Can You Cut Aluminum With A Miter Saw : Metal Cutting Miter Saw Blades

Cutting aluminum can be a difficult task for anyone to do without the right tool. There are many tools out there that claim to be fit for cutting aluminum, but how many of them can indeed cut aluminum without any hassles? The question we focus on providing a solution is can you cut aluminum with a miter saw?

Aluminum is a versatile metal, and it is known as one of the strongest. There are many things that you need to know about using a miter saw to cut aluminum, and we will share them all in detail with you on this page.

If you are cutting aluminum extrusion with a miter saw, you need to understand the kind of blade you should use. There are different kinds of blades out there that you can use with a miter saw, and you need to be familiar with them so you can easily choose the right one.

Before we go on with some other important information you need to know, here are some of the miters saw blades you can consider if you are in the market to buy one.

Best Miter Saw Blades : Aluminum Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

Diablo Carbide Ferrous Aluminum Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

Diablo D1472CF 14-inch Steel Demon 72T Cermet II Carbide...
  • Cermet Blend Teeth for cutting metal withstands...
  • Improved Laser Cut Stabilizer Vents trap noise and...
  • Triple Chip Metal Cutting Grind designed to...

The Diablo D1472CF is a versatile saw blade you can consider for your miter saw. The saw comes with a strong cermet blend tooth that is responsible for cutting meals. It is the right choice for those who are looking at cutting thick metals because it is made from tough standard carbide material.

The blade is tough to stand up to impacts, and it has a design that helps in ensuring wear takes a longer period to occur. When using this blade, you’ve got nothing to worry about since it has improved laser-cut stabilizer vents that help in dampening noise and vibration.

It helps to keep the miter saw stable, which is so important for your productivity and safety when using the machine. Also, it has triple chip metal cutting, which helps in maximizing the speed, lifespan and ensures you get burr-free cuts in metals during any cutting activity.


  • Burr free cuts in metal
  • Noise and vibration dampening vents
  • Shock resistant
  • Spark free
  • Very stable


  • Lose its sharpness quickly

Freud Non Ferrous 12 Inch Aluminum Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

Freud 12" x 86T Thick Non-Ferrous Metal Blade (LU89M012)
  • 12" Blade Diameter, 86 Teeth, TCG Grind, 1" Arbor,...
  • Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Non-Ferrous Blend...
  • Freud-Made TiCo Carbide specifically designed to...

The Freud is a 12-inch metal cutting blade for miter saw that boasts of great strength to handle both light and tough conditions. It is also a non ferrous miter saw blade with a triple chip tooth that helps in delivering precise and accurate metal cut.

The blade has 86 teeth which are well finished with tips that make them effective. The non-ferrous blend has extra impact resistance, which makes it strong and perfect for cutting tough and thick metal. It boasts of great strength and improved density.

The blade comes with a powerful coating with a non-stick surface and that helps to resist corrosion, heat buildup when in use and also prevents the blade from warping. Also, the blade helps to prolong the lifespan of the saw motor as its design helps in preventing unwanted chip buildups.


  • Silver ice coating 
  • No chip buildup
  • Maximum performance
  • Perfect for non ferrous metals


  • No significant setback

Makita 12 Inch Metal Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

Makita B-67000 12" 100T Carbide-Tipped Max Efficiency Miter...
  • Up to 100% faster cutting compared to standard...
  • Up to 30% more cuts per charge compared to...
  • Thin kerf carbide-tipped design provides smoother...

The Makita B-67000 makes the list of blades that you can consider for your miter saw. It is efficient at cutting metal and aluminum into shapes. The blade has the ability to cut metal with a meter saw up to 100 % faster than some other blades you will find in the market. 

The blade boasts up to 30 percent more cuts which makes it come on top of other standard blades. With the specially assigned teeth, the blade thus has the assistance needed to reduce the workload during any cut application. 

The carbide tip of the blade contributes to its smooth and faster cuts, which makes it a great blade for bulk work. You can achieve much with the blade. Also, you can be confident of a smooth cut which makes it a good bargain for professionals


  • Strong teeth to reduce load
  • Delivers smooth and faster cuts
  • Smooth finish for easy cut
  • Delivers optimal run time


  • None

MASTEC Non Ferrous 12-inch Aluminum Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

MASTEC 12-Inch 100 Tooth TCG for Aluminum and Non Ferrous...
  • Specification:12-inch 100 Carbide Teeth 1-inch...
  • Application:Durable smooth cutting and clean...
  • TCG Tooth:Triple Chip Teeth blade ideal for...

For those looking for a miter saw blade that is perfect for non ferrous metal and aluminum, the MASTEC 12-Inch 100 Tooth TCG is the right choice for you. The non ferrous metal saw blade comes in different sizes for you to choose the one that fits your miter saw. 

It is highly durable and delivers smooth cutting with fine finishing. It boasts triple chip teeth which are strong and perfect for cutting plastic, aluminum, plexiglass and non-ferrous metals. Due to the effectiveness of the blade, it can be used in a circular saw, table saw, and miter saws.


  • Versatile with a highly efficient rate
  • Cut aluminum and non ferrous metal
  • Triple chip teeth for easy cut
  • Smooth performance
  • No heat, burrs, and spark when in use


  • None

Oshlun 10 Inch metal Cutting Blade For Miter Saw

Oshlun SBNF-100100 10-Inch 100 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
233 Reviews
Oshlun SBNF-100100 10-Inch 100 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
  • Professional Grade C-1 Carbide
  • Negative Hook Angle
  • Triple Chip Tooth Grind

If you are wondering Which 10″ Miter Saw Blade Works Best for Cutting Aluminum, the Oshlun SBNF-100100 is the right one for you. The blade is not only ideal for cutting aluminum, and it can cut bronze, copper, and brass. It comes with two teeth sets of 60 and 100, and you have the right to choose the one you want.

The 10″ metal cutting blade for miter saw is designed to deliver precise and accurate cut with the help of the carbide tips and triple chip tooth configuration. It doesn’t heat, resists corrosion, and it delivers clean burr-free cuts. Indeed, it is one of the best 10 inch aluminum cutting blade for miter saw.       


  • Triple chip tooth grind
  • Precise ground carbide tips
  • Very strong and reliable
  • Accurate with fine and smooth cut


  • None

What are the types of blades you can consider for A Miter Saw?

Coarse cut blades

If you are on the lookout for a miter saw blade that boasts fine finishing, then you should consider a coarse-cut blade. It delivers some abrasive cutting to any aluminum and helps deliver the smoothest cutting of all time.

Sharp cut blades

If you are ever faced with the task of cutting aluminum or any metal with the aim to achieve a perfect cut, the sharp cut blade is the right choice for you among the miter blades in the market.

Razor blades

For professionals or DIY workers that love to boasts of precise or accurate cut using a miter saw, the right blade you should consider is the razor blade.

Circular blades

The last we have to share with you is known as the circular blade. It is the best for cutting aluminum in your most desired shape. It is versatile and makes you reach out to any angle with cutting.

Can You Cut Metal with a Miter Saw Without Damaging It / Can You Cut Aluminum with A Miter Saw Wood Blade ?

It seems inappropriate for you to use a wood blade to cut aluminum. The tips are more likely to grab the aluminum and brake off thereby leading to some casualty.

Some damages are avoidable, and some are not. If you are working with a miter saw, the tendency of causing damages to your metal or aluminum is high if you do not know how to operate or handle the machine.

It is common with beginners and those handling the machine for the first time, and here we have for you some of the things you need to do or know with handling a miter saw whenever you want to cut metal or aluminum.

So, for you Cutting Metal with A Miter Saw, you need to do the following

Choose the right blade

The first thing you need to do with achieving excellence with any work that requires the use of a miter saw if you choose the right set of blades. Check the blade and see to it that you choose the one with the correct tooth count.

It is also important that you check the thickness of the aluminum you are cutting. If a blade is not designed for the aluminum you want to cut, it will cause more damages than you can ever imagine. You need to be sure you have the right blade.

The blades that are made from special grade carbide aluminum are known to be the best for cutting aluminum. So, get used to knowing the one for thin aluminum and the one for thick one so that you can have an easy and smooth operation with your cut.

Install the blade

After you must have selected the right blade for your miter saw, the next thing is to install the blade. To do that, you need to take out the old blade by opening the blade guard to take off the old one and then replace it with the new blade.

Clamp the aluminum

Most people make the mistake of never clamping the aluminum they want to cut, and it ends up leaving the work messy. The very first thing you should do is to clamp the metal or aluminum and ensure it doesn’t move around from one place to another.

The more it moves around, the likelihood of getting damaged by the blade is high. Ensure the aluminum is properly clamped and you have your safety wear on before you engage in any cutting task.

Cut the aluminum with the miter saw

The next step for you is to cut the aluminum, and for you to do that, you need to align the metal and the blade in line with the cut you intend to have. You should mark the cutting point with ink or pencil, and while you have one hand on the aluminum at a safe angle, use the second to lower the handle of the miter saw until it touches the metal to cut it.

Do You Know There Are Different Types of Miter Saw?

It is very important that you know the different types of miter saws you can come across in the market. They are of four types, and they include the dual compound sliding miter saw, sliding miter saw, compound sliding miter saw, and compound miter saw.

Sliding miter saw

It is the type of miter saws that boasts rails which is responsible for the movement of the blade from the front to the back. It is this kind of blade that gives you the greater depth of cut that you will never find with miter saws without rails.

Compound miter saws

Whenever you see a miter saw with both miter and bevel, you should know it is a compound miter saw. It has the ability to carry out the task of mitering and also engages in bevel cuts. So, this machine is one that you can rely on for more than one activity. It is indeed a versatile one. 

Compound sliding miter saw

The compound sliding miter saw also uses rails which helps in increasing the cross-cut capacity. Also, it has a bevel cut ability which helps to get a compound cut. With the machine, you can have all kinds of cuts with a smooth and fine finish.

Dual compound sliding miter saw

With this kind of machine, you get a miter table, sliding rails, and bevel that can move from right to left. With all the features, you don’t need to move your material around to get any desired cut, thereby leaving you less frustrated, unlike using some other machine that has limitations.

Miter Saw Blade Safety Guide

Your safety should never be compromised or traded for anything. If you are using a miter saw and you have your blade in good condition, there are some safety measures that you need to keep in place.

Blade Guard

One of the most crucial safety components you will find on any miter saw is the blade guard. It plays a great role by protecting the blade’s edge. The guard gets into the action as the blade makes contact with whatever you are cutting to ensure you are safe.

There are two types of the blade guard, and they are opaque and transparent. The transparent guards give you the platform to identify the exact place the blade is striking, which is useful for one’s safety.

Safety Clamps

If your miter saw doesn’t have a safety clamp that is working optimally, then you should never use it. It is one of the important parts of a miter saw. It plays a great role in keeping the material you want to cut in a good position.

If the material clip during a cut, it can either result in damages to the material or injury to anyone handling the machine. However, having a good clamp will prevent such from happening. It is also one of the parts of the machine that helps you get your precise and accurate cut.

Electric Brake

One of the other parts of the miter saw that you need for your safety is the electric brake. However, it is not present in all miter saw. So, if you are serious about your safety, you need to choose one that has this feature.

The primary work of the electric blade is to stop the blade from rotating as soon as you let go of the safety trigger. The speed of a miter saw blade is high, and it can continue to spin without an electric brake which is dangerous and can cause injury if care is not taken.

Lockout Trigger

Another safety feature is the lockout trigger which is located on the handle of the machine, and It must be depressing to send a signal for the blade of the saw to spin whenever you want to cut any material. It is with this feature you can only turn on the machine which means it can never accidentally get into action.

Final Words

Our focus on this page is to answer the question. Can you cut aluminum with a miter saw? We give the right answer to the question in a way you can understand.

Also, we have a list of some miter saw blades that you can consider, with safety tips and types of miter saws you can come across in the market. It is a piece of comprehensive information, and we do hope you are satisfied with this piece.