How Many Possible Lock Combinations Are There

Knowing the number of possible combinations with a lock will help you have a smooth experience with it.

The question is, how many possible lock combinations are there in a lock?

For a 40 number master lock, there are 64,000 possible combinations. However, you can quickly narrow down the combinations to 100, and that will take a lot of trials to do that.

If you happen to have a 4-digit lock, you are going to have about 10000 lock combinations. With a 3-digit lock, you are probably going to get a combination lock of 1000. The combination serves as the security or the passcode to the lock.

No one with the correct passcode can easily access your home or wherever you are using the lock. You must know the combination of the lock you are getting. This will enable you to know the numbers of keys or passcode you can generate.

One can easily open the lock without a combination key, but you should not try it with someone else lock but your own to not get arrested for theft or robbery.

Get familiar with the lock is one of the right things you need to do if you are getting a combination lock.

A lock does come with three main components: the shackle, dial, and body. The shackle is the u-shaped piece with is seen attached to an object, the dial is the portion that hosts the numbers that tune and the body is the rest of the lock.

In Conclusion

If you are getting a lock with a combination key, it is vital that you get familiar with it and how it works.

Understand how you can set a passkey and how you can rekey if you forget the passkey.