How To Install Outdoor Light Fixture On Brick

Do you want to learn how to install outdoor light fixture on brick? Then you are just in the right place. It is one of the most challenging tasks to achieve, considering the brick’s strength and texture. It is quite tricky to drill a hole through bricks, and you need it to fix the light. So, let’s find out how you can go about the installation.

Get All The Necessary Tools

To install outdoor light on a brick wall, you need all the essential tools to do, such as

  • A hammer drill
  • Sleeve anchor
  • Light device
  • Other essential tools

Once you have them in place and available, you can go ahead to install the light on the brick.

Mark the area you want to install the light fixture

You need to mark the area or point you want to install the light fixture. This will make it so easy for you to get through the installation without hassles.

Drill through the brick

Once you have marked the point you want to drill, you can pick up your hammer drill and punch a hole through the brick. But before you do that, you need to put on your safety glass and ear protector to ensure you are safe and secured from any potential hazard.

You have to drill the hole and ensure it is long to easily give more room to the sleeve anchor to ensure the light fixture stays in place rightly and firmly.

Install the light fixture on the wall

You need to put the sleeve anchor through the hole. Then you can fasten the fixture light into the hole and screw it using a screwdriver.

 Installing electrical box in brick wall

If you want to install electrical box in a brick wall, you need to drill a hole through the hole. Once you’ve drilled the hole in the wall, you can go ahead with mounting the electrical box to a brick wall.

How to install an outdoor outlet in brick wall

You need to plan the outlet where you intend to install the electric box. It has to be at the opposite position to the indoor electrical socket.

Turn off the power from the electrical box in your home. It is the safest act if you want to engage in such work. It will keep your mind at rest to ensure you have no chance of getting electrocuted.

Remove the indoor outlet to help you quickly drill holes through from the indoor box to the outdoor section. Once you can drill a hole in the outdoor area, it becomes easy for you to install the electric box.

Pass the wire cord from the inside to the outside of the wall. Then you can go ahead to fix the wire on the electrical socket. Once that is done, you can screw the bolts to make the socket ball stay firm in place. After that, you can switch on the light.

Final Words

Do you want to know how to install an outdoor light fixture on brick? We have it all figured out for you on this page. We suggest that you carefully read to understand what you need and things you need to do for you to get the work done quickly.