Can You Rekey A Kwikset Lock With A Schlage Key

The truth with the two is that you can’t rekey a Kwikset lock with a Schlage key, and you can’t also rekey a Schlage lock with a Kwikset key.

They are two different keying systems with a unique design, making it so hard for them to accommodate each other.

We will find out more about each other as we go further on this topic.

Important Things To Know About Kwikset and Schlage

With over 75 years of experience in the lock industry, you can tell that Kwikset is a reputable brand. The brand is known for the production of top-quality keys for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Kwikset produces all kinds of lock that make them known as a certified grade 1 brand for security. None of the locks is vulnerable to being hacked by screwdrivers or anything inserted in the keyway.

It is the reason it becomes so difficult for you to use a Schlage key to unlock or rekey a Kwikset lock. If you look at the low spots of Kwikset and Schlage’s key, you will get to know that the Kwikset does not match the Schlage key’s soft areas.

The two keys are pretty different from each other, and so they can’t rekey each other to match an existing key.

The Difference Between Kwikset and Schlage

Kwikset vs Schlage

Lock housing

The Kwikset’s housing is very light and hollow, which makes it very easy to drill through. In comparison, the Schlage has an accommodation that is quite heavy, sturdy and not too easy to drill through or force any key into its entry.

Bolt size

The Schlage bolt is very strong and significant than that of the Kwikset. The size of the volt makes it sit snugger in its plate on the frame of the door, which gives less room for the door to jiggle.

Drill resistant plate

The Kwikset deadbolt is not designed with a drill-resistant plate, making it very easy to drill open by drilling its screws and cylinder. Also, the Schlage deadbolts are thoroughly drilled resistant. The plate’s face is resistant to drill, making it so hard for anyone to drill open.

Security Pin

The more security pins in the lock, the harder it is for anyone to break-in. Schlage uses four security pins, while the Kwikset has just two security pins.


The truth is that Schlage delivers excellent security than Kwikset locks. This makes it comes with a higher price. If you are getting a lock key and Schlage is your option, you should be ready to spend to get the key. Kwikset is cheap and affordable but doesn’t deliver the level of security you get from Schlage.


This page reveals more you need to know about the two locks. Schlage key is not among those that can be used to rekey Kwikset lock and the same with Schlage lock. To rekey each of them, you need to get the right key which will make the task easier for you.