Can I Use 8 Dado Blade on 10 Table Saws : Will it Work or Not !

You could end up being curious if you could use an 8 dado blade on a 10 table saw. This page answers the question on “can I use 8 dado blade on 10 table saw?” and we do hope you get to understand better from the information we have up here for you.

The answer to the question is that you can use an 8 dado blade on a 10 table saw. There are lots of reasons you don’t have to use a 10 inches dad blade set on your table saw. The first thing you need to understand is that dadoes don’t necessarily need to be cut deeper than 1 ½ inch.

So, it means you can use an 8-inch dado blade that will fit perfectly for cutting most dadoes. 8 inches blade thus prove to be enough for cutting rabbets and dadoes. You just need to put some things into consideration.

One of the benefits you get from using an 8-inch dado blade is that it doesn’t add more weight to the table saw, which means the machine has little amount of effort needed to cut a wide and deep dado.

Dado Blade For 10 Inch Table Saw

So, what are the things you need to check when buying a 8 inch dado blade for 10 inches table saws ?

Check The Arbor Size

One of the things that you need to consider with getting the dado blade is the arbor size. You need to check and know the correct arbor hole size of the saw. Most of the table saws and radial arm saws you will find in the market have a 5/8-inch arbor where you can fit in the blade.

It is very important that you check the arbor size because not all saw has a 5/8-inch arbor or blade set, which is the reason you should never assume that your table saw can accommodate any 8-inch dado blade.

Also, you need to ensure that the blade isn’t too large to avoid a balance issue. If it is too large, it will be too difficult for the blade to get into the arbor hole, and you should never try to drill out the arbor hole. So, it is very necessary that you check the arbor hole and ensure that the blade you are getting will fit into it perfectly.

Dado Blade For 8 inch Table Saw

Check The Arbor Length

The length of the arbor is another thing that you need to check because some table saws come with short arbors that wouldn’t accommodate the dado blade easily. The way to go around this is that you need the blade to fit on with the washer and the nut.

You need to see to it that the nut must be fully threaded onto the arbor of the table saw. If the nut is not well threaded, it can easily come off during operation, which is not too good for your machine, blade, and whosoever is handling the machine.

Dado Blade For 6 inch Table Saw

What Table Saws Can Use Dado Blades?

There are different types of dado blades that can work efficiently on a table saw, and they include Dewalt 7491 dado blade, Dewalt dwe7492 dado blade, Dewalt dwe7485 dado blade, Dewalt 10-inch dado blade, Dewalt dado throat plate, and some 6″dado blade set from dewalt.

It is important that you get the right blade for a specific table saw. For instance, if you are using a Dewalt table saw, you should get a dado blade for DeWalt table saw and if you are using a Ryobi table saw, a dado blade for Ryobi table saw is the blade you should opt for.

It can be quite difficult for you to get through with the installation of the blade on the table saw. However, most products, especially Dewalt, do come with a Dewalt dado blade manual for you to have a smooth operation with the blade.

If you are stuck on how to install a dado blade on a Dewalt table saw, all you need is just to go through the installation guide that comes with the product. Most manufacturers do give the user a manual guide on how to install the product with ease.

Can I use a dado blade on dw745?

It is not right for you to use a dado blade on the DW745 Table Saw. Many people have made the mistake of using the dado blade on this table saw because of the information that comes with the manual, but it is far from being true as it will only cause damages to the machine.

Dado blade is not the right choice for dw745, and you shouldn’t follow that part in the manual that says it is compatible. It is not one of the table saws that accept dado blades. 

Can Dewalt dwe7480 use dado blades?

According to Dewalt, the Dewalt dwe7480 is not the right option for dado blades. If you have this machine and you are considering getting a dado blade, you might be doing the wrong thing. It is not the best or right thing to do if you don’t want to damage your blade. However, the DW744X can easily accommodate dado blades.

Can I Make Dado Joints with a Circular Saw Instead of a Table Saw

If you’ve got a dado blade for circular saw, you can go on with using it as it can be used for making dado joint. Dado joints are just a simple way of joining wood together. However, one needs to get an accurate cut to be effective. In the absence of a table saw or dado blade, you can always make use of your circular saw. 

Final Verdict

Can I use 8 dado blade on 10 table saws / will an 8 dado blade work on a 10 table saws ? Yes, you can only if you can give maximum attention to the arbor size and the height. Once you can be sure that the table saw has an arbor size and height that will accommodate the 8 inches dado blade, you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore.