Different Types Of Electrical Boxes For Outlets : You Needs To Know

Some electrical components are essential and essential in your home. You might not be well informed or aware that there are different types of electrical boxes for outlets so, you got stuck on whichever you get in the market. We are here to share with you some of the electrical boxes you can find in the market.

Electrical box materials

You can get different types of Electrical boxes. Made with steel, pvc, fiberglass, cast aluminum. Fiberglass, steel, pvc made electrical boxes are ideal for indoor use, but cast aluminum is good for outdoor use.

Types of electrical boxes

  • Handy / Utility box
  • Square box
  • Switch box
  • Floor box
  • Ceiling box
  • Weatherproof box
  • Rectangular box
  • 2/3/4 Gang box
  • Round pan box
  • Octagon box
  • Ceiling fan box
  • Junction Box

Electrical outlet box types

  • Box extenders or extension rings
  • Low profile surface mount electrical box
  • Indoor surface mount electrical box
  • Shallow surface mount electrical box
  • Decorative surface mount electrical box
  • Surface mount electrical box for light fixture
  • Surface mount electrical box cover
  • Surface mount electrical box metal
  • White surface mount electrical box

Metal and plastic boxes

The most common electrical boxes out there are made from metal or plastic. Plastic boxes either a product of fiberglass or PVC, while those metal boxes are made of steel.

However, for outdoor use purposes, an outdoor electrical box should have waterproof features and the best are made from aluminum material.

For your electrical box, if you are using a metal conduit to run the wiring in your home, then you need to make use of a metal box. For using a non-metallic cable, you can opt for the use of a plastic box or metal box.

2 or 3 or 4 gang boxes

This type of electric box is used to hold household switches and ensure electrical outlets are in place. They are mostly designed to be oversized so that two to three of four devices can be mounted closer to each other. 

Junction box

This is a term used to describe a standard electrical box. It mostly comes in a 4-inch square box, and it has lots of space for making wire connections with different cables. It can be used for a wide range of applications, either for an outdoor electrical outlet or an indoor electrical outlet.

The junction box should never be installed in a concealed wall or ceiling space where you can access the junction box. It has to be in a place where you can easily access it. Also, it is required that they are covered using a solid cover that has no holes.

Outdoor electrical box

Electrical boxes for outdoor purposes are designed to be mounted on the surface of any wall, deck, or any surfaces. They are used for installing outdoor light fixtures and many others, such as outdoor sensor lights. They are usually designed to be waterproof so that they can withstand wet conditions. 

Box extender

The box extender or extension rings, as it might be called, comes in different shapes and sizes to meet the requirement for standard electrical boxes. Mostly they are designed to be installed at the front of electrical boxes, thereby increasing the box capacity to ensure you have easy access. 


There are different types of electrical socket you can get in the market. This is important for those who are building their homes or those involved in electrical serves.

You will surely need to do with the acquisition of electrical socket, and therefore you need to get the right socket for the task you have at hand. This particular post on the types of electrical boxes for outlets is all you need to make the right choice and we’ve got you covered.