How to Keep Your Pool Locked and Secure

The rate at which people have lost their lives in the pool is alarming, considering some go beyond their limit whenever they move closer or get into the pool. How to keep your pool locked and secure is what you should always think of if you run a commercial pool or you have one in your home.

This page will reveal to you some of the things you need to do to keep your pool secure always.

Tips How to keep your pool safe and secure

Have a lifeguard in place

People’s life is at risk with a pool without a lifeguard. Some pool owners have been sued for that despite information on the unavailability of a lifeguard.

So, to ensure your pool is well secured and safe, you should ensure you have a lifeguard on standby. His/her duty is to watch over the pool and be alert to rescue anyone that is drowning or has an issue in the water.

Use tall fence

We once watched a video of a baby that walks straight into the pool, and he lost his life because the parents were not close to range. That could easily be avoided with the use of a tall fence.

The fence will serve as a barrier to keep those who don’t know how to swim away. It helps you to monitor those that get into the pool and ensure they are those who know how to swim.

Increase visibility with lighting

Don’t fail to illuminate your pool area. If it is too dark for anyone to notice, then anyone can walk straight into it. You should illuminate the area with good lighting so that anyone can easily see the pool.

Use gate sensor

The next thing you can do to increase the security is to use a gate sensor. The sensor will give an alarm to let you know that someone has moved closer to the pool.

If it is someone that knows how to swim, you’ve got nothing to worry about, but if it is one that doesn’t know how to swim, then you need to take action by calling the person to move away from the pool.

Use video surveillance

The next option for you is to try out video surveillance. This will keep you alert to know all that goes on within and around the pool. One person can be stationed to monitor the video and ensure no casualty occurs.

Use pool cover

Another way you can increase security is to use a pool cover. This cover will conceal the pool, and no one can get into it without the permission of the lifeguard or whosoever that is in charge of the pool.

Use security padlock

The last we want to share with you is the use of a security padlock. You should always lock and give an access key or pin to those you are sure can swim without issue or supervision.


This post answers the question of How to Keep Your Pool Locked and Secure. We hope you find every point informative.