How To Install A Sink Pop Up Drain Stopper

Two major places in the home where you have a sink fixture are the kitchen and the bathroom. For each of these spots, the new sink feature- a pop-up drain stopper has proved to be very effective.

Either you want to keep the water from flowing as you wash your vegetables or fruits in the kitchen sink, or you want the water to flow off easily, a simple push up or down makes the difference. This is why it is important to know how to install a sink pop-up drain stopper.

There are different reasons you may need to change the pop-up drain stopper or if you didn’t have it before, install a new one. Whatever your reason, here are a few basic steps to installing a pop-up stopper in your sink.

Unlike the older sink style that uses a black removable plastic stopper, the pop-up stopper is not removable, so you don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing it, and it stops or allows flow as you pop up or down.

But on days when the stopper refuses to plug up or is stuck down, and you are unable to drain water from the sink, instead of calling the plumber, follow these simple steps and save some extra bucks.

If you have to buy a new sink pop up drain stopper, The Pfister Push Button Pop Up Sink Drain with Overflow meets all your demands.

Those are The Best Sink Pop Up Drain Stopper

1. Vessel Sink Pop-up Drain With Detachable Basket Stopper

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALAnti-explosion and anti-cracking...
  • No WATER LEAKAGEThickened stepped silica-gel...

2. KES Pop Up Drain Stopper

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  • STANDARD 1 3/4" DRAIN OPENING: Fits sink hole...
  • TYPES OF MATERIALS: Pop-up drain stopper, drain...
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3. REGALMIX Vessel Vanity Sink Drain Stopper

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  • BUILD-IN STRAINER-Unlike regular puch button...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL-Anti-explosion and anti-cracking...
  • No WATER LEAKAGE-Thickened stepped silica-gel...

The simple installation process will require

  • A Mechanical Pop-Up Drain
  • Plumbers Putty
  • Plastic Container
  • A spanner
  • Cloths
  • Sealant
  • A screwdriver
  • A new stopper and 
  • A plier or wrench

Once you have the tools and the new pop up drainer ready, you are all set for the following steps –

1. If possible, turn off the water supply because you will need to work dry and won’t want a flow of water to mess things up. But if you can manage a few drops, you could put a bowl beneath the sink to collect the drops and some dirt collected in the drain pipe.

2. Loosen the nuts on the P-trap (the pipe connected under the sink). The P-trap is usually plastic, but some sink still uses chrome-plated brass pipe (I think this is outdated, though), so depending on the material, you can use your hand or require a plier to loosen the P-trap.

3. Loosen the pop-up retainer nut that keeps the pop-up drainer in place.

4. Remove the old flange. This is the one you see in the sink. 

5. Use a knife or the tip of your flat screwdriver to scrape off dry sealant under the removed flange.

6. To install a new one, you’d start from the top by applying some sealant under the new flange and insert the body back in place,

7. Next is to tighten the body and be sure it aligns with the flange. This is very important, so there will be no gap left for leakages. Work this carefully without tampering with the flange.

8. If possible, hold down the flange as you lock the body back in place and ensure it is firmly tightened. The plastic body does not require pliers; just your hand is enough to fix it back.

9. Set up the linkage and carefully connect to the pop-up body while ensuring that no part is left out. Fit the P-trap on the new pop-up setup and screw back in place; make sure you tighten it properly.

Push Button Pop Up Sink Drain With Overflow

1. Pfister Push and Seal Pop-up Drain for Sink

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  • Press to seal and press again to open
  • Push & Seal's advanced compression lock seals the...

2. Delta Push Button Pop Up Sink Drain

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  • For use with lavatory sinks with built-in overflow...
  • Fits sinks with standard 1-5/8-Inch drain hole...
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You are almost done. Look out for excess sealant and wipe it off; remove the blue cling film on your new stopper. Test the waters to identify any leakage. If there is none, then you are all done.

Tidy up the area and pack your tools back in place. You have just installed a new pop-up drain stopper yourself without spending a dime.