Carpenter Squares : Different Types Of Square Tools All You Should Needs To Know

What are The Types of Marking Square you should consider for YOUR Woodworking Project ?

The marking square is an indispensable measuring tool that can do lots of wonders with scaling, measuring, and marking wood for different cuts. It is a versatile one that can be useful for lots of woodworking, metalworking, and even construction work.

However, there are different types out there in the market, and you need to know them so that you can identify them easily to choose the right one for your job. The fact is that each of them has its uniqueness with its shape, features, and overall design, which influence where and how you can use the tool.

So, without much delay, let’s check some of the types of squares you will find in the market, where and how to use them.

Carpenter Squares : Different Types Of Square Tools – Choosing and Using Squares

What are the types of carpenter square / marking square that you need to know? Below we have the list of the common one’s for you to help you understand which one is best for your job.

Combination Square / Adjustable Square

The combination square is one of the carpenter squares that you can find resourceful for any woodworking task. It has a ruler and an interchangeable moving head. You can always clamp the head on any position on the ruler so that you can find it easy to map or layout angles.

The head and the ruler are the parts of the square, and they are joined together with the use of a draw bolt.

The combination square is useful for locating the centers of round stocks, measure depths and heights, and also measure the angles on wood.

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Speed Square or Rafter Square

The speed square is a multipurpose, double-sided ruler that’s great for constructing lines, angles, and shapes quickly. It includes conversion charts printed on the inside to help you solve common construction problems, and it can fit in tool pouches or a pocket.

The common speed square features 1-1/2 in. wide stainless-steel blades in 12, 24, and 48-in. lengths. The compact shape easily fits into the palm of your hand for indoor or outdoor use. On the inside of each blade is a ruler etched with conversion tables ranging from inches to centimeters. This handy speed square comes in a plastic folding case to keep it safe when not in use.

The Speed Square can be used as a speed square, right angle, or protractor for an unlimited range of construction and drawing applications, making it the most versatile framing tool on the market.

A speed square is designed for speed and accuracy when making 90 degree or 45-degree cuts. This unique tool has a one-of-a-kind blade built into the ruler that measures in 1/16-inch increments from 0 – 6 inches. Speed square allows you to make more accurate cuts than a standard carpenter square, saving you time and money while making your projects look professional.

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Framing or Steel Square

Framing square or Steel square is a tool that helps you measure and mark out framing, miter cuts, or cutouts on construction projects. The metal framing square uses the bevel edge to make both 45 degree and 90-degree angles, and the machined stop allows you to quickly set a precise length for marking studs. Moreover, its standard right-angle measures 90 degrees at one end for use in layout work.

It is also used to make accurate right angles when framing. This is done by placing the head of the square against the wood with the tongue placed accurately along the edge of the board that you wish to be straight.

Also, it can be used by carpenters and masons. It helps with framing, layout, checking for 90-degree angles, plumb, and leveling.

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Try Square Tool

A Tri square is an instrument that carpenters and other craftsmen use to mark right angles and other precise figures on their workpieces. Since the human eye can’t accurately detect minute deviation from a perfectly vertical line, a carpenter’s square is used to ensure that right angles and straight lines are never damaged or changed during the course of construction.

This allows all woodworkers, craftsmen, or other tradesperson to build structures of beauty and quality. The name tri-square may also refer to a special tool called a triangle square or drafting triangle, which has three sides rather than two.

Carpenter’s Tri-Square is a multipurpose tool, which can be used for various purposes. It is very helpful in building and architecture. It can also be used as a ruler or for drawing perfect perpendicular lines on surfaces. It also called marking square.

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Pivot Square

Pivot square is a great tool to help you layout and cut wood materials to any size you desire. The pivot square is used by carpenters, garages, or any person that is into woodworking. With a pivot square, you can accurately mark the wood in the exact location to reduce waste and make your project run smoother.

It is a handy tool for wood craftsmen. It’s used to mark angles on each piece of wood so that they can be assembled precisely and with ease. Its availability makes the wood-crafting job more accessible than ever.

The Pivot Square is a framing tool featured with 360 degrees rotating system where the user can turn around in any chosen direction. Unlike combination squares, pivot squares could provide more user choices to position their material in an accurate location.

It’s highly flexible that if adjustments are needed, they can be readily arranged, thereby allowing easier switching from measuring to marking angles.

Sliding T-Bevel Square

This sliding t-bevel square is a quick stop tool that allows you to set a perfect 90-degree angle quickly. This design allows for a super easy setup with the stock and only one measuring stick for most situations. This is perfect for your next project when you need to do a quick layout or see if something like a table will fit in somewhere.

Dividing angles in the T-bevel square ensures an accurate cut on tricky materials like thin metal sheets, plywood, board, and plastics. With this sliding T-bevel square, you can divide an angle with 0.1 mm precision. The laser makes a clear line for making markings on wood and other materials, even on dark surfaces. They are strictly used for the proper purposes of dividing angles only.

You can avoid the problem of measuring, drawing, and redrawing marks with their T-bevel square. This sliding T-bevel square is equipped with a laser line to make marking on wood or other materials easier and faster.

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Top Different Types Of Square Tools Review

ZOTA Heavy Duty Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

ZOTA Tool Gifts for Men, Multi Angle Measuring Ruler +...
331 Reviews
ZOTA Tool Gifts for Men, Multi Angle Measuring Ruler +...
  • Perfect One-Stop SolutionUniversal Angler Ruler+...
  • More durableMulti angle measuring ruler and Rafter...
  • IN & CM Angles MeasurementsThese three kinds of...

The zota multi angle measuring ruler is designed for both professional and diy projects. Featuring a variety of angle markings from 0° to 45°, it is perfect for construction or woodworking projects. hardened anodized aluminum make the ruler durable and strong. It’s well balanced and easy to manipulate. this tool will help you get accurate results every time you use it.

The versatile tool is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy with laser etched markings, the multi angle measuring ruler + rafter square 7 inch and l framing square 8-inch x 12-inch combo is a household tool every home should have.

Also, zota multi angle measuring ruler helps lay out angles and measure lines, save time on any building or fixing job. The zota multi angle ruler is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy with carved numbers make it easy to read.

It measures up to 180 degrees with etched 1 degree and protractor measurements. The zota multiangle measuring kit can be used for interior or exterior jobsite measuring and layout, while the numbers are etched in larger surfaces making them easier to read.

Furthermore, the tool combines the convenience of a ruler, protractor and angle finder in one. Use it to measure slopes, pitch and angles for roofs, decks, ramps, cars, shelves and more. It is one of the tools you can always consider for rafting task and many more.

Woodraphic Measuring and Marking Framing Tool for Professional Carpentry

Woodraphic Professional Dual Function Scriber Gauge for...
202 Reviews
Woodraphic Professional Dual Function Scriber Gauge for...

The Woodraphic Professional Dual Function Scriber Gauge makes it easy for you to transfer measurements to paper. The gauge has the ability to transfer both inside & outside measurements to paper or a marking layout within a fraction of an inch, with every measurement you take. You can find this with different sizes – 8 inch, 14 inch, 26 inch, 37 inch, 150 MM, 300 MM, 600 MM, 900 MM & Depth Component.

In addition, the scribing gauge is also used to duplicate exact inside and outside measurements from any piece of wood, which can then be transferred to any other piece of wood. Also, it is one of the most innovative scribing and marking tools in the woodworking industry.

Wood graphic scriber has been designed to give the user a superior, more accurate marking and measuring tool for the professional woodworker. This handy tool is perfect for writing on walls or measuring anywhere.

Its combination scribing and marking head can denote levels, as well as transfer height markings from different surfaces to other surfaces. The durable 1-piece body and pointed tip also makes it easy to mark lines into hard-to-reach places, such as several feet off the ground.

CH Hanson Pivot Square

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square
527 Reviews
CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square
  • Easily pivots, permitting an easy measure and mark...
  • Includes 3 vials to determine roof pitches,...
  • Makes finding a roof pitch quick and easy with...

Maximize your workspace when building cabinets with the CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square for woodworking. The 9-inch x 9-inch x 36-inch stainless steel machine is perfect for cutting base cabinet sides and backs on your table saw.

With pivot legs, this square is easily adjusted to the desired angle and can pivot in 90 degree increments to accommodate different bevel cuts. It has laser-etched markings for miter gauge alignment, right or left-hand support holds it securely to the saw fence, and a large handle that allows it to be easily clamped to a workbench.

The CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square features a measurement scale on one side and an L shaped pivot for making 45-degree and 90-degree angles. Constructed from durable cast iron, the pivot square rotates into position and locks for use as a square, protractor, marking gauge and diagonal marker. The pivot also makes it easy to lay out parallel lines up to 6 feet long.

CH Hanson pivot squares enable fast, accurate layout, marking and measuring combined with exceptional flexibility. Easily guide five tapered edges against four parallel edges (1/2 inch – ¾ inch thick). Mark both sides of wood on wide workpieces using the plumb v-grooves.

The kit comes with 1 pivot square and 2 extension bars in 1-1/4-inch increments. Used on wide workpieces up to 14 inches. Square head has a durable zinc-plated finish and graduated scale. Stand includes non-slip clamping pads and attached side shelf for holding layout sheets.

iGaging Combination Square

iGaging Combination Square Premium 4-Piece 24' 4R Protractor...
544 Reviews
iGaging Combination Square Premium 4-Piece 24" 4R Protractor...
  • 24'' Precision Combination Square
  • Stainless Steel 4R Rule Blade
  • Center, square and protractor heads

You should say bye to guesswork from your next project with the iGaging Premium 4-Piece 24-inch 4R Protractor Center Combination Square. It is equipped with precise cutting angles and a self-leveling, bubble vial level, this tool gives you the tools you need to tackle any project. You can find what you needs from different sizes – 6″ 4R 2 Piece, 6″ 4R 3 Piece, 12″ 4R 2 Piece, 12″ 4R 4 Piece, 24″ 4R 2 Piece & 24″ 4R 4 Piece.

No matter what task you’re trying to master, this four-piece combination square will help you complete it without any fuss. This tool can be used to measure the diagonal, reveal the square angle and incline of a working surface.

The iGaging Premium 4-Piece 24-inch 4R (Right Angle) Protractor Center is the first of its kind that measures and locates objects to exact degrees. The stainless-steel rule features a non-glare, blue end pointer that allows for smooth reading and is perfect for work that requires locating positions in overhead environments or areas where vibration can be a problem.

The heads attach quickly and easily with a twist-and-lock interface. The large 1-inch diameter nickel chrome plated dial is fastened to the rod with a button that ensures it stays in place for accurate readings. This combination square kit includes a 5 inches ruler head, an 8 inches rule head, a 12 inches ruler head and a 24 inches telescopic measuring rod.

Starrett 11MH-300 Combination Square

Starrett 11MH-300 Cast Iron Square Head With Regular Blade...
174 Reviews
Starrett 11MH-300 Cast Iron Square Head With Regular Blade...
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: Starrett
  • Package Dimensions: 12" L x 1" W x 6" H

The Starrett 11MH-300 Cast Iron Square Head with Regular Blade Combination Square, is an extremely durable tool for all kind of construction work. The cast iron head and blade are constructed for stability and provide accuracy in all the tools used.

The tool measures 3 inch on one side and 6 inches on the other. The small blade side can be used for lines between 3/8 inch and 9/16 inch, while the large blade side can measure lines from ¾ inches to 7/8 inches.

The handle is contoured for comfort and comes with a straight edge, allowing for easy cutting both right and left-handed.

Also, it is designed for professionals who work with a wide variety of applications that require accuracy. A combination square which can be used to check angles, surface straightness, or squareness of objects. It can also be used to determine the correct position and angle for your machine tool.

Starter Engineer Kit [Try Squares, Center Squares & Carbide Scriber Pen]

Starter Engineer Kit (Try Squares, Center Squares & Carbide...
3 Reviews
Starter Engineer Kit (Try Squares, Center Squares & Carbide...
  • TOOL KIT INCLUDES - 3 X TRY SQUARES (6", 4" & 3"),...

The handcrafted starter engineer kit contains square, center square, craft knife (x2) and carbide scriber pen. It’s been designed to introduce engineering and problem-solving concepts through the use of real tools. All the tools available are necessary for the different types of joinery of wood.

For the engineers who constantly needs to write precise and accurate geometry dimensions and data, Carbide Scriber Pen and 3mm Lead is the right tool to use. Also, the try square is used to transfer angles.

To use it, place your workpiece against the blade of the tool, and lock the square’s handle into place by setting the pin in the tail arm of the square. The blade should be perpendicular to your workpiece and blade markings should be facing you.

Then adjust the marking surface to make sure you can see it clearly, then flip your workpiece over so you’re marking a line from its edge. Make one movement, locking the try square in place at that spot, then reposition yourself for another set of marks across the board. Remember, this is an angle square use it only for transferring one angle to another.

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It is important that you know the different types of squares and their uses wither as a novice or expert woodworker. If you ever have to engage in any woodworking or construction task by profession or interest, you need to be familiar with the carpenter squares so that you can use the right one for the job you have at hand.