Best Ratchet Sizes Smallest To Largest Review

We cannot underestimate the usefulness of ratchet as it’s one of the most usually needed tools for whoever works with machines and tools. However, there are a lot of things to use ratchets for, and each of them comes with their unique purposes based on size and design. The question now is how you cut down the stress of having to buy ratchets every now and then.

So as to minimize spending extra cash after buying different ratchets individually, we’ve got one of the most reliable ratchet sizes smallest to largest – GEARWRENCH “4 Pc. 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2” Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set.

GEARWRENCH “4 Pc. 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2” Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set Review

Let’s get started from the aspect that might want to put a whole lot of people off about this ratchet set. The price is a little higher than what people expected, but when we looked at the crucial features and quality performance that are in store, we couldn’t help but conclude that it’s a really fair trade, to begin with. The key focus of the manufacturer is to ensure that users feel comfortable with using this tool set even on heavier jobs.

ratchet sizes smallest to largest

Working on a huge project can be exhausting, and using heavy tools will even make matters worse. This is made of lightweight materials, which are durable the same way. That simply means you won’t easily feel fatigued with this ratchet set.

On the brighter side, it will provide users with six different positions for the head. This makes it easy to work on fasteners with just a little arc. Besides, the 84 teeth cut on the inside of the ratchets buttress the fact that you won’t need many arcs to achieve a good rotation.

Apart from that, these 84 teeth give the ratchet more strength to turn and deal with fasteners without any extra effort contributed.

Each ratchet comes with a teardrop-shaped head that makes it easier for anyone handling it to get into tight corners compared with the standard round style. It’s a low profile, and they’re lightweight.

This 4-piece tool set is sure to serve you for the basic workshop tasks. The fact that these ratchets were designed in such a way that they maintain just one movement in an assurance that it’ll serve you for a very long time. Thanks to the precision-engineered high strength pawl put into place.

GEARWRENCH 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head...
  • 84 tooth gear offers a 4.3 swing arc for easy...
  • Teardrop shaped head and flush-mounted on/off...
  • Bright, full polish chrome finish easily wipes...

Not only that but they come in a small box that makes them easy to transport whenever or wherever you need. You’ll get several different sizes in this set, including a ½”, ¼,” and 2 3/8″ (one full and one stubby) so you’re ready for absolutely anything you might need to do. They also have long handles that make it easy to reach into difficult places.

The GEARWRENCH 90-Tooth ratchets come with a 4° swing arc alongside a low-profile head to provide you with comfortable access to somewhat stiff fasteners. Besides, the 90-Tooth design exceeds ASME torque performance requirements, thus making it to the list of the strongest ratchets on the market.

In a nutshell, the 4-piece full polish flex head ratchet set, as earlier stated, features a teardrop-shaped head for better access. In the set, you’ll find 3/8″ drive full polish flex teardrop ratchet, ¼” drive full polish flex teardrop ratchet, ½” drive full polish flex teardrop ratchet, and 3/8″ drive full polish stubby flex teardrop ratchet.


  • Teardrop-shaped head for low profile
  • Six flexible head positions
  • Precision engineered high strength pawl for increased durability
  • Highly visible on/off markings on the head for fast size identification
  • Bright, full polish chrome finish easily wipes clean and resists corrosion
  • Meets or exceeds ASME specifications
  • Features 6 flexible head positions for extreme access and 84 tooth gear system for improved strength
  • Comprises tear shaped head for better access


  • No warranty
  • Expensive

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Although looking for the best ratchet sizes smallest to largest might be a little confusing owing to their large numbers of ratchets set in the market. But with the GEARWRENCH “4 Pc. 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2” Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set, you won’t have any further findings anymore as it’s everything you are looking for.

The greatest part is that it’s very cost-effective despite the countless numbers of mind-blowing features that’s packed in it. With that being said, if you need something nice, do not hesitate to add this wrench set to your cart.