Can You Cut A Master Lock With Bolt Cutters

If you are still wondering if you can cut a master lock with bolt cutters, then you are just in the right place. You do not have to beat yourself if you misplace your key, and you do not have any other means to get into your room or apartment rather than cut your lock.

This is not a new occurrence, and the solution is never like a mountain you can’t climb. All that is required is that you get hold of a bolt cutter to cut the master lock. If you do not have a bolt cutter, you can get that or leave the task for professionals to do.

Please note that cutting a master lock with a bolt cutter might not work on most master locks because they are made of case-hardened steel. However, that doesn’t mean you should never give it a trial.

What is the step to cutting a master lock using a bolt cutter?

Choosing The Suitable Bolt Cutter

There are different bolt cutter sizes, and getting the right size will only make the task easier for you. a 24 inches 61 m long bolt cutter is the right choice for you to consider. If the cutter’s size is smaller than the shackles, you will likely not get a breakthrough with the cutting task.

Handle The Padlock

Now that you’ve got to the correct size of bolt cutter available, the next thing you can do is to get hold of the padlock and place it in the right position for you to cut it. Grab the lock and position it towards you in a way that it can be easy for you to cut through.

If the lock didn’t stay in a place, you could use bracing to ensure it is firm for an easy cut.

Cut The Padlock

It would help if you opened wide the handle of the cutter to find it easy to cut the lock. Place the blade on the lock shackle and then try to squeeze the cutter’s handle while the edge will try to find its way through the shackle.

If by any means you find it hard to cut compress the handle of the cutter, you might need to get assistance from someone else to help you in cutting the lock. It will never be easy, and you should be prepared to exert more power and pressure while cutting.

Also, never think it will be smooth, or you can cut it just at once, especially if the lock is made from hardened steel. So, it can never be easy as you think. However, the more pressure you exert on the handle will give the blade effect more power on the lock shackle.

You should Buy – Best Padlocks That Can’t Be Cut With Bolt Cutters

1. Is there a padlock that cannot be bolt cuttered?

Yes, there are lots of padlocks that cannot be bolt cuttered. Top quality manufacturer brands are – Sargent & Greenleaf, Abloy, Abus, FJM. Those padlocks are super strong.

Padlock Cutting is possible – If your padlock doesn’t have a good Security Level, Tiny Size, a few number of pins, Lower Grade – body material, shackle, and locking mechanism.

2. What’s the best way to break a padlock if you’ve lost the key?

If you lost the padlock key then bolt cutter is the best way to break the padlock. So, Trying with Bolt cutter is the good way to break a padlock.

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This page answers the question, can you cut a master lock with bolt cutters? A bolt cutter is one of the options to consider for cutting padlock, and it can also be used for the master lock, but it requires lots of patience and effort to do that, especially with locks made from hardened steel.