Double Sanitary Tee vs Wye : Everything You Needs to Know About San Tee vs Wye

This post focuses on Double sanitary tee vs Wye as we will share with you some of the comparison and the difference of the two plumbing tools. There are reasons you need to be well informed about the two, especially with the point of identifying them so that you do not end up making the wrong choice.

Choosing the wrong pipe or fitting will affect the performance of your work, and that is why you need to read this information so you can quickly identify and know what they are designed to do.

What Is Double Sanitary Tee?

If you see a fitting similar to a cross, you should know it is likely to be a double sanitary tee. It is a fitting that can be used for the connection of sinks. A double sanitary tee is a plumbing fixture that allows liquids to drain while allowing the plumbing system to vent.

A double sanitary tee is a perfect choice if the fitting barrel is at least two pipe sizes more significant than the largest inlet. That said is known as the double sanitary tee code.

What Is Double Sanitary Wye?

A sanitary wye is similar to Y, and it is mainly used for horizontal to vertical transition. It is mainly used for combining two lines into one horizontal line to maintain the flow without causing any clogging.

For two branches of horizontal to vertical drain connection, a double wye or double combination wye is the right option to consider. The downward sweep design or pattern of the Wye directs the flow to the pipe wall right below the opposite outlet opening.

Difference Between Sanitary Tee and Wye

Knowing the difference between double sanitary tee or Wye will help you make the right decision to choose the fitting you need for your plumbing work. Having double Wye where you should use a double sanitary tee will not give you the perfect result.

The connections to horizontal drain lines should be made using a Wye fitting. Although the sanitary tee may seem to be suitable for the task it doesn’t fit perfectly. A sanitary tee cannot be laid on its back horizontally, unlike a Wye.

The shape of the sanitary tee is different from that of the Wye and should only be used vertically else, and it may clog. Also, with the Wye. It is only designed to go from the horizontal to the vertical plane. If you use it horizontally, they are likely to get clogged.

Plumbing Wye vs Sanitary Tee

The application of the two fitting is different from one another. If anyone turns up for a plumbing investigation, you do not have to stress too much to know if anything is wrong with the piping system. If a pipe is running vertical, the proper fitting is the sanitary tee, and if running horizontal, Wye is the right option.

So, whenever you are faced with a plumbing task, and you are doing the task yourself, you should use a sanitary tee for any vertical drain pipe.

Can Improper Fitting Cause Mold Damage?

The truth remains that improper fitting will lead to clogs, leaks, and some other issues that could be avoided. If you are doing your plumbing work yourself and you’ve got little experience on that, you need to be so careful about the installation.

Improper installation of the fitting might leave you with problems that you can envisage, which might then cause thousands of dollars in damage. So, it is better that you choose the proper fitting, and to avoid any form of issue, you should contact a professional.

Tips On Installing Sanitary Tee and Wye

If you are engaging in plumbing work, you need to understand some essential tricks using sanitary tee and wye fitting. Since you’ve got to know the difference between the two from above, let’s check out the things you need to consider with its installation.

Plan Ahead

Plumbing isn’t something you can jump into without proper planning. For double sanitary tee installation and Wye, you need proper planning as that will help you end up doing the proper plumbing work.

Vent and Sanitary Tee

Whenever you use a sanitary tee or Wye for venting, you should ensure that you do not attach the vent below to any other lines. If you do, you are likely to experience an issue with the fitting because the vent can get clogged with water, and that will lead to water locks.

Secure the Wye and Tee

It is normal for a loose sanitary tee or Wye to fall out of place quickly when not correctly installed. If such occur, you might have to be ready to deal with the mess. To know that you’ve not properly installed Wye or tees, you will likely get to see mold, leaks, or spillage of water, which calls for correction.

Call on a Plumber

This is the most important part of the plumbing task. Suppose you find yourself in a stage that you don’t know what else to do. You should call on an expert to get the remaining task done for you. Even if you are on the verge of causing damages to your home, they can help with the correction and ensure all get back to normal.

How much do Sanitary and Wye Cost?

The price you pay to acquire a sanitary tee or Wye depends on the size of the fixture and where you intend to get it. The two fittings will cost between one dollar to five dollars per fixture. So they are one of the cheap and affordable PVC piping tools you will find in the market.

Final Words

This post on Double sanitary tee vs Wye opens your mind to what you need to know about the two fixtures. If you engage in plumbing work and are confused about what to do with horizontal to vertical drain connection or horizontal to horizontal drain connection, this post will help you with that.

With this, you get to know when you should use plumbing wye and sanitary tee.