How To Keep A Door Shut Without A Knob

There are many ways you can lock or keep a door closed without a knob, and on this page, we will share with you how to keep a door shut without a knob. So, if you are on this page, for this reason, you are just in the right place.

It’s quite possible to keep a door shut without a knob. And it is as easy as installing a hidden hook and eye latch that doesn’t require drilling into your door’s frame. While hardware stores sell products that can make this process easier, below are ways you can do that yourself.

Ways How to keep a door shut without a knob

  • Use Door Bar
  • Use Sock
  • Using Coins or Pennies
  • Using Door Latches
  • Padlock

Use door bar

One of the ways you can keep the door locked is through the use of a door bar. You just need to place the door bar at the back of the door, and it then becomes difficult for anyone to open the door from the front if you have the bar at the back.

Use sock

If you do not have a knob on your door, then you can consider the use of a sock to lock the door. All you just have to do is to place the sock in between the door and the wall frame and then lock the door. You need to ensure that the sock is very thick to keep the door locked firmly.

Using coins or pennies

You might be curious if it will ever work, and the truth is that, indeed, you can use your coins or pennies to lock the door if you don’t have a knob. It can be tasking indeed without a knob, but using pennies can help with the task.

You just need to get enough pennies that you know can be enough to keep the door shut. Push the door to the wall frame and then locate the space in-between where you have to insert the coins or pennies. The door will be shut as long as you have the coin between the space.

Using door latches

One other way that you can lock the door without using the knob is through the use of door latches. Once you have the latches set or installed at the back of the door, the rest is just to initiate its locking system to ensure the door is locked.

There are different types of door latches that you can consider for the task. You can check online and in some local stores for the desired latches that you want.


The use of a padlock is another means of locking the door without you touching the knob. You just need to slam the door and make use of the padlock to lock the door.

More Ways How to keep a door shut without a knob

1. Use a door wedge : Use a Wedge to Lock a Door
2. Lock a Door With a Fork
3. Put a Chair Under the Door Handle
4. Tie the handles : Use a Belt to Lock a Door
5. Buy A Portable Door Lock : Extra Security In Seconds
6. Use a (Portable) Security Bar to Keep a Door Shut
7. Add a Keyless Door Reinforcement Lock
8. Barricade the door : Install a Door Barricade
9. Use a Strike Plate Lock


Do you want to learn how to keep a door shut without a knob? This page offers all that you need to know on closing your door without a knob, and we hope you find all we have on this page resourceful. There are many more ways you can lock the door, but the few we have here for you are one of the best ways.