How to Drain a Washing Machine Manually

Have you been faced with a roadblock with a blocked washing machine and still do not know how to fix it? This page will help you through how you can drain a washing machine manually.

Here are things or tips you need to know whenever you want to drain a washing machine without an expert’s help.

Top needed materials for draining a washing machine manually.

  • A big size buckets
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Towel
  • Plumbers snake
  • Shallow container

How to empty a washing machine full of water?

Turn off the power

The first step you need to take with draining your washing machine is to remove the machine’s plug from any electric socket. This is a safety measure that you must never overlook, as it helps prevent or reduce your chance of becoming a victim of electric shock. You should ensure the power socket is set off before you decide to disconnect the washing machine cable.

Locate the drain hose

The next step is to locate the drain hose at the back of the washing machine. There are different hoses there, and the one for the drain machine is usually gray. You can go ahead to disconnect the hose and hold it above the washing machine.

Drain the water

Once you have located the drain hose, the net thing you should do is to get the water out of the hose. You have to disconnect the hose and have your bucket closer to you. Raise the hose to avoid the water gushing out, and once you get the bucket, you can lower the hose into the bucket and get the water out quickly.

If you notice the clog is in the hose, you can go ahead to remove it, and you can be sure the water will flush out of the hose easily.

Remove the drain pump

After you’ve got the water out of the drain hose and you realize the water is not getting out of the pumping machine completely, then you need to check the drain pump. You can check the clog in the drain pump and remove it using needle-nose pliers.

The Channellock Tool Roll-5E has a different style of pliers, and the nose plier is one of them. You can make use of it to remove the clog from the drain pump, and the water will quickly get out through the pump hose.

Clean the filter

Once you’ve been able to get through with getting the water from the washing machine, you can go on with cleaning the filter by removing it and then returning to its housing.

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If you are looking for how you can manually drain a washing machine, we’ve got you covered. We have all that you can follow to help you drain the water from your washing machine, and if you can’t get through it yourself, you can always call a professional to get the work done for you.

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