Home Safety For Kids : General Home Safety Tips

Home is the place of love, joy, and pleasure for kids. Every surrounded object beside a kid has a prominent impact on kid’s psychology. So, an aware parent cannot but make sure a safe and playful environment for her beloved kids. As every cloud has a silver lining, safety pre-cautions, I mean, every small step in this aspect will be considered as a big saver over time.

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Top five note worthy general home safety rules for kids

  • Special treatment of Electricity:

Electricity is the most common hazard for kids. The story of most of the kids is the same that they always try to insert their tiny figures inside the holes of the multi-plug of electric sockets. Be aware of this. Place electric sockets at a distance they cannot reach or cover them placing some home furniture – this will keep sockets hidden from the kids.

  • Measured dealings with water:

Never leave your kid unattended at the time of bathing even if the doorbell or your cell phone rings. While bathing, always keep the water level of the bath tab according to the measurement of your kid’s waist. Never store water in buckets. Don’t cry over split milk because most of the accident takes place because of such kind of unawareness.

  • Your pet & your kid:

Your kid is the part and parcel of your soul and at the same time, you cannot stay without your pet. In this situation, you must teach your kid about the proper treatment while playing with pets. Teach him that he should never pull the dog by its tail nor do something which will trigger the pet to become ferocious.

  • Be aware of nuts and puff corns:

Experience is the best teacher. Once, one of my nephews, the age of two years, was eating peanuts. Suddenly, one of the peanuts got stuck in his airway and he could not breathe as usual. We took him hospital before leading the situation bad to worse.

Covey special precautions while feeding peanuts or puff corns to your baby as babies don’t possess enough control over their respiratory system.

  • That instead of this:

Don’t put detergent in the container of biscuits. Keep every item in its proper place. Kids consider less while eating.

These are the note-worthy, prominent factors to consider first. But there are a lot more. Father & Mother are the best guides and attendants for their kids, isn’t it true? – Yes, you can say that again! Happy Parenting!

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