Best Door Security Devices For Apartments

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Apartment Door Lock Types

  • Buddybar Door Jammer
  • Perko Mortise Latch Set
  • Door Levers
  • Door Lock Latch
  • Sliding Bolt Gate Latch
  • Door Lock with Chain and Spring Lock
  • Door Latch Lock for Indoor
  • Mortise Deadlatch Lock
  • Smart Locks For Apartment Buildings
  • Electric Strike Lock ANSI Standard
  • Sliding Door Loop Lock
  • Get a Door Handle Alarm
  • Get a Door Stop Alarm
  • Barn Door Lock
  • Panic Exit Device with Surface Rod

Change Your Apartment Entry Door Locks

If you are just getting into a new apartment, you should consider changing the entry door locks of the new apartment. You should try all you can to get a new door lock which will help to increase the security in your apartment.

Setup Security Systems

A security system is very important if you want to keep people away from your apartment. You should get the best security system from the trusted brands or companies to ensure your security is enhanced.

An apartment without a security system in place is prone to attack, and that is the reason you should include one in your apartment. The truth remains that thieves find it a great task to go into an apartment with a security system in place.

Apartment Door Lock System : Buy A Quality Padlocks

During an interview with a burglar, we ask him what the things that look out for in an apartment whenever they want to rob are and how easy it is for them to break in.

He said the first thing they look at is the lock on the door. Once they notice it is one that is not too hard to break, they reach out to it instead of wasting their time thinking of how to break into the Apartment.

Therefore, if you want to keep thieves away, you need to consider getting a quality padlock. Although they don’t come cheap and affordable, unlike others, but it worth investing your money if you ever want to keep thieves away.

There are different brands out there that offer quality locks. You should consider one of their products. Also, you should consider opting for a keyless lock.

It is a major one that gives burglars no time to think of how to decode the pin or key code. Most keyed door locks can easily be bypassed due to duplication of the key. This is the reason you should consider one that doesn’t use a key, and never should you reveal your pin to an outsider.

Only those who have access to your pin or password can easily get into your apartment through the door.

Buddybar Door Jammer Apartment Door Security Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar
  • BuddyBar has been tested to withstand up to 2,560...
  • The Buddybar is 8.2 lbs. of beautifully powder...
  • Great for Homes, Apartments, Dorms, and Traveling

It is a very reliable door lock device that you can only use from the inside of your Apartment. The locking device works best on the carpet, concrete, wood, and tile. One of the things you should be confident of is that it will never fall off your door.

It helps to ensure no one comes into your apartment easily as it has the ability to withstand up to 1560 pounds of force. It is great for your front door and every other door you have in your apartment. The patent-pending device is simply the strongest apartment door security bar I’ve ever come across thus far.

Perko Mortise Latch Set Are The Best Apartment Entry Door Locks

The installation of the lock is effortless as it works smoothly on any door. The lock is perfect for the front door as it helps to secure your apartment with its locking system. It has a handle and a knob which you can use to open and close the door.

It is one of the most secured as you can lock with a key to ensure no one has easy access to your apartment. The lock helps to ensure your door can be hard to break in for burglar as it is a modern lock that is hard to break. Also, this best deadbolt locks for apartment is a high security residential doors lock and is well built to last longer.

Door Levers Fortstrong Panic Apartment Door Security Bar

Fortstrong Panic Bar Bronze FS-750B Push Bar Exit Device for...
  • High-Quality Hardware at a Great Value: Proven to...
  • Fully Adjustable: Supplied with a reversible...
  • Easy To Install: Each of our exit door bars come...

The fortstrong can be installed on the interior or exterior part of any door. It is very strong and reliable to quickly secure your door whenever anyone opens it. Unlike some front door that doesn’t close back immediately thereby allowing passerby to see through the Apartment or for other things insects to fly in.

Once the door lock is installed, it helps to keep access restricted to those who have the right to come into your apartment. It helps to keep the security tight. You will have to continually reach out to your door to close without using this lock, and it can be stressful.

NELXULAS Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Door Lock Latch

NELXULAS Heavy-Duty Thickened Brushed Stainless Steel Door...
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Total Size : 18 x 9.8 cm / 7.1" x 3.8"...
  • Net Weight : 9.47 oz (159 g)

Not all latch can keep invaders away from your apartment, which is the reason you need to trust NELXULAS. It is a product of tough stainless steel, and it can be installed on either side of the door. Also, it has a hole where you can make use of a padlock to restrict people from having easy access to your apartment.

Using this high security front doors lock at the back of your door is the best form of security you should use. Even if anyone breaks through your lock, they will find it hard to come into your apartment with the help of the NELXULAS behind the door. For maximum security for your front door, it is a great device.

JQK Sliding Bolt Gate Latch Stainless Steel Barrel Bolt with Padlock Hole

JQK Sliding Bolt Gate Latch, 6.3 Inch (Thick 2.4mm) Heavy...
  • All 304 SS Door Latch Thicke 2.4mm Solid Stainless...
  • Protection to Anything Clasp lock designed for...
  • Big Bolt 13.8 mm diameter solid bolt and 8.7mm...

It is a burglar door lock for front doors in any apartment. It helps to ensure no one finds easy access into your apartment when you are sleeping or away. It is best installed at the interior side of the door, where no outsider can have an idea of what you have on the door.

It has a hole where you can as well use a padlock to secure your door and ensure no one comes into the Apartment easily. Also, it helps to monitor the movement of anyone out of the Apartment as only those who have the key to the padlock can get out of the Apartment.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Safety Door Lock with Anti-Theft Chain and Spring Lock

Alise Slide Bolt Latch Gate Latches Safety Door Lock with...
  • Latches & Bolts are Constructed from high quality...
  • The high quality stainless steel hand polished...
  • spring button lock can enhance the anti-theft...

The Alise Slide Bolt Latch protects against intruders, and it helps to enhance anti-theft performance. It is best installed on the back of the door right inside your apartment. Using the latch helps to keep your mind at rest whenever you are indoor.

The door security devices for apartments are easy to install and maintain, and it is tough enough to keep anyone away from entering your apartment. It is one of the best front door security products you will find online today.

Get a Apartment Door Handle Alarm

Get a Apartment Door Stop Alarm

Stainless Steel Door Latch Lock for Indoor

Amarine Made Boat Barrel Bolt Door Latch/Lock 3-1/2" Heavy...
  • Cast 316 marine grade solid stainless steel for...
  • These stainless steel marine sliding lock barrel...
  • Measurements: Length including bolt (approx) -...

Amarine is not the ideal lock if you are considering one you can use for the exterior part of your door. It is only ideal for interior use, which helps to keep you and your property safe and secured. You just need to screw it in on the wall and on the door and ensure it is well aligned for an easy lock.

Once you find it easy to lock, you can be sure no one will have access to your apartment from outside. Not using it will only leave you to rely on your door lock, which could easily be bypassed. Using it helps to enhance your security. Its temporary door lock for apartment.

Mortise Deadlatch Lock : Apartment Entry Door Locks

Adams Rite style latch storefront door mortise deadlatch...
83 Reviews
Adams Rite style latch storefront door mortise deadlatch...
  • BACKSET: The distance between the edge of the door...
  • Features "Latch hold-back function" to allow...

The Adams rite is sure a quality door lock that you can consider for your door front. The first place that burglars try to break is the front door, and using this lock will give them a tough time doing that. It is very hard to break in all thanks to the quality of the materials used in its production.

There are others lock you can use, but this gives the maximum security that you need to always keep your apartment secured.

WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locks For Apartment Buildings

Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless...
  • Wyze smart lock: Lock or unlock your door from...
  • Certified for Humans Smart home made easy for...
  • Simple sharing: Wyze Lock lets you easily share...

The WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock delivers an advanced means of security in your apartment. It is an electrical lock that works amazingly to ensure your apartment is safe and secured. It helps to improve the security in your apartment.

It is an advanced security system lock that requires you to make use of a card to enter the Apartment. No one without the key fab or card can enter the Apartment. It helps to keep one’s mind at rest that no intruder or thief can find it easy to enter the Apartment.

Secure Heavy Duty Electric Strike Lock ANSI Standard

Failure Secure ANSI Standard Heavy Duty Electric Strike Lock...
  • Failure secure (Keep Locked if power outage).
  • Testing to 1000000 cycles. Note: Work with knob...
  • Holding Force: 1000kg / 2200lbs

It is an electric high-duty lock that requires the use of a remote or card for you to open. For apartments that love to keep safe and prevent invaders or intruders from coming into the Apartment, the key lock is the right choice for you. You need to ensure it fits your door appropriately for you to have easy installation.

It is made of stainless steel, and so no one can break or bypass without having the right key or card. It works with a knob lock and mechanical lock. It sure helps to secure your apartment at all costs and ensure all you have is secured.

Defender Security Sliding Door Loop Lock

Defender Security U 9847 Patio Sliding Door Loop Lock...
  • CHILD-SAFE SECURITY DEVICE - This door loop lock...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installation is quick and easy...

If you are looking for a portable door lock for outward opening door, Defender security is the right one for you. It is a secondary security lock that you should install behind your door on the interior side. It helps to prevent anyone from coming into your apartment without your access.

Also, it can serve as additional security for those with kids in the Apartment that you want to ensure they don’t find it easy to get out of the Apartment without your permission. With the hardened bar holder brackets, you can be sure no one can destroy the lock.

Kakuru Barn Door Lock

Kakuru Barn Door Lock with 90 Degree Stainless Steel Right...
  • 90 Degree Latch: Add Privacy to Sliding Barn Door,...
  • Constructed of High-Quality Stainless Steel And 2...
  • Easy to Install and Maintain. You Can Choose Left...

The Kakuru Barn is a versatile lock that ensures you have your apartment secured at all times. It helps to ensure no one ever invades your privacy through its quick lock and unlock mechanism. It is easy to install on any door, and you can choose either the left or right to open the door.

It is best for the front door rightly installed at the back to ensure no one has easy access without your permission. You can be sure of who comes in and goes out of your apartment with the lock. Also, it is long-lasting, and the best burglar proof door locks. It is temporary door lock for apartment.

TAC Panic Exit Device with a Vertical Surface Rod

TACO ED-VR531-AL Series Trans Atlantic ED-VR531 Panic Exit...
  • For doors 1-3/4"- 2 inch thick, 26"- 26 inch door...
  • Can be cut down to 26 inch in length
  • ANSI a156.3 grade 1

The Taco is your number one safety device for all type of doors. It helps to enhance the safety of the Apartment by ensuring no one comes into the Apartment without your permission. You need to install it in the interior part of the door right at the back to be effective.

It is ideal for aluminum, metal, and wood doors. This burglar proof locks for doors is strong to the point that no one can break into your apartment even with force which makes it a device for all apartment owners seeking a way to increase their security.

Door Guard for Back and Front Doors

Jack N Drill Swing Bar Door Lock Durable Door Guard for Back...
  • Made From Durable Materials. - This reinforced...
  • Childproof Your Entire Home. - We all know that...
  • Installation Is As Easy As A-B-C. - Reinforcing...

With easy installation settings or style, the Jack’ N’ drill offers the safest and simplest lock that you can consider. It is best used at apartments for added security, especially with those that have kids around. Kids are stubborn to control, and the lock can do the magic for you.

The child lock for outward opening door is made from die-cast metal that can withstand any force, which makes it hard to break in for anyone. It helps in securing your apartment and other things you have therein. It fits on the back of the door right inside your apartment, where it is not revealing to outsiders.

Use Interior Latches on Doors

You should also consider using latches at the back of your door. This will make it difficult for anyone to come into the Apartment without the permission of whosoever that is inside the Apartment.

It should not be installed for fun, and that is the reason you should use it often. Thieves will never have the idea you use latches, and once they find a way through breaking the door lock with the hope they’ve had a breakthrough, the latches will keep them away.

Keep Security Signs

The use of security signs has been for years. It is the best form of keeping thieves away. Now the secret is that you might not necessarily have those things on the ground or in place, but the fact you have a sign or symbol of them outside your Apartment will scare thieves away.

For instance, you can have a sign of beware of Dogs, soldiers on patrol, and many more. Keeping the signs or symbols will help to keep people away from your apartment. So, we can say that signs and symbols are also effective ways of enhancing one’s security.

Don’t Reveal Too Much

Not everyone is guilty of this part. You should stop revealing much to social media. Some people can’t do without sharing pictures online about all that goes on in their apartment.

Some go on to reveal every part of their apartment, and you never can tell who is watching you. I once watched a movie where a lady flaunts money that was never hers, and that led to her death because she got traced and attacked by thieves.

You should never reveal much through pictures, video, or conversation with others. Even close friends can send thieves to attack someone. So, to be on the safe side always, you should live a private lifestyle.

Use The Peephole

One of the old ways in which thieves do have access to one’s apartment is through the door with tricks. Some approach the door like a pizza man or mailman, and once you open the door, you’ve been given access to your apartment.

So, you should get a door that has a peephole. Always check whosoever that is at your door with the peephole. You can tell if the person is someone you are expecting or not. You should only give audience or attention to anyone you want into your apartment.

Hire with Caution

There are some services you will need in your apartment, and you will have to hire some people to do that for you. Some people have ended up in one robbery experience or another by hiring people that are not trusted.

Some will even come in disguise as if they offer those services, but they are thieves. So, the best way to go about keeping them away is to always employ trusted companies.

There are companies that offer different services that are trusted. You should use them as they can be accountable for whatever happens thereafter. Despite the fact that you are hiring from a trusted company, you should still not reveal too much.

Also, whenever you have anyone in your Apartment doing one thing or another, you should ensure you have someone to monitor their activity.

Install Burglar Bars / Apartment Door Security Bar

If you still don’t know the importance of using burglar bars, then I’ll share my experience with you. Most Apartments got robbed in my area, and my Apartment was not a place for them to invade.

Although they tried to break in through diver means, they couldn’t because the burglar bars were tough and durable enough to keep them away.

You should have a burglar bar installed on all areas of your window to tighten the security and make it quite hard for thieves to break into your apartment.

Video Doorbell Cameras

One of the ways you can keep thieves away from your apartment is through the use of video doorbell cameras. It works well than using a doorbell that doesn’t have a camera.

Right from the door, you get to see whosoever is at the door, and then you can decide you want to open the door or not. It is one of the many ways you can improve the security in your apartment.

Can i put a chain lock on my apartment door ?
Yes, you can put a chain lock on your apartment door temporary or fixed basis.

Padlock, Nightlock Door Barricade and Mortise Lock Sets are the Best Door Security Devices For Apartments.