How Do You Increase Water Pressure On A Well System

In a normal condition, the water pressure of a well falls between 40-60psi, but for certain reasons, your well water pressure may fall below this level and make it difficult to pump in water or get the gush expected from your water systems in the home.

This is why it is recommended that you check your well water level frequently around the year so that you can identify any issue before it gets worse.

How To Increase Water Pressure On Well Pump System?

Whenever your well water pressure falls lower than the level it should be, or you wonder how to increase the water pressure of a well, this is a good place to find answers and solutions to that issue.

There are several reasons why your well will fall below pressure as well as there are many ways you can restore the pressure of your well to normal.

While the problem may be a minor one that requires you to just adjust one or two things, sometimes it can be something more. Below are some steps you can try to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

Test the air fill valve

This is usually the first point to check once you discover a pressure drop in your well water. Be sure to turn off the circuit connected to the good pump before you test the air valve with a gauge. If the gauge reading is lower than what it should read, adjust the pressure switch, it regulates the pressure. That should do the trick.

Pipe inspection

This is only required if the first step fails. Another reason for dropping water pressure is a blocked water pipe. The older your pipe installation gets, the more likely it is that it gets clogged with soil sediments and mineral deposits, which takes up space and reduces the water flow.

Other times, the pipe may be too narrow to transport the water at the pressure it should move. If you identify this as the issue, a pipe cleans up or change is required, and it’s best to call a professional to resolve the issue.

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Have you considered the well water?

More often than not, the problem is usually not with the pipes nor pump. It could come from the well water itself. It is either the well water has gone lower than it should (especially during dry season) or that the well water is hard. You can confirm the water hardness when you begin to see stains or calcium deposits around the tap or pipes.

The stains may be brown or white in color but is a good indicator that the water is hard. Hard water will build-up mineral deposits inside the pipes, and that will hinder the free flow of water. To prevent this, install water softer to regulate the hardness.

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Pump and pressure tank inspection

If you are not used to water system maintenance, now is the time to work on it. Regular maintenance of your pump and water tank will easily identify when there is an issue such as a failing well pump. And a faulty pump is harder to manage as it won’t give you the best result.

This is similar to having a faulty pressure tank. If you suspect any of these, it is best to call a plumber to diagnose the issue and provide the necessary solutions to get the water pressure back to normal. After this, fix a routine checkup and maintenance of the system to keep them in good condition.

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Fix a constant pressure system

This works like a stabilizer to keep the well water pressure constant as you use water in different parts of the house. This device also helps you to monitor the water pressure of the house as it is being used and helps you notice if there is any sudden change or drop in water level promptly.

Regardless of what might be the cause of a drop in the well water pressure of your home, finding an immediate solution to it saves you the stress and delay of watching water trickle from your tap or shower.

Some Related FAQ

1. Will a bigger pressure tank increase water pressure ?

Yes, A bigger pressure tank increase water pressure.

2. Well pump water pressure goes up and down ?

No, Well pump water pressure goes up.

3. My well water pressure starts high then drops / Well water pressure drops then comes back !!

It causes because of partial blocker in your water pipe line. Blockage or Narrow Pipes, Clogged Aerators or Shower Heads may causes for this issue.

Check the hose, pressure switch, any broken part of the water line. If possible do yourself – check pressure gauge, bypass every parts, replace the pressure tank, T assembly.

Still, If you didn’t found the block area, call a professional plumber to find the location of the blockage, investigate switches and any broken parts.

4. What size pressure tank for family of 5-6 ?

40-60 gallon size pressure tank is enough for family of 5-6. If needs Install Additional or Larger Pressure Tank.

5. How to increase water pressure with a pressure tank ?

Our 120 hours researched found that 4 easy ways to Increase your home water pressure –

1. Adjust 40-60 per square inch (PSI) Increase Pressure Setting on the Pressure Switch
2. 8-10 gallons per minute (GPM) Consider a Pump with a Higher Flow Capacity
3. Upgrading well tank and pump system from a Traditional System to a Constant Pressure System
4. Install a Water Pressure Booster Pump

6. Normal well water pressure

Between 40-60 per square inch (PSI) Is Normal well water pressure.

7. Undersized pressure tank !

Below 20 gallon pressure tank is Undersized and don’t ideal for 4-5 family member’s.

8. Is a 20 gallon pressure tank big enough ?

No, 20 gallon pressure tank isn’t big enough. Its tiny for 5-6 family members. 60 gallon pressure tank is ideal for 5-6 family members.

9. Can a well pressure tank be too big ?

Not really, 20-40 per square inch (PSI) is a good size for 4 family members and it isn’t too big.

10. Well Water Pressure Tank Price !

A good quality Pressure Tank Price will be Between $150-$700. Pressure Tank Price Depends on size & the capacity of water reserve.


Most of the tips given above are steps you can do for yourself, but if you don’t think you can, it is best to seek the help of a professional and not make the problem bigger.