Top 7 The Best Tool Belt for Carpenters

Could you be a professional carpenter who is tired of living in the tool box world? Have you ever wished for your hands sometimes to get some free time while working? If the answer is yes which I probably think it is then it’s time to get yourself some tool belt.

Tool belts simply come in handy especially when you have to take care of some emergency job. Imagine working on the roof top and every time you need a certain tool, you will have to come down to get it. Choosing the best tool belt might be a tough decision to make but don’t worry, this article is here to help you make just the right decision.

What Is The Best Tool Belt For Carpenters Comparison Table

Product NameImageCheck PriceEditors Rating
Occidental Leather 9855best tool belt brands

Check Latest Price

5 Star Rating
Dewalt DG5650 Apron Tool Beltdewalt framers tool belt

Check Latest Price

4.7 Star Rating
CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Tool Beltclc tool belt review

Check Latest Price

4.6 Star Rating
Gatorback B145 Carpenters Support BeltGatorback B145 tool belt for carpenters

Check Latest Price

5 Star Rating
Tradegear Carpenters Combo Belt & Bagswoodworkers tool belt

Check Latest Price

4.9 Star Rating
Dewalt DG5372 Carpenters Suede Apron Beltdewalt tool apron

Check Latest Price

4.5 Star Rating
CLC Custom Leather Craft IP489X Suede Tool Bagcustom leathercraft tool belts

Check Latest Price

4.3 Star Rating

Top 7 Carpenter Tool Belt Reviews

Below are some of the best tool belts we think carpenters should have.

1. Occidental Leather 9855 Tool Bag Set
2. Dewalt DG5650 Professional Carpenters Apron Tool Belt
3. CLC Custom Leather craft 1614 Heavy Duty Framers Tool Belt
4. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Back Support Belt
5. Tradegear Medium Carpenters Combo Belt & Bags Heavy-Duty Tool Belt
6. Dewalt DG5372 12 Pocket Carpenters Suede Apron Belt
7. CLC Custom Leather Craft IP489X Suede Tool Bag

#1. Occidental Leather 9855 Tool Bag Set Review

If you are willing to part ways with some few extra cash to get something that will give you a good value for your money then this tool belt is the one you should get. Usually preferred by most carpenters because of the fat lip design it has. This tool belt has pockets as deep as 10 inches made of nylon but with the corners and the bottom reinforced with leather.

the best tool belt for carpenters

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Purchasing the occidental leather 9855 tool bag set would also mean that you are getting a tool bag with several tool holders and a fitted 5020 2 in 1 hammer and tool holder in the back. This tool bag set is also comfortable and lightweight thanks to the canvas fabric used to manufacture it with.

occidental leather 9855 review

This makes it easy for the carpenters to work with it will moving around as you will not have to worry about the weight pulling down your pants.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Deep pocket sizes
  • Adjustable
  • Good storage capacity


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited compartments
  • Not adjustable to all waists

This is an ideal tool belt for those with medium size waist or 31 to 35 inches. If you are out of these waist sizes, don’t worry yourself it can be adjusted but not outside 40 inches.

Check Latest Price Occidental Leather 9855

#2. Dewalt DG5650 Professional Carpenter’s Apron Tool Belt Review

With a low price tag, the dewalt 5650 is a must have tool belt any carpenter should have. The quality of this belt is similar to that of DG5372 but it sure has more storage capacity when you compare the two. Talking about storage capacity, this tool belt has several pockets or pouches, 32 to be precise. It has 11 large main pockets for extra capacity and easy access to the tools.

dewalt framers tool belt

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This belt is mostly suitable when working with those tools you would need a quick access to like hammers among others. The remaining smaller pockets come in handy as they provide storage when using smaller tools like screws. The pockets also ensure the safety of the tools hence prevents them from getting lost.

woodworkers tool belt

When you buy this belt, you will also have the advantage of using the pouch handle which is patented to help you make some simple adjustments on your belt. The handle allows for the belt to be hanged on hooks.


  • Good storage capacity
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Padded belt
  • Zippered compartments


  • Disintegrates easily
  • Durable pockets but not the belt

Dewalt DG5650 is designed in such a way that it can last for a long period of time thanks to its heavy duty construction design. This tool belt can fit waist sizes of about 29 to 46 inches.

Check Latest Price Dewalt DG5650 Best Rated Tool Belt

#3. Dewalt DG5372 12 Pocket Carpenter’s Suede Apron Review

If you are a true carpenter who does good research for his tools before purchasing them, you might have realized that Dewalt is the producer of the top-quality tool belts available in the market. This Dewalt DG5372 tool belt has 11 tool compartments in total. There are 5 main pockets with 7 small ones. You can carry both the large and the small sized tools comfortably while working.

dewalt tool belt leather made

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The tool belt is made to fit those with waist sizes of about 29 to 46 inches. A patented pouch handle is also attached to the belt. You can make some simple adjustments on your belt.

dewalt tool apron

Don’t even get me started with the durability part. The belt is made of top quality suede leather which can see your belt last for a long time if proper care is given to it.  The belt gives you a comfortable user experience and it’s lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Good storage capacity
  • Comfortable


  • Low hammer compartment
  • Disintegrates early

This particular product is designed to have a 2-inch wide web belt. It also comes with a roller buckle (double tongue) that helps in keeping it stable while on your waist.

Check Latest Price Dewalt Framers Tool Belt DG5372

#4. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Back Support Belt Review

The Gatorback b145 is considered one of the best tool belt mainly because of its three special features, ventilation, support and comfort. For the ventilation, The Gatorback B145 is made using heavy duty Dura tech nylon. This will keep the pouches stay rugged for a long period of time but won’t interfere with the weight. This makes the tool belt to be light and non-sweaty at the same time.

gatorback tool belt review

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When we talk about the support, you will notice that this tool belt has 9 pouches. Each of these pouches has an interior lining made of plastic which makes them to have a box-like shape hence they won’t sag while in use. The box-like shape also helps in keeping the pouches open and accessible. This will prevent the tools from pocking holes at the bottom of the pouch.

what is the best tool belt for carpenters

We also said this belt provides comfort right? Of course it does. Even those guys with large waists can be able to use it since it is usually about 36 to 40 inches long. This waist size can be adjusted to fit your own waist.


  • Adjustable
  • Good storage capacity
  • 1-year defection free warranty
  • Sweat-proof padding belt
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Light weight


  • Weak stitching
  • A bit costly

The belt also has a padded back which helps in cushioning your back. Another added feature of this belt is that, it has a one year defect free warranty. This means that you can get a replacement for any manufacturing defect that will occur to your belt. This is one of the best gatorback tool belt review for you.

Check Latest Price Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

#5. CLC Custom Leather craft 1614 Heavy Duty Framers Tool Belt Review

Remember when carpenters had to walk around with heavy tool boxes and suitcases, keeping their hands busy and everything? Well, this time is long gone; thanks to the CLC custom leather craft 1614 that weighs only 4.2 pounds. It is that light hence you can quickly grab it, put it around your waist and directly start working. I can say the price is just worth the deal considering all the advantages this tool belt comes with.

clc carpenters tool belt

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It has a 5 piece frame that you can be able to use and divide your tools whichever way it pleases you making your work to become even easier. The belt comes with both small pockets and large pockets on it that will help you carry around your tools while working. Of course the small pockets are used for carrying around the tiny tools like screws and nails while the large tools go in the large pockets.

clc leather tool belt

It has a stylish design which makes it really an ideal tool belt not only for the carpenters, but also for engineers, technicians and even artistes.


  • Convenient for small repairs
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design


  • No zippers or closed pockets
  • A bit heavy with tools, might cause back aches
  • Not padded

The CLC custom leather craft 1614 comes in two designs. There is the one that has 31 pockets and the one that has 23 pockets. The choice is yours to pick the one that will best suit your needs.

Check Latest Price CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt 1614

#6. Tradegear Medium Carpenter’s Combo Belt & Bags Heavy-Duty Tool Belt Review

When two great brands come together to create something, you will get even a better product right? This is what happens when Gatorback partnered up with Tradegear giving birth to this cool tool belt. Attached to the belt are 2 main pouches and 15 other pockets which are durable and vary in size. This brings a total of 17 poaches just for you to enjoy in storing your tools while at work.

best carpenter tool belt reviews

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The Tradegear medium carpenters combo belt has a great construction and is also designed to have awesome ventilation. For those with back problems, you don’t have to worry at all since it also comes with a countered back support. The pouches are made to have a box-like design with its plastic lining interior reinforced with nylon webbing.

best tool belt reviews

Talking about the design and construction, this tool belt is also reinforced with a bar-tack stitching, some metal rivets, and a 250 Denier Dura-tech fabric with a nylon webbing of high density around the openings of the pocket. It also has some top handles that would allow you to use one hand to lift it up or hang it on hooks.


  • Great storage capacity
  • Adjustable
  • Sweat proof
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • money back guarantee


  • The Velcro tends to easily come off
  • A bit expensive

This tool belt can be used with waist sizes of 31-35 inches don’t worry though; you can have a variety to pick from. Perhaps another interesting thing about this tool belt is the fact that it has a money back offer within 30 days of purchase and this means that you can always pick it up from the stores having much confidence about its quality.

Check Latest Price Tradegear Medium Tool Belt For Carpenters

#7. CLC Custom Leather Craft IP489X Suede Tool Bag Review

This is a great 2 inch poly web tool belt which with a quick release buckle attached to it making it one of the efficient tool belts carpenters can use. The CLC Custom Leather Craft IP489X has three pockets and is made using heavy duty suede leather. This belt is not only comfortable for your use, it is also has a lightweight and fits waist sizes between 29 to 46 inches.

custom leathercraft tool belts

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This tool belt, due to its small size, you can give it as a gift even to a child as it can fit perfectly well with them. The three pockets are made just strong enough to properly store a variety of tool. It also has a hammer loop attached to the side. Finally, it has a great price range which perfectly fits its worth.

leathercraft tool belt


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Durable


  • A bit scratchy
  • Not suitable for big jobs

Check Latest Price CLC Carpenters Tool Belt

Things To Consider When Shopping Tool Belts For Carpenter

There are a lot of things that you will need to check just before you burst your way in that shop and buy yourself a tool belt. Of course you should go for a professional grade tool belt, something that would serve you for a long period of time. Below is a list of some common things that you should consider before you buy a tool belt.

1. Profession
2. How the tool belt fits
Belt balance
Materials used
5. Design

  • Profession

Maybe this should be the most important factor that you must take in to consideration. A tool belt used by plumbers might not be suitable to the carpenter and vice versa. You should know the profession for which you are buying the tool belt for. You don’t want to end up looking like a fool ending up with a tool belt suitable for electricians yet you are a carpenter.

  • How the tool belt fits

This is also another important consideration. You should not be using your waist measurement to check the fit of the tool belt unless you will be putting it on only at your waist level. Anyway, just go with your preference, where you want to wear it. Be it on your hips, your waist level or a bit lower, just make sure you try it on in that area first before picking it.

  • Belt balance

You should also check how the tool belt balances. You should ensure that the loops, pouches and the pockets are placed evenly on the belt. Using unbalanced tool belt might result in to injuries or even back pains. This is because you might be having a tool belt with all the heavy tools placed on one side.

  • Materials used

Also, don’t forget to pick a tool belt based on the material it is made of. If you find yourself always getting dirty during work, you should go for a tool belt made of washable material. The always come in different colors too so you can be sure to pick your favorite one.

  • Design

Tool belts can also be made in various designs. There are tool belts which are made to fit specific types of people. People who already suffer from back pain can now use a specific type of tool belt specially designed for this. This makes it important for you to pick your tool belt based on the design.

Why It Is Important For Carpenters To Have Tool Belts

Oh why you should use a tool belt? Should I call you dumb for asking this question because actually you are dumb for asking this question? When working, speed and efficiency are always the most important thing and people will always work hard to find the ways in which you can increase them.

Tool belts helps in a lot different ways which can be beneficial to carpenters. Working with tool belts would mean no more unnecessary movements you make back and forth in the name of going to get the tool. Minimizing the movements you make while working could also save you some time.

Tool belts allow you to carry your tools all at once. This will save you from carrying the small tools in your hand. It also saves you from staffing some equipment in your pockets which is also a dangerous thing since they can accidentally fall of when climbing a ladder and might cause injuries which could have been prevented just by using a tool belt.

If you compare two scenarios where two people are working, one with a tool belt and the other without.  You will notice that the guy without a tool belt will seem to be a bit more cabby and struggling with the work. The other person with a good tool belt will be working with relatively faster pace with good performance and also not forgetting about the safety.

Types Of Tool Belts For Carpenters

When we talk of tool belt types, of course there exists a variety of them in the market depending on the type of materials used to make them. Well, we mostly use a conventional tool belt which is usually designed differently and with different materials. The list below will enable you to know the difference between the types of tool belts available.

1. Suede Leather
4. Cloth
5. Canvas

  • Suede Leather

The difference between this leather and the hard molded leather is that the suede leather is not that rugged although it is very sturdy too. Just like the molded leather, the suede leather is also kind of hard to mess up too.

  • Nylon

When you are looking for a durable tool bet, this one here is your guy. The nylon tool belt is also pliable and lightweight. This kind of tool belt will sag when you put excess weight on it. It can also be snagged or ripped. Most people would usually go for the nylon tool belt for small repairs mostly because of the lightweight nature.

  • Leather

If you have a friend in mind who might be a carpenter or finds fun in playing with timber to make things and maybe you guys had a little argument, try saying sorry with a leather tool belt. I am 100% sure that he will even forget that you guys had an issue to settle. Leather tool belts has a lot of advantages and for a person who knows it’s real worth, it might be a bit hard to resist it.

  • Cloth

Cloth made tool belts are usually easy to work but has its own shortcomings. They tend to give a lot of problems when your work involves heavy tools. This makes them not suitable for outdoor work but can be suitable just for some light home repairs.

  • Canvas

Liked by many probably because of the fact that it has a lightweight and poaches with are both open and seal-able. These pouches always come in handy especially when you are using many different kinds of tools including the small supplies. They also come with a shoulder harness to help you shade off some weight from your waist hence enabling you to work with a lot of comfort.

Tool Belts Accessories

As we have seen, a best tool belt is that which can help you carry all the tools you need at once. This way, you can have an easy job and work quicker compared to when you work without it. Below is a list of a few things that any best tool belt should be having.

  1. Belt Hooks
  2. Drill Holders
  3. Hammer Loops
  4. Zippered pouches
  5. Screws and nails pouches
  • Belt hooks

This is one of the important accessories your tool belt should be having. They are just some simple metal hooks that can be used for a wide range of things. They come in handy when you want to attach things like closed end wrenches or any other tool that has a hole which you can use to hang them with.

  • Drill holders

Drill holders simply hold drills. Usually designed with a metal loop that protrudes out from the belt and large enough to hold the nose of your cordless drill. You can always put you drill there while on work and easily reach for it when it’s time to use it.

  • Hammer loops

As the name suggests, a hammer loop basically holds your hammer. They are attachments usually made of canvas, nylon or leather materials. They are simply there for convenience purposes to give you an easy time when working. You can find many tool belts having several hammer loops.

  • Zippered pouches

Perhaps this is the most common accessory that most tool belts usually have. They come in handy sine they help in holding multiple tools from razor cutters to knives. They can also be sealed or closed using the flaps on the slip making your tools to always stay safe when working. You can even go ahead and add several slips on the pouches to ensure maximum storage is achieved.

  • Screws and nails pouches

This helps in holding your screws and nails preventing them from getting lost when working. There are belts that have several of these pouches or pockets specially designed for holding your small tools. They also come in different depths and sizes and the deepest pouch is always at the front.

Product NameImageCheck PriceEditors Rating
Occidental Leatherbest tool belt brands

Check Latest Price

5 Star Rating
Dewalt Apron Tool Beltdewalt framers tool belt

Check Latest Price

4.7 Star Rating
Custom Leather Craft Tool Beltclc tool belt review

Check Latest Price

4.6 Star Rating
Gatorback Carpenters Support BeltGatorback B145 tool belt for carpenters

Check Latest Price

5 Star Rating
Tradegear Carpenters Tool Belt Combowoodworkers tool belt

Check Latest Price

4.9 Star Rating
Dewalt Carpenters Suede Apron Beltdewalt tool apron

Check Latest Price

4.5 Star Rating
Custom Leather Craft Suede Tool Beltcustom leathercraft tool belts

Check Latest Price

4.3 Star Rating

Final Verdict For Best Carpenter Tool Belt Reviews

It is very important that you have a tool belt. Tool belts usually save the day especially in situations where emergency repairs are required. They save time since you will only need to grab it and all the tools that you might want to use will all be there with you.

I know it might be a bit challenging for you to know what tool belt to go for and that is why we have this buying guide for you. This will help you to get a tool belt that will give you a value for your money and serve you for a long period of time according to your needs.

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