Extra Large Framing Square : Professional Framing Square Know The Details

Every professional carpenter must have access to the right tools, and one of them is the square. So, the question is, do you need an extra large framing square? If yes, then why exactly do you need one?

These are questions that could run through your mind like a carpenter. However, some tasks require large carpenter squares, and the benefits are pretty understandable, so you will always find one with professional carpenters.

So, getting an extra large square for framing is not an option if you are a professional in that field but a necessity. Instead, you will have to encounter some challenges that will require using the square, which is why you have to get one.

An extra large carpenter square is indeed a big square that comes in an L shape and can be used for framing, woodworking, metalworking, and many more. It is ideal for marking out a section on woods, board, or metals.

The importance of using a large speed square is that it doesn’t allow you to waste your time with any woodworking task because it is big enough for you to cover more functions in a bit of space of time.

How To Using An Extra Large Framing Square

Measuring with a large carpenter square

You need to carefully place the carpenter square on the material you want to measure. Then, make use of the ruled leg of the square to measure a straight line.

It works similar to handling a ruler, and also, on the carpenter square, you can see numbering to help you get the correct measurement.

Marking and guiding cuts

To mark a straight cut line on lumber easily, you need to use a fence and a large carpenter square. It would help if you held the fence with the elevated hip against the long edge of the wood, slab, or board you want to mark.

Get a pencil, and while you have the perpendicular leg of the large square on the board, you can draw a straight line to ensure you have the correct measurement.

One of the advantages of using a large carpenter square is that it makes the work easier, while the fence helps keep the material in place to avoid shift and throw off of your markings.

If you’ve got a big task at hand and you have to give marking on wood to have the right cut using your miter saw or circular saw, a large carpenter square will be a great tool to use.

Use line scriber slot

You can also use your large carpenter square for marking lengthwise cut on lumber. To do this, you need to use a fence to hold the machine in place so that you can mark it out quickly.

It is the best part of a square that is rightly designed for trimming. Place the board on it, and then use the square to mark out the area you want to trim before using your trimmer on the lumber. Also, the line scriber feature is perfect to use if you’re going to make notched cuts or jointed angle cuts.

Use as saw guide

If you are using a circular saw, you can use your large carpenter square as a guide for the circular saw. Then, once you’ve made the marking on the lumber or wood, you can hold the lumber with your fence while the square is close to the fence.

It thus helps in ensuring that you don’t have a wrong cut always. Sometimes error due to user operation is unavoidable, but using your carpenter square as a guide for your saw will help increase your chance of making the right cut.

Tips To Using A Large Carpenter Square

Always use the large square on a large surface. It will be inconvenient for you if you are using a large layout square on a small surface area. Not only will you struggle with handling it, but you are also on the road to making a wrong mark.

So, you must have it well positioned on a board or lumber you want to make, then do the marking.

Get familiar with the square with constant use. Get to know how to do the readings for accurate measurement.

Keep safe at all times. Unlike a mini square one that could get into your tool bag, it is pretty difficult for an extra large carpenter square to get into your bag, and so they are prone to damages or misplacement.  So, you need to be more careful with the handling and how you maintain it.

Also, getting a metal one will last longer than getting a plastic square.

Top 4 Best Extra Large Framing Square

Empire Level Professional Framing Square

Empire Level e1190 16-Inch by 24-Inch Professional Framing...
151 Reviews
Empire Level e1190 16-Inch by 24-Inch Professional Framing...
  • High visibility, deep stamped, long lasting...
  • 24-inch by 12-inch body, 16-inch by 1/2-inch...
  • Anodized aluminum construction will not rust

Roof framing is not a simple task to do. Whatever kind of roofing you are getting into, none is ever easy to do. It is a 16 by 24 inches professional square that is made from USA and it is ideal for all kind of carpentry work. However, with the professional framing square, you can find the task all easy to do. The framing square is highly visible and it has deep stamp with long lasting graduations.

The framing square helps in delivering accurate cut and due to it being made from anodized aluminum construction, it will never rust. Despite you are getting this professional framing square for any work, you need to know how to use the tool for the best performance.

CH Folding Framing Square : Folding Layout Asquare

CH Hanson 345EK 3 feet x 4 feet x 5 feet 90 degree Aluminum...
547 Reviews
CH Hanson 345EK 3 feet x 4 feet x 5 feet 90 degree Aluminum...
  • Triangle is big enough to complete a job, and...
  • Designed with simplicity, making the product easy...
  • Makes perfect right angles, good for general...

If you are looking for a flexible framing square that is very easy to use in any situation and condition, the folding one is the right square to consider. It comes in a triangle shape and it is very big enough to handle any job effortlessly.

Due to its collapsible design, it is easy for you to fold and store safe after using it. The simplicity in its deisgn makes it easy to reach out and use for any work. It helps in delivering accurate work for any carpentry work such as masonry, squaring, framing, timber, angle layout and many more. It is perfect for making right angles and for some other layouts.

Empire Framing Square With Torpedo Level

Empire EM81.9 True Blue 9-Inch Heavy Duty Magnetic Aluminum...
36 Reviews
Empire EM81.9 True Blue 9-Inch Heavy Duty Magnetic Aluminum...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The robust aluminum...
  • CONVERSION TABLES: The rafter square features...
  • MOUNTING HOLES: Keep both of these measuring tools...

The Empire framing square can be an alternative to Chappell framing square. 7 Inch Framing Square, Also you can get a torpedo level with it. It comes in blue or black color for you to choose the one that you will like to work with. Empire measuring tools is ideal for heavy duty construction jobs. This is resist damage from drops. Sturdy construction, mounting holes, top down viewing.

It is visible, deep stamped and has long lasting graduations. The square can be considered for leveling, marking and measurement as it comes with some numbering on it. Also, it is made from anodized aluminum construction material which will not rust.

IRWIN Large Framing Square / Carpenters Square

IRWIN Tools Framing Square, Hi-Contrast Aluminum, 16-Inch by...
294 Reviews
IRWIN Tools Framing Square, Hi-Contrast Aluminum, 16-Inch by...
  • This professional tool has permanent deep...
  • The square has multiple scales: 1/8-, 1/10-,...
  • Features rafter tables, brace and octagon scales...

The large carpenter square comes with wide range marking options for you and one of it is the scriber. It is made from Hi-Contrast Aluminum metal that makes it durable and tough for all conditions. This IRWIN Large Framing Square has multiple scales 1/8 inch, 1/10 inch, 1/12 inch, and 1/16 inch. Product Dimensions is 16 Inch X 24 Inch.

With the scribe mark, you can use the square on any wood for any carpenter project. It comes with foam organizer and it is considered for accurate and precise marking for cuts. This framing square is ideal for work.

With the scribe mark, you can use the square on any wood for any carpenter project. It comes with foam organizer and it is considered for accurate and precise marking for cuts. You can use this framing square as a protractor, saw guide, and ruler. Measure rafter tables, brace and octagon scales and Essex board.


It is not a wrong choice to get an extra large framing square if others fail to do the task you have at hand. You’ve got to use the right tool to get the right result, and a large carpenter square will help you get through some tasks easier than using a small or mini one.