Best T Post Clothesline – Perfect Outside Clothes Line Pole For Laundry

There are numerous types of pole clothesline, and one of them is the t post clothesline. Drying your clothes is never easier without the use of a quality clothesline. The joy of spreading your clothes on a clothing line that requires little or no stressful installation is one of the reasons you should invest in a clothesline t post.

We quite understand how challenging it is for you to make the right choice from the different types of clothesline you will find the in the market. The t clothesline post is the easiest among any type of clotheslines you will find in the market as regarding the installation.

However, we have not only make the list of the top t clothes line post you should consider on this page but we ensure that we look into the quality and the affordable one’s for you, so you do not need to break the bank to get your preferred T post clothes line.

Best T Post Clothesline Heavy Duty

1. Pylex Old Fashioned Clothes Line Pole
2. Household Essentials Heavy Duty Clothesline Pole
3. Household Essentials Outside Clothes Line Pole

#1. Pylex Old Fashioned Clothes Line Pole

best t post clothesline

The Pylex 10736 Clothesline Post is the multipurpose type that can be used for a clothesline, satellite dish, cameras, and many more. It is one of the easiest you could consider for outdoor clothes laundry. It is straightforward for you to use, and the installation is straightforward.

Pylex 10736 Clothesline Post, Black
  • No concrete required
  • Easily installed by one person without a ladder
  • Metal hook, screws & reinforcement plate included

The clothesline pole comes with post sections, auger, hardware, screws, and brace plate. The total package boasts of 4 connecting sections of 16 ft. post and 11 ft off the ground. The installation of the T clothesline post doesn’t require the use of any extra hardware except the ones included in the package.

Also, unlike some post clothesline installation that requires concrete, this doesn’t require concrete for installation. Also, you do not need a ladder, and it can be installed in place by one person. The durability and heavy-duty construction of the clothesline post make it safe to use.


  • Metal hook, screws & reinforcement plate included.
  • Auger.
  • Easy installation.

#2. Household Essentials Heavy Duty Clothesline Pole

outside clothes line pole

The Household Essentials T2075-1 is one of the most durable clothesline poles with high capacity for a load of laundry. It is a single t post for setting up a 7 line outdoor clothesline. It is best to consider for those faced with the demand to dry lots of clothes. It is easy to use and strong to handle any load.

Household Essentials T2075-1 Galvanized Steel One-Piece Pole...
  • Single (1 ct.) t-post for setting up a 7-line...
  • One-piece rust-resistant galvanized steel center...
  • Holds up to 7 lines

The T post boasts of 7 lines, which is enough for most households for laundry work. The clothesline post is different from the one above in such that it requires the use of concrete on the ground for firm installation. It merely means you have to dig the ground, insert the pole into it and then brace with the concrete mixture to achieve a perfect firmness.

Furthermore, the one-piece post is made of materials that are rust-resistant with a 32-inch crossbar. It is 90 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 2 inches in diameter. Installing the pole is very easy, but you might need someone to help you through the installation process.


  • Rust-resistant steel.
  • 32-inch crossbar.
  • Galvanized steel clothesline post.
  • 7-line clothesline.
  • 90 inches high, 32 inches wide and 2 inches in diameter pole.

Other outside clothes line poles
1. Household Essentials T-2050 Steel Outdoor Clothesline T Post | Single T-Post
2. Honey-Can-Do DRY-01452 5-Line T-Post Outdoor Line
3. Honey-Can-Do DRY-05261 7-Line T-Post Outdoor Drying Rack

#3. Household Essentials Outside Clothes Line Pole

t post clothesline heavy duty

Looking for a tall and stable pole with lots of adequate space for laundry work, then you should consider Household Essentials Outdoor Clothesline. Everything that comes with the t pole makes it sturdy and durable, and the materials used boasts of a long lifespan.

Household Essentials Outdoor Clothesline, 86 inches high, 46...
  • Mega 86" tall single t-post for setting up an...
  • Wider line spacing and thicker 3" post
  • Assembles to create a single T-post for setting up...

It comes with all the needed to have the perfect installation. The stringing might be quite challenging, but you can get through by going through the instruction. The T pole is 86-inch-tall, and it gives you wider line spacing. The packages of the clothesline come with one galvanized steel t post and five eyelet screws.

The installation requires the use of concrete on the floor, and with the essential materials included in the package, it is worth investing your money. The durability and strength of the pole make it adequate to handle heavy loads, and it has a one-year warranty with customer service ready to offer you help.


  • Rust resistance.
  • Spacious crossbar.
  • Wider line spacing.
  • Thicker post.

How to make a clothesline – DIY ways of making clotheslines

If you do not have the money to spend or you fall into the categories of those who love DIY work, then here is the right place to learn how you can make a clothesline.

Materials needed:

  • Poles
  • Drilling machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Torpedo Level to check the position of metal soil spear
  • Welding machine
  • String or rope
  • Concrete
  • Reciprocating Saw
Household Essentials Outdoor Clothesline, 86 inches high, 46...
Mega 86" tall single t-post for setting up an outdoor clothesline; Wider line spacing and thicker 3" post
IRWIN Drill Bit Set, M35 Cobalt Steel, 29-Piece (3018002)
29 Piece; Cobalt Drill Bit Set; Sizes 1/16 inch -1/2 inch in 1/64 inch increments, 135 Degree Split Point To Minimize Walk
Weldpro Digital TIG ACDC 200GD Standard Euro Torch or...
Also fully capable MMA stick welding function with stinger included
Secure Set - 10 Post Kit - Commercial Grade -2 Gallons....
Commercial grade ! double the strength of any other product on the market!; Our proprietary formula works with wood, metal, vinyl, pvc, concrete and fiberglass posts.

Now to the process!

Some people make use of wooden materials to create a clothesline, but they end up having a low lifespan. So, if you consider doing your clothesline yourself, you should find the use of a steel pole because of the durability and long lifespan.

Step by step process to set clothing line poles

Get all the materials ready 

The very first step is to ensure you have the essential equipment within reach. The vital materials needed are listed above for you to have a smooth clothesline project performance. We listed those materials all because we believe they are the best for whatever you want to do. However, you can make use of some additional tools that could make the whole process easier for you.

Cut the pole

Before you go ahead to cut the pole, you need to have the measurement of the length you want for your pole for clothes lin. Make use of the measuring tape to measure the inches and determine the height and then make a mark on it.

Then you can go ahead to cut through the pipe from the mark you build on it using the recip saw. Recip saw comes with a sharp blade that can cut through any pipe of different thickness levels. Cut out the measuring pole and detach the excess from the needful.

Remember, you need two to three poles depending on how stable you want your outside clothesline pole. Now that you’ve achieved that, you need to cut out the crossbar. Take note that the length of the crossbar must be smaller than that of the standing poles.

Drill holes

The next step is for you to bore holes through the crossbar using your drilling machine. The importance of drilling holes is to pass strings or rope through it quickly. Once that has been achieved for the two or three crossbars, then you can head on to the next step.


You have to pick the crossbar and weld it to the pole. You are on the right track if you get a “T” shape. Once you have been able to get the center of the crossbar and you’ve got the place it on the pole, you can go ahead to apply your welding machine to join them together. Take note that it has to be firm considering loads of laundry it will accommodate.


The next thing that you need to do is to string the crossbar. Remember, you already bore holes through it. Just pass the string through the holes, and then you tie the knot at the other end of the crossbar. This has to be repeated on the other end, and when doing that, you must ensure the string is solid and firm.

How to Install pole clothes line

The installation of the T pole is the next, and you need concrete to do that. Once you have marked the point you want to insert the pole, all you need is to dig the floor. The depth has to be somewhat deep to hold the pole firmly. The next step is to insert the pole and release the concrete into it, and then you leave it to get dry.


Stringing to the second pole before the installation might be challenging to get a firm outcome. So you should do the stringing after the installation when the concrete is dried, and the pole can not get out of position irrespective of the force exerted.

Important things to consider when buying T Post Clotheslines

There are some vital things you need to consider when purchasing a T post clothesline if you do not have the time and energy to go through the stress of constructing your own.


The durability of the clothesline t post is one of the essential things you need to consider. It determines the longevity and lifespan of the pole. However, that which determines the durability is the materials used in the construction of the post, and you need to consider that as well.

Rust resistance

Do not be deceived by the marketing strategy of some brands telling you their pole is resistant to rust. Not all clothesline posts are resistant to rust. And one of the things you need to consider and never overlook is its rust resistance feature, especially if you have to use the outdoors where it gets exposed to rain.

Stringing space

The next factor you need to consider is the capacity of the laundry the string or rope can accommodate. Some can accommodate many clothes, and some can’t. In this situation, if you have a high record of laundry, then you should opt for a clothing line pole that can accommodate all you have.

Conclusion of pole for clothes line

Truly, t post clothesline is one of the old fashioned clothes line poles, but one of the easiest because of its build-up. With lots of numerous modern aluminum clothesline poles and galvanized steel clothesline posts, you still can never overlook the t post design whenever you see one.

The design eliminates the stress it takes to set up the new design clothesline, and besides, they both serve the same purpose. We have the list of those you can consider above, and we hope you can go ahead to make the right decision.