Top 11 Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 1000, 2000 & 4500

Who would have thought there were so many options available to people who just love to cut wood, from DIYers to total professionals.. ? Opinion does vary greatly on the best choice of table saw, but one message seems to come through loud and clear – the hybrid table saw ticks a lot of boxes, and is the perfect middle ground between contractor and cabinet saws.

In this article, we are going to look at quite a few things. We’ll discuss just what is a hybrid table saw. We’ll look at the differences between hybrid, contractor and cabinet saws. And then we will get into a closer look at 11 saw models, the pros and cons of each, just why one could be better than another for you, the user. After all, that’s what it’s all about – what works best for YOU.

So first up, let’s start from scratch. What IS a hybrid table saw? If you are reading this, we are assuming that you know a little about cutting timber. We are assuming you know what the terminology “rip” and “crosscut” means. As we have said, a hybrid table saw is really what the name suggests – a “hybrid” between a heavier cabinet saw, with the mechanism mounted straight onto the cabinet base, and the traditional contractor saw with a cast iron table and the mechanism bolted to the bottom of that table.

One main difference, most experts agree, is in the trunnion design. The trunnion – the mounting and pivoting assembly – is built lighter on the hybrid saw, and usually is attached on the bottom of the table.

But we’ll examine the differences between the three table types in more detail later. For now, we are going to look at a range of models across table types that could be suitable for timber workers of both levels – hobbyists and professionals.

Product NameProduct ImagePriceProduct Rating
Shop Fox W1811 10 Inch 5 HP Sliding Table Sawshop fox best hybrid table saw review

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5 Star Rating
Powermatic 1792010K PM2000, 5HP 1PH Table SawPowermatic hybrid table saw review

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5 Star Rating
SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional SawSawStop hybrid table saw review

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4.9 Star Rating
JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3 HP, 1PhJet best table saw review

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4.9 Star Rating
Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10 Inch Table SawShopFox best table saw review

Check Latest Price

4.7 Star Rating

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide. We’ll give you information on 11 different models which will hopefully help you in your ultimate choice. We believe we have come up with a really strong list of saws with different features, and we’ll have a look at what’s good about them, and what perhaps could be better. So, let’s get started….

#1. Shop Fox W1811 10 Inch 5 HP – Top Rated Hybrid Table Saws

The manufacturers of the Shop Fox range of table saws have a fine reputation for good quality, reliable, and safe machines. Their products are generally extremely well built, and they promote a very diligent quality control system to ensure that safety and reliability.

This 5 hp 10 inch model has a 63 inch long crosscut capability, and is designed for working in limited spaces with large panels. It has a scoring blade (0 to 45 degrees tilt) to do away with cross grain tear-out, a riving knife and substantial blade guard with built-in dust port. Other features include a telescoping crosscut fence with two flip stops, a further flip stop on an adjustable miter fence, and a double position extruded aluminium rip fence.

shop fox best hybrid table saw review

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It weighs in at 569 lbs, and size-wise its overall dimensions are 66.5 x 50.5 x 45 inches. The actual table size is 47 inches long x 40 inches wide, with the sliding table providing the extra length up to the 63 inches, and a further 12 and a quarter inches in width. The sliding table makes things a lot easier and safer to cut large pieces. It features a main blade diameter of 10 inches.

There are some excellent safety features, including the riving knife being a metal plate that stops the just-cut pieces from squeezing the back of the blade and thereby avoiding kickback. Wedge shaped teeth feature on the adjustable scoring blade. The kerf thickness – that is the width of the teeth (full kerf is 1/8”, a thin kerf is 3/32″) – can be adjusted by altering the height of the blade. In addition, the scoring blade can make a smaller cut ahead of the main 10 inch blade, which minimises splits and tearout.

This machine is commonly used in professional production situations, because it has the flexibility to rip and crosscut large panels, thanks to the sliding table system. The sliding table makes it very manageable, and importantly, very safe, to feed large stock through in restricted work areas.

You may have a piece of timber that is treated with, say, laminate or some other surface material. In such cases, the scoring blade may not need to be used. If that is the case, it can be lowered under the table, remaining sharp for later use. If you wish to use the machine as a normal table saw, the sliding table will be locked in place, and the rip fence becomes the key piece to guide the panel through the cutting process.

This is a quality machine. One minor negative for some people may be that it cannot rip 4 x 8 feet sheets of plywood, it can only cross cut.

It has a shipping weight of 687 lbs, and most users seem to indicate that assembly is relatively straightforward.

Quick summary of the pros

  • excellent safety features
  • anti-kickback pawl
  • quick release blade mechanism
  • great gliding table
  • best table saw value

And the cons…

  • can be hard to assemble
  • not cheap
  • can’t rip 4 x 8 ft sheets

#2. Powermatic 1792010K PM2000 5 HP – Best Hybrid Table Saw

Powermatic is an American company established in the 1920s, now owned by a larger conglomerate, but with a healthy reputation as a manufacturer of quality table saws. Much of their product range is manufactured in Taiwan these days, but under a regime of very strict quality control. The PM 2000 is a flagship model for the company.

A few features on this 5hp, 1 phase saw stand out.  Firstly, two massive cast iron hand wheels make it very, very easy to adjust blade and bevel heights.

Powermatic hybrid table saw review

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Secondly, the quick release riving knife makes a huge difference to the chance of binding or kickback. Thirdly, it has a built-in retractable caster system which provides for excellent mobility in the working space. Plus a push button arbor – the shaft that holds the blade –makes for quick blade changes and very high accuracy levels.

The trunnion mechanism on Powermatic machines is highly regarded by professionals, and the design has been further upgraded with the 1792010K. It has a very sturdy cast-iron base and high-end bearings that provides excellent stability, and very user-friendly tilt, height and backlash adjustments.

Vibration is virtually non-existent with the PM2000 because of the exceptional stability provided by the huge cast iron base to which the cabinet is attached. The push-button arbor we mentioned earlier, full length and 5/8 inch in diameter, is machined to the highest quality from stress-proof steel, to ensure total accuracy.

In some table saws, dado chippers — that remove the waste material in between the dado blade (a type of circular saw blade) – can get out of alignment. But this saw’s cleverly designed arbor threads will eliminate the gap between them and the shaft that usually causes the alignment problem with chippers.

The table has an impressive 22 x 30-1/2 inch cast-iron working surface, which can be expanded to 42 inches in length, plenty big enough to handle large cutting jobs. Clever little innovations, such as a front and rear edge bevel to eradicate the miter guage catching on the table edge, are welcome inclusions. The whole machine weighs in at 675 lbs, and the overall dimensions are 85 x 37 x 39 inches.

Another smart new feature is a magnetic on/off switch that facilitates powering down of the machine when it is not being used, and prevents accidental start-ups with power outages.

Powermatic’s Accu-Fence system is somewhat “famous”. It slides extremely smoothly, making for accurate cuts, and locks totally securely. Plus its hand wheels are easy to use. The blade guard rises and tilts in tandem with the blade, and a hands-free power button is a strong safety feature. The PM2000 also has a super-strong, finely tuned miter gauge capable of minor adjustments. The miter gauge has an aluminium extension fence over a foot long to enable fractional angle adjustments.

In relation to dust collection, the saw has a dust cover which encases most of the blade underneath the table, with a hose from that cover to a 4 inch diameter port at the rear of the cabinet. However, on the downside, some users suggest that the dust collection system is not so efficient. Not all the dust gets collected in the hose system, and over time, the cabinet will fill up with material. In such cases, the hose needs to be disconnected and the cabinet cleaned out.

Another negative we have been able to ascertain, is that some users have experienced early burn-out of the motors, which are manufactured in Taiwan. Straight-forward repair and replacement of motors has not been easy in some cases.

In summary, the pros

  • great fence system with straightforward and accurate adjustments
  • long-lasting cast iron construction
  • excellent caster system
  • easy blade action
  • minimal kickback and binding
  • hardly any vibration
  • best table saw to buy


  • manufactured in Taiwan
  • not-so-good dust collection
  • capacitor burn out
  • arguably a bit over-priced

#3. Saw Stop PCS31230 TGP252 3 HP – Best Hybrid Table Saw For The Money

Saw Stop is another US based company whose products these days are primarily manufactured in Taiwan. The company makes a very strong point that its products are designed in the US, and made in Taiwan under the strictest quality guidelines.

Saw Stop’s major focus – made very clear right up front with their marketing material – is the safety of its machines. The safety system on the 3 hp PCS31230 is quite amazing. It detects when the user accidentally touches the saw blade, and instantly – within milliseconds – shuts the blade down. There are many serious injuries throughout the world of timber cutting, a lot of career-ending amputations. So an innovation such as this is very welcome indeed.

SawStop hybrid table saw review

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Here’s how it works. The machine can tell the difference between timber and something as soft as flesh. If contact is made, a brake immediately stops the blade, and a heavy-duty spring pushes a brake pawl (a slab of aluminium) into the teeth of the blade which stops it spinning – immediately. Quite incredible.

If the blade has been stopped in this manner, the resetting process is easy and takes just a few minutes. You can do it yourself.

There are further safety features, including a large button that can be pressed with your knee to start and stop the blade, if both hands are busy, which they invariably will be.

So we mention all those safety features upfront because Saw Stop does just that – they bring it to your attention as the very first feature of the saw.

Now, onto the main operational features…..

The machine comes with a 52 inch T-Glide fence system, providing additional strength and accuracy. Plus it has a rails and extension table. There is a riving knife that reduces kickback and offers protection when you are making a blind cut. Also a left-tilting blade that offers resistance for wood binding against the fence. It features a 5/8 inch arbor diameter at the blade.

There are some upgrade options you can consider in relation to bases for the saw, which offer flexibility. The MB-PCS-000 has two pivoting and another two fixed casters, and allows excellent mobility. The MB-PCS-IND mobile base has a 1,000 lb lift capacity, with 4 pivoting casters, plus a hydraulic piston lift.

The dust collection system on the Saw Stop is also a strong feature. They suggest 99% dust collection is on offer both above and underneath the table. On top, there is a dust collection blade guard that captures fine particles on the table surface. Below, much heavier shrouding collects the larger dust and funnels it through to the 4 inch collection port. An optional accessory combines the two dust collection systems.

The saw runs on 220 volts, 3 hp and 1 phase. It is compatible with 10 inch standard blades and 8 inch dado blades. Overall dimensions of the machine are 85-1/4 x 33 x 34 inches. The cabinet footprint is 19-3/8 inches wide x 19-3/8 inches deep.

The table size is 20 x 27 inches, and 44 x 27 inches with the extension wings. The other extension wing is 12 x 27 inches. The unit weights 525 lbs.

It is very hard to find anything negative about the Saw Stop. It’s not designed for non-stop use in a large workshop, but rather it is more suitable for the  professional in a small shop set-up, or the avid home-hobbyist. So bear that in mind if you are contemplating a machine for use day-in, day-out. Bigger, tougher machines are more suited to that environment.

There is no doubt the safety measures are exceptional, but one minor negative is that the machine can be “tricked” into shutting down if, for example some slightly damp wood is being used, or the timber has been softened for some reason. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But we need to summarize pros and cons, so here we go …


  • highest safety standards of any saw on the market
  • extremely versatile with various blades and dado sets
  • negligible kickback
  • easy to move with the mobile base attached
  • excellent technical service
  • great dust collection system
  • good braking system
  • easy set-up
  • quiet operation
  • best table saw on the market


  • not great quality extension table
  • safety mechanism can be “tricked”

#4. JET 708675PK XACTASAW – Best Budget Hybrid Table Saw

Jet is another operation that seems to be following the trend of manufacturing its machines in Asia. In Jet’s case, they make their Delta motors in the US, but almost all other parts, including the cabinet and saw, are made in China or Taiwan.

The 10 inch Deluxe XACTA SAW is a 3 hp, 1 phase machine, with a 50 inch rip fence. It features a quick release riving knife and integrated arbor lock which enhances both safety and efficiency. It feels very smooth in operation thanks to an enhanced Poly-V belt drive system, which also makes for maximum power transfer.

Jet best table saw review

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It has a large cast iron table measuring 29 x 42 inches, with extension wings of 26 x 30 inches, providing extra working space, including 10 inches of completely clear table in front of the blade when fully raised. Another helpful feature is a 12.5 x 18 x 4 inch storage drawer within the cabinet which is very handy for keeping essential working items close by. The drawer also includes a fence and miter gauge storage.

The all-important trunnion mechanism is exceptionally heavy-duty, and is the key factor underpinning the performance of the saw, and its stability, which makes for virtually no vibration during operation.

There is a fully shrouded blade for efficient dust collection, and connection to a built-in 4 inch port. In terms of safety, there an independent leaf safety guard which protects you while you are cutting, even when the blade is at a 45 degree tilt.

Aligning the miter slot in the table with the blade is as easy as loosening four cap screws accessible from the outside, as the operating mechanism is mounted directly to the steel cabinet. Cast-iron handwheels make for precise height adjustments for the bevel and blade.

The left-tilting design, with the blade tilting away from the fence, ensures safe, burn-free cutting. But then most models these days incorporate a left-tilt design. Power from an efficient Poly-V belt ensures smooth operation, non-slipping, and no over-heating. There is a push button arbor lock which facilitates quick blade changes.

Integral to the XACTA’s performance is the 50 inch commercial fence with an impressive T-Square design. It’s a durable, accurate and safe system.

Safety features are numerous. There is a magnetic on/off switch to guard against power surges that needs to be manually pressed on to restart the machine. A modular blade guard, anti-kickback pawl, and riving knife assembly are all safety features which contribute to efficiency as well.

The Jet XACTA measures 36 x 38 x 85 inches, and weighs in at 510 lbs.

As far as negatives go, some cutters have maligned the absence of a dado throat plate, which is pretty commonly included with most other models. Also, it is not the most straightforward assembly. You may need a friend to help you put this one together…!


So a summary of positives and negatives …


  • two extension tables on the left and right
  • wide table surface offers increased stability and longevity
  • excellent T-square fence design


  • very heavy
  • doesn’t offer advanced features available in similar machines, such as dado plate
  • set-up is not particularly easy

#5. Shop Fox W1820 3 HP – Best Entry Level Table Saw

As far as value for money goes, this saw is right up there. Its many users talk about it in terms of being the best saw they have ever used, but at a fraction of the cost of some other big name machines.

It is very solidly constructed, with heavy cast iron trunnions, table and wings. A 3 hp motor and triple drive belt underpin the saw’s longevity. It also features a camlock T-fence, and a riving knife that follows the up and down tilt movement of the blade, which tilts to the left up to 45 degrees. Tough handwheels, a 4 inch dust collection port, and magnetic switch are also featured.

ShopFox best table saw review

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The W1820 has a T-slot miter gauge with fence extension and flip stop. The fence gives increased support to the timber than just the miter gauge alone, which is great for longer work pieces. The flip stop is invaluable for making several cuts of the same width. It can be pivoted up and down to “flip” between cutting long pieces and multiple cuts at a shorter desired width.

The saw has a 50 inch rip capacity, which is more than adequate to be able to rip to the centre of a plywood standard sheet. A long extension table, with legs that can be adjusted, assists in this regard.

The design incorporates strong safety features. The blade guard is clear polycarbonate which allows you to see the blade cutting the timber. The guard lifts as the timber is pushed into the blade, and stays in contact with the workpiece during the whole cutting process. Also, the anti-kickback pawls ensure that the timber only moves in one direction, and they will dig into the workpiece to stop it should kickback occur.

Overall dimensions are 40 x 45-1/2 x 82 inches. The table itself measures 27 x 40-1/4, and 27 x 74 with the extension. Shipping weight is 579 lbs.

Most users speak very positively about this machine, especially given the price. It seems to be used mainly by hobbyists and professionals in small shop situations.

On the negative side, whilst the saw is very heavy – which is good, it means it is sturdy and strong — it can be difficult to assemble according to some users. Some minor alignment problems are also raised. The location of the on/off switch can be triggered accidentally by the operator’s leg. Another problem for some is that the heaviness of blade can make it difficult to elevate.

In summary, the pros

  • quiet and powerful motor
  • excellent dust collection system
  • strong and efficient blade height
  • easy to adjust with hand wheels
  • smooth fence action


  • some minor alignment problems
  • not that easy to assemble
  • draws 220v so can’t access normal power


Another 6 Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 2000

Product NameProduct ImagePriceProduct Rating
Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw, 1.75 HPPowermatic table saw review

Check Latest Price

5 Star Rating
Laguna Hybrid Table SawLaguna best table saw

Check Latest Price

4.5 Star Rating
DELTA 36-715 Hybrid Table Saw 10 inchDelta table saw review

Check Latest Price

4.5 Star Rating
Grizzly Industrial G0833P 10 inch 2 HP Hybrid Table SawGrizzly Best Inexpensive Table Saw

Check Latest Price

4.3 Star Rating
Grizzly Industrial G0771Z 10 inch 2 HP Hybrid Table SawGrizzly best hybrid table saw under 1500

Check Latest Price

4.2 Star Rating
Ridgid R4512 10 inch Table SawRidgid best hybrid table saw under 1000

Check Latest Price

4 Star Rating

#6. Powermatic Hybrid Table Saw Review 1791230K – Best Table Saw Under 2000

This is a 1.75 hp model from the strong Powermatic range, a 230V machine with 50” Fence and riving knife. Although smaller in power than other models discussed here, it is used quite extensively by professional contractors.

The 64B features a left tilt arbor. The arbor lock is accessed from above the table, doing away with the need for dual blade wrenches. There is a transparent blade guard with independent leaves. The riving knife has a quick release which minimizes the likelihood of kickback. Another low profile riving knife is also included for non-through cuts.

Powermatic table saw review

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The T-slot miter gauge operates with a rack & pinion angle setting – a circular gear engaging with a linear gear – making it very efficient. The miter gauge also incorporates positive stops, and an extension plate which adds support to bigger workpieces.

Powermatic’s big gun, the Accu-Fence system, is included in either 30 inch or 50 inch rip capacity. The table is cast iron, as are the wings, and the extension table is melamine-coated timber with bevelled edge. Handy storage hooks on the table are useful for keeping accessories close by.

Many users of this saw indicate that the dust collection system is more efficient than some larger, more expensive machines. However there are some critics of the dust collection system, suggesting it could be more efficient.

The saw weighs in at 470 lbs, and the dimensions are 70 x 32 x 34 inches. It accommodates standard 10 inch blades and 8 inch dado stacks.

It is very, very hard to find criticisms of the Powermatic 1791230K. Hobbyists and professionals sing its praises. But we need to summarize so here it is….


  • reputable manufacturer
  • excellent safety features
  • entire table surface is precision ground cast iron
  • smooth and strong fence


  • dust collection could be more efficient
  • could use more power

#7. Laguna Hybrid Table Saw Review – Best Inexpensive Table Saw

Laguna is a company founded in California by a highly awarded Danish woodworker. Their machines are designed, engineered and assembled in the US.

A significant innovation with the MTSF236110175-0130 F2 is a built-in mobility kit. Laguna suggest that this feature, amongst others, puts the saw into the real value-for-money category. The saw is trunnion mounted on the cabinet, and has arbor tilt micro adjusting capacity for very fine-tuning with cutting. Arbor size is 5/8 inch, with a left tilt range to 45 degrees.

Laguna best table saw

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It features a square design which apparently makes it easier to change blades and creates superior contact points on the cast. Also, it allows the user to more easily make custom throat plates.

The cabinet design of the machine allows for a pretty-much dustless working environment, partly due to the motor blade dust shroud enclosure. This hooks up the 4 inch diameter dust port. Also featured is a two pole arbor rising mechanism, including anti backlash adjustments. It includes a quick release spindle lock to facilitate easy blade changes. A heat overload re-set button is also incorporated.

The Laguna has 1.75 hp , I phase capacity, and runs on standard 110V supply. It has a 36 inch rip capacity, with an option to increase this up to 52 inches. The table size is 20 x 27 inches, increasing to 44 x 27 with the extension wing. It is a comparatively light weight machine, at 240 lbs.

A good value saw which is suited to hobbyists and professionals in small workshop environments, many users suggest that one needs to make small adjustments yourself to make it “perfect”. A recurring complaint is the design of the table saw insert, in that there is no support at the rear of the insert to prevent it from slipping under the weight of the workpiece. This makes it possible for the timber to become jammed between the fence and the blade, potentially a serious safety risk. Some other minor negatives relate to dust collection.

So again, a summary of those pros and cons …..


  • excellent fencing system
  • quick release riving knife
  • two miter slots providing smooth blade gliding
  • light weight makes for ease of transporting
  • best table saw for small workshop


  • machine is not compatible with different materials using the same cutting method
  • no support at the rear of the insert to prevent movement from heavier workpieces
  • potential weakness in the legs

#8. Delta 36 715 Best Hybrid Table Saw For Beginners

A company founded in the US in the early 20th century, Delta is today owned by a Chinese group. Their machines are still largely made in the US however.

A snapshot of the 36-715 – it is a 10 inch, 1.75 hp, I phase intermediate saw, most suitable for home hobbyists. It has a T2 30 inch fence and two cast iron extension wings. You get the 30 inches to the right of the blade, and 13-1/2 inches to the left. Unlike most saws which may require a power upgrade in the workshop, this one you can plug straight into your ordinary power supply.

Delta table saw review

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The T2 fence incorporates a three-point locking system with a very fine pointer for absolute accuracy. It glides very easily, and users appreciate the rear hold-down support for using with a feather board (a safety device which applies pressure to the workpiece to keep it flat) or a jig (a custom-made tool used to control motion).

The saw features a tough T-slot miter gauge with a particularly large face which provides superior stability, and which can be adjusted minutely at the positive stops. The problem of blade guards getting in the way of blade height measurement is addressed by way of the guard locking easily into the raised position.

A combination of the weight of the saw and the Poly-V belt ensures very little vibration. For safety, there is a large off-paddle conveniently within reach. Finally, dust collection seems very efficient.

Weighing in at 358 lbs, the overall measurements are 30.5 x 28.2 x 39.5 inches.

A few negatives raised by users of the saw include the fact that there could be some alignment issues with the cast iron leaves, the tie bar, trunnion and arbor in set-up.

A summary of pros and cons then


  • durable build and design
  • huge off switch for safety
  • Poly-V belt drive
  • 10″ blade that cuts through the toughest workpieces
  • well priced


  • heavy cast irons making it not easy to move

#9. Grizzly GO833P Hybrid Table Saw – Best Inexpensive Table Saw

The Grizzly range of saws join the long list of machines originally designed and made in the US, and now manufactured offshore. Nothing seems definitive about this, but most users seem to believe the Polar Bear series is manufactured in China.

This economical model has a 2 hp, 1 phase motor, pre-wired to 230V. It features a finely-ground cast iron table with extension wings for an overall working size of 27 x 40 inches, from a base size of 20-1/2 x 19-1/2 inches. A 5/8 inch arbor, and excellent rip capacity left and right.

Grizzly Best Inexpensive Table Saw

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The saw is promoted as providing the very best a hybrid can deliver, which is the easy-to-manoeuvre weight and size of a premium contractor saw, combined with the excellent dust control and full range of features offered by a cabinet saw. It has an easily changed blade guard with anti-kickback pawls that can be put in place away from the timber you are working on.

The riving knife, which can be changed, is extremely safe when you are doing cuts that require removal of the blade guard. Another feature is the single continuous belt and pulley system which provides for quiet machine operation and efficient power usage.

The saw has cabinet mounted trunnions, a 4 inch dust port, a T-slot miter guage, and camlock T-shaped fence with a double position aluminium extruded face. Rip capacity is 31-1/2 inches to the right, 11-3/8 inches to the left. Regular 10 inch as well as dado blade table inserts.

Overall size is 62 x 39 x 47-3/4, and weighs in at 416 lbs.

The pricing of this machine generally supports the fact that the market for it is primarily hobbyists. Is it designed for all heavy-duty workshop usage? Probably not. Having said that, it is very difficult to find negative comments from the saw’s users. Most “complaints” are about the dust collection system perhaps being a little deficient.

Summary of pros and cons


  • excellent left and right rip capacity
  • easy to move
  • versatile anti-kickback pawls
  • quiet belt and pulley system


  • dust collection system could be better

#10. Grizzly Industrial GO771Z Hybrid – Best Table Saw Under 1500

Another contender from the Grizzly range of hybrids. This one, you can plug straight into a power point in your garage and start cutting, as it’s wired to run on ordinary household 120v power.

It’s a 2 hp, 1 phase machine, that Grizzly once again maintain is the very best of both contractor-style and cabinet saws. Like the best cabinet models, it has an enclosed cabinet with a 4 inch dust port and really tough iron trunnions mounted to it. Like the best contractor tables, it’s very light and portable (286 lbs fully assembled), and very affordable. But its cutting capacity is rated highly.

Grizzly best hybrid table saw under 1500

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Coming from the same family as the Shop Fox range – both brands are owned by the same company —- it’s not surprising that the Grizzly contains many features found on various Shop Fox models, including the easy maneuverability, front-locking ability, and the accessory T-slots of the fence.

This saw features a clever quick-release blade guard and riving knife system that is very easily and quickly changed.

The table measures 40-1/2 x 27 inches with its wings, and a 5/8 inch arbor. Rip capacity is 31 inches to the right, and 16-3/4 inches to the left.

Overall packaging footprint is 57-1/4 x 35-1/2 x 40-1/4 inches, and the shipping weight is 371 lbs.

On the downside, there are some question marks over the durability of the saw. Some users have indicated that after relatively light use, the blade loses sharpness, and the metal of the gears has easily damaged, perhaps suggesting that the metal used is too soft. This countered by other hobbyists who have used the saw for years without problems.

The pros and cons summary


  • compact tough build
  • solid cast iron surface and base
  • large safety off switch
  • good dust collection system
  • easy to set up


  • motor could be more powerful
  • blade loses sharpness sooner than it should
  • soft metal in the gears

#11. Ridgid R4512 – Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 1000

When you get down in price for table saws – and this one is right down the bottom — you would probably expect to see lots of comments about the inferiority of the product. Not so with the RIDGID R4512. Many long term woodworkers speak highly of this little model.

Most saws, of any price, need to be tweaked a bit during the set-up process to suit the needs of the worker. This one is no different. So when you are talking about a saw well under a thousand dollars, there’s not too much to complain about.

Ridgid best hybrid table saw under 1000

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The machine is a 10 inch with 13 amp motor. It has a strong cast iron table which seems to be pretty vibration free. The front and back-clamping rip fence  has very large glides aimed at providing smooth, accurate adjustments along the rail. It also features built-in accessory slots for installing additional fences that enable large panels to be cut.

It has a wheeled base with two legs, and is very portable. Many hybrid tables are heavy and largely immovable, but the wheels on this model make it really easy to push around. However, there are some suggestions that the wheels are quite week and prone to fail easily. So the positive can become a negative if you move it around too much.

In terms of safety, it has a transparent blade guard and an anti-kickback system which is reasonably effective.

The saw has a well-designed fence system, but it’s far from perfect. It weighs in at 267 lbs, and its dimensions are 46.3 x 30.6 x 37.2 inches. Some users mention ongoing alignment issues.

This is not a machine you are going to be using 8 hours a day in a professional workshop. Many experienced wood-workers swear by it, but it’s fair to say it is pretty much aimed at the hobbyist who doesn’t want to pay a small fortune for a hybrid saw.

Here we go with a summary of pros and cons


  • very affordable
  • easy to use
  • easy to move around


  • quality of wheels is not great
  • a bit cramped in terms of work area

18 Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Hybrid Table Saw

What do you think about the money you put on to buy the table saw and within days it gets wrecked? It sounds so sad. Well! As you already know that the woodcutter workers mostly invest their money on these table saws. In that case, if it doesn’t give the proper feedback, then you couldn’t choose the right table saw according to your work.

Well! Do not worry anymore. In this content, you are about to get the best factors you must consider before you buy a table saw. Well, these factors will help you to choose the precise table saw for your practical purpose.

  • Horsepower

The essential element of a table saw is its horsepower. If your table saw includes a lot of power, then your table saw can easily cut to any hard materials. On the other hand, if your table saw includes more horsepower than its capability, then it will result in instability. Therefore, you cannot go for precise cuts.

  • Gentle and Precise Cuts

Do you know the reason why people go for buying a hybrid table saw? Only just because they can get an accurate and precise cut with that table saw. So accuracy and precision cuts are also critical factors in case hybrid table saw. The blade must need to be sharp enough to rip off inside any hard materials without creating an issue.

The table saw must be able to do the crosscuts, rip cuts, beveled cuts very easily. On the other hand, the miter gauge, as well as the fence, needs to be accurate as well.

  • Flesh Sensor

Now, you know that playing with fire will harm you. Same goes to the table saws. Safety is the most critical priority in case of table saws. So you must take care of the security before you buy a hybrid table saw. Talking about safety, hybrid table saws include flesh sensor features. That means the blade chain stops when it comes in contact with your flesh. Therefore, you go for the table saw which provides for better flesh sensor.

  • Riving Knife

The most dangerous accident workers need to face with the hybrid table saw is the kickback disaster. But if you include a good quality of the riving knife, the chances of kickback decreases to nil. Therefore, you are safe from the kickback issue. So make sure you go for the high-quality riving knife feature while buying a hybrid table saw.

  • Sturdy Construction

Here come another significant factors to consider while buying a table saw, and that is the sturdy construction and durability. In that case, you must choose the metal parts instead of the plastic parts. Metal parts are way too better than the plastic parts. To work precisely with the hybrid table saw the saw must include the sturdy legs as well as a smooth and flat surface which can bear any conditions.

  • Left Blade Tilt

Left blade tilt reduces the chances of kickback compare to the right blade tilt. If you use the table saw for the high works, then you must set the blade 90 degrees up from the table. But make sure that the bevel cuts, as well as the angle cuts of the blade, must be a tilt at multiple angles.

  • Control System of Dust

Who doesn’t love to work in a clean place? But as you already know that the hybrid table saw produces a lot of sawdust. You can keep the working environment clean in two possible ways. Either you use the shroud all over the blade or else use a vacuum cleaner to hock up all the dust.

  • Safety Features

Like I mentioned many safety factors above, yet I want to let you know that the safer you use the table saw, the longer it will last. Therefore, make sure that you give the most importance on safety before you choose any random hybrid table saw. Safety features include flesh sensor, fewer kickbacks, tilt blades, and much more. So carefully choose the table saw by judging the precise outcomes.

  • Drive Belt

 The dive belt holds the hybrid table saw and the saw blade. So if your drive belt is strong enough to hold them for a long time, then I don’t think you need any other choices for that. Better drive belt reduces the vibration. If your table saw stays stable, then you can judge that the drive belt is good or bad. So choose the best drive belts for your best hybrid table saw

  • Easy Adjustments

No matter how high-quality hybrid table saw you bought, if the adjustment of that table saw is not easy or handy then the saw is not worth it. Table saws, which include easy blade adjustments, smooths and precise cuts, high-quality drive belt, and accurate feedback about works, are always the best choice. With this facility, you will never face any other difficulties.

  • Price

Cheaper objects always outcomes consistent results. You will get a lot of benefit in high-quality hybrid table saws, but for that, you must consider the cost. According to the budget, you will get the object. Make sure you keep the budget at a standard level for your natural products. Don’t make it too low that your table saw also results worst.

  • Quality

The better the quality of your chainsaw, the more costly it will be, and eventually, the best outcome you will get. Undoubtedly the high-quality table saws include all the safety features, and they also result in zero vibration and lets you get a precise cut on your object.

  • Size

Size mostly doesn’t matter so much like the other factors. But sometimes it matters like, to cut a small object you won’t go for a big professional table saw. Instead, you will go for a small one which is excellently venerable for little work. On the other hand, when you need a professional table saw, you won’t go for a small table saw. You would use the professional saw for that purpose.

  • Power

Hybrid table saw includes different variations with different skills. Powers holds the cutting strength of the schedule saw. Hybrid table saws are mostly between 1.55HP and 1.75HP. Therefore, better HP is more potent in cutting and ensures more precision than low HP table saws.

  • Fence System

When you are cutting an object with a table saw, the fence will help to cut the purpose from the front to the back of the table. It is also known as the rip fence, which is the blade’s parallel cutting plane. Fence holds the material in the proper position so that you can make a precise cut.

  • Adjustable Table Top

Tabletops allow a steady working surface which lets you cut more precisely and nicely. Tabletop helps a lot while cutting the extensive stock. It holds the table saw while cutting any object. And if you go for adjustable table saws, then it is excellent. You can customize the height, width of the table top according to your needs and works.

  • Blade Guard

The guard of the blade of a table always saw there to protect you from any debris or accidents. On the other hand, the blade guard itself is a blade, but it acts as a shield to protect you from the kickbacks and the dust. So make sure your hybrid table saw also includes a blade guard.

  • Easy Handling

 Besides all the other features, a table saw must need to be easy to handle. If you face difficulties to manage a table saw, then the table saw is not worth your price. So make sure which one you choose, that must need to be easier to handle.

How to build a Hybrid Table Saw Workstation

How to use a Hybrid Table Saw

So there you go. 11 table saws – some cabinet, some hybrid, for you to think about. At the start of this article, we spoke briefly about the differences between the three table saw types – contractor, cabinet, and hybrid. Let’s just go into that in a bit more detail, so that the choices are very clear.

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