How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates

Using the Best Stainless Steel Cleaner for Your Grills

The fun generally finishes with a BBQ party once it is the moment to sort out the chaos and wash the stainless steel grills. It’s surely covered up with lavish meat and kebabs. It is very vital to have your stainless steel BBQ spotless as the whole maintenance will greatly impact on the dishes that you make in it.

Good maintenance and storing must be your regular job.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold your stainless steel BBQ glossy and sharply clean. Here’s a complete guide on how to use the best stainless steel cleaner to clean your precious grills.

Pick the Best Stainless Steel Cleaner for Cleaning!

A stainless steel grill receives a lot of harshnesses easily. That’s why when washing your grill, you should never use metal wool or steel brushes. Harsh cleaning agents are also harmful. These would cause more hazard than benefit to your BBQ grill.

There are suitable kitchen utensil cleaners or stainless steel cleaners that are accessible in maximum stores. An instance of a gentle but actual cleaner is Therapy stainless steel cleaner. It does great as a cleaner and would protect apart from washing your steel BBQ.

It would also make sure that it preserves its stainless steel appearance and surface. Washing your stainless grill is actually simple. Always use a wet, lax cloth and a decent quality non-chemical cleaner. Your expensive treasure must give you a decent couple of years before its retirement.

Keep in mind that no matter what cleaner you use, it would affect the food one way or another while you cook and warm on your grill. There should not be any substance left behind. This might be harmful or explosive. Especially when warmed. Also, these cleaners might leave your stainless grill tarnished.

Surfing other people’s comments while choosing a manufacturer will also give a good idea. This wise way will help you to be able to get proven and approved cleaners that will suit well with your grill. It is also probable that your grill also has its type of cleaning stuff. Sometimes they are made precisely for its type and make.

Step By Step Process

1. First of all, make certain that you turn off your steel gas grill. It’s important before you begin cleaning. You can’t miss it even when you are barely cleaning the outside.

2. Grab a soft cloth with warm water and a mild cleaner. Using a mild cleaner or agent to ensure the actual elimination of scratches and discolors is important. Use the cleaner in control or as needed for the limit of the cleaning requirements. For most stains, you can use two to three drops of the cleaner. Simply wipe it on the exterior of the grill.

3. Wipe toward the direction of the grain. It’s an important point when you use the fabric with cleaner to rub the exterior of the grill. You need to ensure and observe the track of the grain. Just keep following that as you are rubbing on the texture.

4. Wash the cloth or use another one to rinse later. After you finish wiping the cleaning solution, you need to wash the cloth you are using. Or maybe you can simply keep another one to wash the exterior of the grill. Simply go with plain water and squeeze it out for finest results.

5. Make certain that you clean gradually. You need to get rid of all of the cleaning solutions completely. Any leftover can cause harm to the finish of the steel grill. That will make the grill more exposed to harmful elements.

6. Use a paper towel to dry it off. You need to be careful when drying the stainless steel grill. Make sure there’s no excessive dampness.

Video – How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates


However, the amount of action in the kitchen or grilling space can have its effect on your stainless grill through time. The exterior of the steel grill is most defenseless to stains, messes, and other hideous marks. Using the best stainless steel cleaner and following these easy cleanup steps will help a lot. You must keep the precious stainless steel grill danger free with proper maintenance.