Carpenter Square vs Framing Square : What Are The Differences

With several debates on carpenter square vs framing square, you must know the two are the same. You likely hear people call the two makes with the hope of referring to two different squares, but in the real sense, they are the same square. 

The steel square that is common in the carpentry world is the framing square or carpenter square. It comes with a long, more comprehensive, shorter or narrower arm that always meets at an angle of 90 degrees. It is mainly made of aluminum materials or polymers, making it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere; plus, it is resistant to rust.

Carpenter or Framing Square Uses

The design of the carpenter square is the best tool for craftspeople as it helps create flat edges and corners. To work on wood or board to get the right or smooth corners, you need a framing square. 

Indeed, it helps make the whole work more accessible and enables you to get the right or accurate results. It is a great tool that you will always appreciate if you ever have to work with edges and cornering on woods. 

One of the uses of the framing square also for testing angles. You can always access the fidelity of the angle of the wood you are working on, which makes it a great choice for all construction work. Irrespective of the woodworking task you have, having a framing square is the right will help you get through the work easily. 

Also, when it comes to scaling and measuring, the framing square is also one of the tools that you can always rely on for the best performance. It helps in getting you the precise and accurate measurement of any woodworking task. 

So, if you are faced with the task of measuring and scaling, using the framing square is the right tool to consider.

Framing Square Tricks

There are different ways you can use a framing square, and we will share each of them below for you. The use of the tools is not limited, and only a few professionals get to know that. So, we will share with you some of the ways you can use a carpenter square if you find yourself with any woodworking task. 

How to read a Framing Square

If you want to read using a framing square, you need to place the square on the table with the tiny length pointing in the right direction. 

The tiny part of the frame is known as the tongue, while the thicker one is called the blade, and the cornering is known as the heel of the framing square.

So, if you are using the carpenter square for scaling, you need to use the face inside, which is the tongue. Also, you can use it for rafter work. Also, the backside of the square can be used for brace measurements on boards. 

How to use A Framing Square

If you are to use a carpenter square, you need to know the fractions, which is the graduations of an inch at the top and the one in centimeters on the bottom. 

To measure a cut line using the square, you need to place one arm parallel against the edge of the wood that you want to cut at a right angle. 

Mark the line using a knife or pencil along the edge of the other arm to help you get an accurate cut on the wood. 

Once you’ve got the marking through the use of the square, you can head on to cut along the mark. 

How to use A Framing Square for Angles 

For you to use a framing square for angles, you need to do the following. 

You need to have a scientific calculator to help with measuring the perfect angle, and you need only a framing square to help with the task. 

If you want to make a 50-degree cut on a block of wood, you need to calculate the proper length for each line using a trigonometric formula. 

Then you can head to measure the length of the side of the angle and make your mark using a pencil. 

The length you are to find is the distance between the heel of the right angle to where it will connect, and that is determined by the desired angle you want to make. 

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The Carpenter Square vs Framing Square comparison post makes it known to use that the two are just the same. Carpenters refer to the same square irrespective of the name they call. So, we have here two of the squares you can consider with some information you need about the square.