. With this butane torch, you can do your work more precisely.

best cheap butane torch

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It also includes three various settings: pinpoint flame, fine soldering as well as hot air blower. Different work needs different types of environments. The ignition of this BernzOMatic Butane Torch is also superb. With the adjustable knob, you can also adjust the flame according to your needs. The soldering tips of this butane torch do not last long. In that case, it also becomes challenging to take a replacement from the manufacturer.

With this BernzOMatic Butane Torch, you can do the accuracy as well as extreme precision works. The sturdy and the stable base of the BernzOMatic Butane Torch holds the top of this butane machine so that it doesn’t fall. But as I told you that the solder tips don’t last long, and the tips are not available separately as well. Therefore, even if the solder tips get off, you need to buy a new torch. It also includes some excellent benefits for which this problem is not a big deal.

The range of the flame is from 0.5 inches up to 1.0 inches. Its dimension is about 3 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches. And it weighs only 8 ounces.

Pros –

  • Extremely portable
  • Very low in price
  • Includes 3-year of warranty that is limited
  • Consists of a very sturdy base
  • It also contains three different settings: pencil flame, fine soldering as well as hot air blower.

Cons –

  • The safety switch is a bit difficult to handle
  • The solder tips are weak and cannot replace

Propane Torches for Jewelry Making

A propane torch is also useful sometimes in case of the jewelry making.  Even in a closed environment, propane gas remains less toxic. But yet, do you think propane gas is safe? No, it is not. It is useful just because it can produce a lot more oxygen which helps incomplete combustion. You can use the propane torch for heavy usage in jewelry.

Small torches mainly built for jewelry purposes which require large temperature flames. But it is a bit more expensive compared to the butane gas. Propane torches are a bit more useful in case of jewelry. You can do bulk works with the propane torches. But the only problem is, it is a bit more expensive.

And for its intense flames, it requires an extra disposal tank which holds all the propane. So if you are compatible to work with that heavy tank and can afford the propane again and again as soon as it finishes. Then propane torch will be the best choice for your jewelry works.

1. Smith Jewelry Torch Outfit – The Little Torch – 23-1003B w/ regulators

propane torch small

2. BLUE FLAME 9XTL – Multi Purpose Propane Torch

  • Control your flame size easily with this Adjustable Flame Control Dial
  • Perfect for soldering, cooking bbq, brazing, heat treating and light welding.
  • This Blue Flame 9XTL torch provides the maximum heat
  • Includes 3 Nozzles for different flame
  • Built In Ignition – Easy Auto Start / Stop
  • Flow Regulator & Flame Lock
  • Weight – 1.54 pounds

Propane Torch for Jewelry Making

The Best Propane Torch for –

  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Heat Treating
  • Loosening the tighten bolts
  • Light Welding
  • Stripping Paint
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Searing Steak Etc..

3. Smith Little Torch Soldering Welding Hot Sale Jewelers Micro Mini Gas

Jewelers Micro Mini Gas Little Torch

This another Best Propane Torch Ideal for –

  • Jewelry Making & repair
  • Hobbyists
  • Wooden Crafts
  • Metal sculpture
  • Glass blowing
  • Electronics repair and manufacturing

4. TurboTorch 0426-0011 TDLX2003MC Torch Kit Swirl, Air Acetylene

Multi Purpose Propane Torch

  • Best torch for plumbing

5. The Little Torch with 5 Tips In a Box- Acetylene

Best propane torch soldering

Propane VS Butane Torches

Well! There are lots of different types of torches that run on different fuels. In that case, butane, as well as propane torches, are also different categorized torches which run on different fuel. Well, Propane torch releases the constant temperature flame. Therefore, the close you will bring the object in the propane flame the better the object will burn. Whereas, the butane torch releases massive fire which emits continuously. Even when the object will be at the tip of the flame, the object will burn with precision. And with the adjuster, you can also control the amount of butane you want to emit.

The butane torch flame is around 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas, the propane torch flame is about 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Butane torches mostly used in low flame requirement works. But propane torch works on large projects where too much of heat is required.

Butane Torch for Jewelry Making

Yes! It is true. Butane torches are an excellent tool for jewelry making. This tool is essential equipment in this case because of its efficiency.

On the other hand, butane torches are affordable. Even the beginner can use them comfortably on jewelry making. With the butane torch the stones, gold, etc. can be solder pretty easily and quickly.

The butane torch is a lot portable, and you can easily carry this torch anywhere you want. Being said that, do not worry about safety. The butane torch is secured and safe. The butane torch is exceptionally comfortable, handy, mini size, affordable. Therefore it very common in the jewelry shops.

Things to Consider When Buy Good Quality Butane Torch

It is not necessarily relevant to randomly pick one of any butane torch and use it. In that case, you face a lot of difficulties. But if you carefully check the requirements, advantages, disadvantages, features, etc. according to your needs you might pick up the perfect butane torch. Let’s have a look at what will make your decision more sharp in choosing the butane torch.


You will find multiple dimensions of a butane torch in the market. Now it is up to you that why you need a butane torch. If you need it for small use and you might need to carry it. Small size butane torch would be the best choice. But if you need for professional projects, butane torch with a big tank would be the correct solution. You will find the best small and more significant butane torch in this content, present above.


There is both kind of butane torches that releases both high and low flames with longer length as well as small length. According to your purpose, you can choose. Some also provide facilities of weather as well as wind resistance. If you select multiple flames butane torch, then it might take a bit more fuel. Therefore, your cost will also increase. So it is up to you.


Now you can say, a butane torch is a useful tool then why would I go for style? Well! Talking about the style, I am making you understand about the comfortably, body shape, grip, etc. Looks don’t matter in case of equipment. The better the grip you get with tools, the precise result you will get. Lots of styles of butane torch are available. Some torch includes a better grip for better grab. Some torches include the slippery body.


With that said, it is not possible to use butane gas, and it never finishes. Nope! But there is some torch which includes the refill option. Whereas some are there which complete so done, you have to buy a new one. For me, refilling butane torches are the better option. Once you start using a tool, you get comfortable with that. So using a refilling butane torch would be a better idea.


If you work with a butane torch for a long time, then picking up a lightweight butane torch would be the best choice. You will not want to work with a massive tool for a long time and make your hands pain. On the other hand, using heavy materials for a long time might create fatigue on your wrist muscles as well as on your hands.

Burning Time

Burning time varies what you’re going to use your butane torch. Burning time vary from torch to torch. You can use it for half an hour maximum two hours consider the tank capacity of fuel .

Important Features

Flame adjustment, Design, Fuel gauge, Instant power switch, Safety Locks, A reliable Igniter, Use the right tourch for the right job.


Here comes, the essential importance. We all know that the more we will invest the better result we will get. Not all the high budget butane torch with a fancy look is not efficient. Whereas, some are much more useful but available within less price. So working ability must need to be the priority than the look and style.

What is Butane Torch?

Butane torches are mostly burners or lighters which release high-temperature flames to solder or to burn or to heat any material. It is gun shaped equipment with multiple features. With some of this butane torch, you can solder, join jewelry materials, cook, etc.

And talking about the coolest quality butane torch means the butane torch that includes all the features like, temperature control, flame length control, highly durable and reliable, long burn time, refilling feature and many more. In the above list, you will get the best 11 butane torches which include all these legit features. And that is why people love working with these butane torches.

Why You Need a Butane Torch?

Butane Torch is a tool which releases intense flames in a pattern which can burn, wrap, and join many steel, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. But besides that Butane torches are also used in many purposes. Soldering, plumbing, brazing these are sections where butane gas used very much. But after that comes the culinary. In this case, butane torch is used as a kitchen gadget to cook food, to warm food and also in many purposes.

Then comes the pocket butane torch. These pocket butane torches are used to light up cigarettes, cigars. The large intense flame burns the dam surface of the cigar very quickly. Over that, most of the bartenders are also using the butane torch in the cocktails. Nowadays the burning flaming, as well as smoky cocktails, are the running trend.

On the other hand, Butane torches also used to make jewelry. Soldering earrings, jump rings and other necessary small tasks can complete this fantastic tool very quickly. In case of minor repairs like steel joint, aluminum joints, the butane torch also used. And that is why versatility is the name given to the butane torches.


Where to buy butane for creme brulee torch ? – We advice you to buy from Amazon.

Can i use a butane torch for creme brulee ? – Yes you can use it without any hesitation.

What is the best butane torch lighter ? – We recommend Blazer butane torch lighter is best.

Wrapping Up

Well! Here comes the end. So far you saw the article contains lots of information. I can guarantee you that you have got enough information for both propane and butane torches. In that case, you can easily decide which one to pick. And to make your choice as well as thinking a bit narrower I listed here top 11 butane torch for you.

By thinking about the price, comfortability, handy, requirements, reviews, availability, I arranged all the listed products above. All you have to do is check out its descriptions, advantages as well as disadvantages and choose the product according to your needs. I am sure you will love using them.

Unwrap this Best Butane Torch For Jewelry Making Review and get relax from a doodle of choosing the best one among thousands of butane torch. Even, you will get an updated buyers guide including comparison of the best torch.