Chainsaw Carving For Beginners

Chainsaws have been in intensive use for all the wood dealers that are in the constant move of voluptuous cutting. It is a type of saw that comes with its chain of ripping teeth that is specific of ripped cutting of materials.

Since it is equipped with the capacity of letting out a good deal of cutting outcome it can be used both by the experts as well as the beginners and keeping that in context it is interesting to look at the chainsaw carving for beginners for a specific understanding of the uses of chainsaw for different workers.

Carving has always remained fascinating for the ones interested in framing and carving out objects, structures, and sculptures out of wood and chainsaw is the best to be in use while carving considering its flexibility of cutting with its chain. Beginners can take a deep interest in such carving with a chainsaw as a hobby or for a profession.

To look into some of the specificities of the chainsaw when it comes to the handling by the beginners and we can dive into it as follows.

Chainsaw Carving For Beginners

Carving Of Outdoor Antique Chairs

Those wooden antique chairs are still in demand in many leisure places for decoration purposes. Such heavy wooden log chairs can be easily carved out of blunt and round wooden logs using the cutter’s beloved chainsaw.

  • Step 1: Take a huge and heavy (since the chair has to be steady and fixed) wooden log.
  • Step 2: Measure the log and mark it by making lines along which the cut needs to be made.
  • Step 3: Then start the chainsaw and keep sliding it along the marks made on the log. It may sometimes get stuck with some hard bolts inside the thickness of the log but the chainsaw can easily pass through it and can carve out the required shape.

Carving Out A Wooden Statue

The chainsaw can be of great use when it comes to the carving out of different structures and statutes out of wood. One needs only a bit of a tool and a wooden log as per the requirement of the structure that one wishes to carve out.

  1. Firstly, a measurement of the wooden log has to be done considering its feet and height and breadth with the help of a measuring tape.
  2. Secondly, the marks are required to be drawn out with a pencil or a marker carefully to guide the craving.
  3. Then one can glide along with the wooden log maintaining and following the pencil markings assuring an alignment in carving out the log in the required shape.

Pillar Sculpting

This too is an interesting job for the beginners to carve out sculptures in large wooden pillars. This forms a great artwork especially carried out for decorating pillars in palaces and houses with different modern as well as ancient designs.

 It requires a creative mind and a good expertise in chainsaw. First, the carving to be drawn out roughly and then like any other carving the chainsaw has to be guided along the marks to sculpt out the design.

Chainsaw Carving Patterns For Beginners

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