Chainsaw Carving Tools

Chainsaw Woodcarving Tools and Materials

  • Chainsaw
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Timber / Wood
  • Wood Coating
  • Sketching and Pattern Tools

Picking The Right Chainsaw For Carving

To do carving with a chainsaw, some basic tools are needed to be employed along with the saw. Let us take a look into such tools as it follows.

  1. Sandpaper

While carving out objects or carrying out multiple sculpting arts it is important for the workers to be ready with some of the basic things such as the sandpaper for giving a toned and finished setting and feel to the carved out object. Steps to be followed:

  • Take the log and place it firmly on the ground.
  • Apply some wood oil in the log.
  • Take sandpaper and rub the oil for a couple of minutes until the rough small wooden edges disappear.
  • Then after the carving is finally done, one last finishing touch of fineness is required to be given with the sandpaper to tone down the rough cutting edges.
  1. Protection Shield

Whether it is the regular professional or the amateur beginner one should always remain careful while using a chainsaw considering its minor problems such as the kickbacks.

Therefore it is important to always maintain a shield for protection whole carving out using a chainsaw. These shields can be in the form of a helmet, gloves, and goggles and lot other stuff of protection assuring.

  1. Marking and sketching tools

Alignment and perfection are some of the basic requirements while carrying out wood carving. For a beginner or even for daily experts it is near to impossible to give out the best carving with alignment directly with a chainsaw.

It is important to possess some of the essentials like a marker pen eligible for marking on wood or some hard pencil or a sketch pen that can make the marking dark so that it becomes visible to make the cutting along the marked lines.

  1. Solid wood

Well, the whole project itself is dependent on wood and therefore it is very important to verify the quality and the solidity of the wood to be cut. The wood is therefore the basic tool required for chainsaw carving.

Therefore one has to be careful in identifying the right quality wood required for the specific projects. If the wood quality is fickle then the carving will automatically be hampered and therefore the quality, as well as the size, breadth, and height, are also to be checked for better results.

  1. Miscellaneous Requirements

Other requirements are also there such as some decorative paints, varnishing materials, anti rodents, and many others because chainsaw can only carve out the frame but to give those carved out objects some long life and stylish coating then these essentials of varnishing and embellishing is of utmost importance.

The Different Types of Wood For Carving

  1. Basswood
  2. Walnut
  3. Mahogany
  4. Oak
  5. Cottonwood
  6. Butternut

Tools needed for chainsaw carving

Chainsaw: A Chainsaw is a principal tool you need for chainsaw carving. Obviously, there are a variety of chainsaws available you may need to use more than one chainsaw depending on the complexity of your project.

Protective gear: Using a personal protective gear is vital to avert dangers that may surface when using a chainsaw. These gears include a safety helmet, protective goggles, earmuffs, chainsaw chaps, work gloves and steel-toed boots.

Wood: There are two primary kinds of wood: Softwood and hardwood. Your choice will now depend on the style of carving you intend working on. If your project is for outdoor purpose, then it’ll have to be the hardwood, and if for indoor purpose, softwood will suffice.

Carving chainsaw tools

Carving chainsaw tools won’t be better understood without any basic knowledge of how to use them towards achieving a quality finish. Going further, there is really no laborious process in chainsaw carving. All that’s important is the concentration when handling any tool.

While you are cutting, you need sandbags to hold the wood in place. Carving without sandbags can be dangerous as it will also ruin the work you’ve already put in. Mind you; sandbags are handy extras to add to you wood carving setup to DG hold the log safely in place as you work.

Now that you’re done with the main cuts on the wood, you can proceed to attend to the smallest details with a knife. What’s next is that you begin to smooth out the sculptural work with sandpaper. With that done, you can move on to treating the wood.

Wood, generally cannot stand the test of time so you’ll need to protect your new work. In most cases, a coating of linseed oil or varnish is applied to the carving. Whichever type you want goes down to the final location that you will display the carving. If it is placed outside, then you must protect the wood more frequently.

Chainsaw art tools

Chain saw art tool is used for creating pattern and sketches before carving out. Sketching and pattern making on the wood is a vital part of chainsaw wood carving unless you are confident with your skills. Some artists use a pencil or chalk to make sketching on the wood. At this stage of pattern making, Don’t rush! That’s the simple rule of thumb. Remember, any mistake you make is permanent and can be costly.

Chainsaw wood carving tools

Chainsaws are one of the most effective cutting tools for cutting away at large portions of wood without stress. They come in a variety of sizes and models, and their usage depends on user preference.

To light pruning or trimming of small branches, a battery-powered or electric saw will suffice. A gas-powered chainsaw is suitable for cutting large trees occasionally.

All of these chainsaws are brilliant choices for the right size of the project and the amperage available. It’s up to which one you need precisely and your personal preference is as no one is better than the other.

Final Thoughts : Chainsaw Carving Tools

Wooden designing and framing has been making its prominence and worth in the market as with that public demand too is rising and in that regard chainsaw carving can contribute a good amount of wood carving, leading on to satisfy the wood lovers immensely.