How To Install In Floor Heating In Concrete

If you are interested in installing heating system in your concrete, then you need the experts to do the task for you. However, you can be well informed on how to install in floor heating in concrete so that you don’t just be in the dark with the whole process.

This page has all that you need to know about installing heated materials on a concrete floor.

Get All Tools Available

There are important tools that you need to use with the installation of the in-floor heating material. The tools and materials involve a cordless drill, utility knife, trowel, continuity tester, hot melt glue gun. The materials needed are grout, radiant heat mat, thin-set mortar, cement board underlayment and thermostat.

Find Electrical Power

You need electrical power for you to go about the installation of in-floor heating material. You can opt for a thermostat to get the work done for you. You need to ensure that the floor heating pad is GFCI protected. For your convenience and safety, you are advised to get a programmable thermostat that turns the mat on when it’s needed and then off when you are sleeping or away.

Test The Mat For Continuity

You need to test the heating cable to ensure that it doesn’t come damaged. You can make use of the Volt-ohm meter to go about the testing to ensure it is in good condition. You do not have to get an expensive meter as there are some inexpensive ones that can do the work effectively with accurate results.

Add Cement Board To The Subfloor

You need to install cement board on the existing sub floor in your home or office. You need to trowel on a layer of the thin-set and secure the cement board on it using the cement board screws. The net step for you is to cover the seams using the mesh fiberglass tape. Snap the chalk lines on the floor for you to mark the tile layout.

Test Fit The Mat

This stage requires you to pick up the mat and test it on the subfloor. You need to place it on the floor, and you have to ensure it fits perfectly. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, then it doesn’t worth installing. Make sure you have the complete mat, and then you can be sure you are doing the right thing.

Notch A Path For The Wires

The next thing for you to do is to chisel out a portion out of the cement board to run out your wire. It has to be done using quality wiring, conduit a conduit connector. Then you can move on to the next step.

Glue Wire and Tape To The Floor

You should glue the tape and the loose wire to the floor using the glue and tape.

The next step is to install the thermostat wiring, install the tiles and complete the whole process.

Electrical Requirements For In Floor Heating

  • Drill Machine [Corded / Cordless]
  • Hot melt glue gun & glue sticks
  • Electric radiant floor heating mats under tile
  • Smart thermostat for radiant floor heating systems
  • Digital Volt Ohm meter or continuity tester

Materials Required For In Floor Heating

  • Cement board underlayment for tile
  • Grout for joints
  • Margin Trowel with Wood Handle
  • Trowel for concrete
  • Utility knife for cutting carpet
  • Thin set mortar for Ceramic / Porcelain Tile
  • Ceramic / Porcelain Tile


Here on the post how to install in floor heating in concrete, we hope you can get it through the installation yourself with the information we have given on this page.