How To Lock A Door With A Sock

How to lock a door with sock should not be a difficult task to do for anyone. There are many ways you can do that and it all depends on how effective you want the lock to be. You can either get a single sock or multiples so you can use to lock the door.

On this page we will share with you all that you need to know about locking your door using a sock if you don’t have any other lock option available.

How can you lock a door with a sock?

Get a sock

You should get a sock if you don’t have one. There are different places where you can get the sock such as some online and local stores. However, if you have some you use, you can choose them to lock the door.

Also, when buying a sock or you want to use one to lock the door, you need to ensure it is one that is thick which is the only way it can eb effective.

Fold the sock

You should then go ahead with folding the sock to make a wedge. However, there are many ways you can make use of the sock to lock the door but the effective one is making a wedge.

Lock the door with the sock

Whichever method you wish to lock the door, you just have to ensure you have the sock behind the door. The first method is to open the door, place the sock on the wall socket ensuring half of it is outside and half of it is inside the room. Then you can go ahead to close the door.

Also, you can make a wedge, close the door and force some part of the sock through the door. It is not a secured means to lock the door to stop force entry but it can help to keep kids and little one away from finding easy way of opening the door.

Frequently asked questions

How effective is using sock to lock door?

If you are serious about locking your door to prevent force entry or invasion from intruders or thieves, using sock is never a good option. It can only help to keep the door locked with little force to ensure little ones such as your babies and kids find it uneasy to open the door.

How many socks can be used to lock the door?

The numbers of socks to use all depends on your preference and how effective you want it to be. What is most important is that you should go for thicker socks because they help to give the grip and firmness required to keep the door closed and difficult to open.


If you are looking for the right information on how to lock a door with a sock, you have all that you need to know on this page. You can easily lock your door with a sock and it is very easy to do once you have thick socks.