DIY Bedroom Decorating, Renovation or Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Do you know you can renovate your bedroom without breaking the bank? Yes, you can.

There are tips you just have to follow on how to renovate your bedroom at a low cost budget. Under $500 is possible to renovate your Rooms.

We have some of the tips for you on this page.

Budget Plan : DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Before you start anything, you need to calculate your cost and run through your budget to know if you can go ahead with your plan or not.

Get the right budget and come up with a workable plan that fits your budget.

Bedroom Remodel Checklist : DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

  1. Change Bedroom Color
  2. Change Curtain
  3. Change Bedding & Pillow
  4. Add A New Rug
  5. Add Furniture’s
  6. Add A Wall Canvas
  7. Add Low Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
  8. Add Motion Lights
  9. Change Cabinet Handles
  10. Door / Window Polishing or Treatment
  11. Bed Frame
  12. Sofa / Storage Ottoman Bench / Chair
  13. Night Light projector
  14. Fan / AC Maintenance or change
  15. Add Security System
  16. Add some Indoor Plants
  17. Buy Cutter Proof Padlocks
  18. Install A Biometric Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe, If you have Gun.
  19. Install A Fireproof Digital Security Home Safe Box For Jewelry, Pistols, Important Papers, Passports, Cash Money etc
  20. Set A Wall Mirror
  21. Hanging A Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fixture
  22. Always Try To Be Happy

Fireproof and Waterproof with Biometric Lock Cabinet Security Box

Pick a Color theme

The next thing you need to do is to pick a colour theme in your bedroom that will make it attractive and alluring. There is a way colour affects one’s mood and influences one’s action.

Your bedroom is a place where you spend quality time to rest, and so you need the color theme to be cool and calming.

Change your Curtain

Bedroom, Livingroom Window Panel Curtain Set, You can choose also Blackout Curtain. Under $80 you can find a good quality curtain.

Part of renovation for your bedroom is to change the curtain you have in your bedroom.

You should get a curtain that blends with the colour of your room, and you must ensure it is not too bright or dull. 

Change your Bedding or Pillow

Home Turin Comforter Bedding with Sheet Set, always try to choose a cool color as you expects before. Try to avoid hot color in your bed, hot color changes your mood. It may cost around $100.

You want all things to be new, and you should never leave out any part from your bedroom renovation.

One of its parts you should not overlook is the bedding and pillow. You should get bedding and pillow that is of great quality. 

Pick a New Rug

If you are renovating your bedroom, you should consider replacing the old rug with a new one. Also, if you do not have an old rug, you might want to bring in one into your bedroom. Within $150 you can choose.

Get a quality one and also get the right cleaning machine for cleaning the rug.

Find A Furniture that Fits your Room

You can add on a Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench for your bedroom or Livingroom. Cost around $100

You should get the right furniture that fit your bedroom. There are many types you can consider, such as the bed ottoman, lamp stool, bookshelf and many more. The bedroom can accommodate as many furniture that is needed for your comfort and wellbeing.

Hang Art or Pictures on Your Rooms

A picture can change your mood. Cost around $60. You can choose 5 piece or 3 piece framed floral canvas / daisy colorful blossom flowers artwork / abstract artwork / landscape / lake and rocky mountain landscape artwork / moon / sunshine / beach wave / mountain / romantic / autumn forest waterfall / moon sea beach etc whatever you wants.

But don’t choose any types of animal canvas for your bedroom.

You can give your bedroom a personal touch with your pictures such as your wedding picture, anniversary picture and many more.

You can also hang arts on the wall to make your bedroom appealing and lovely for you. 

Good lighting

Lighting is one of the things you can take away from your bedroom. You need to install one that will make the bedroom cool and so pleasing to stay for a longer period. Under $50 you can find best one you needs.

Do not use too flashy lighting.

Edvivi Round Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fixture For Glam Lighting


The ventilation is another thing to consider when considering a renovation in your bedroom. Cost around $50.

If your bedroom is not properly ventilated, you can ensure you get your developer to create some for you for easy passages of fresh air.

Noise Cancelling Devices

If you do not love to get disturbed by external noise, then you can consider the use of noise-cancelling materials in your bedroom.

Top rated Products for Bedroom Renovation

You can add a Dresser with Drawers Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom under $100.

Also buy a night light for your bedroom under $80. Lots of variety you can find on Amazon. You can use also for your kids bedroom / theatre or party. It changes your atmosphere.


If you are looking for a way to renovate or decorating your bedroom and you are on a low budget, then you should consider going through all we have on this page.

We have this page focused on the tips on how to renovate or makeover your bedroom at low cost and budget.