How To Lock A Door With Pennies

Locking the door is one of the ways to prevent people from coming into your home. There are many ways you can do that, and using pennies is one of the ways.

However, not everyone knows how to use pennies to lock the door. So, if you are here on how to lock a door with pennies? You are in the right place.

How to lock a door with pennies

Get the pennies

If you want to make use of pennies, you should ensure you get more than one penny. Using one or a single penny will never get you the desired result. For a perfect result, it is advisable that you use ten pennies and above for the correct development.

Locate the application point

Now that you have the pennies, you can locate the point where you have to insert the pennies. The most effective part is the top and lower parts of the door. It makes it quite effective to lock the door and make it hard for anyone to open the door.

Insert the pennies

You need to insert the pennies on the space between the door and the wall post. To do this, you need to close the door and push it in a way to ensure you can see the space between the door and the doorpost. Once you can see that, it is time for you to insert the coins.

For effective result, it is important that you stack the coin together and then insert into the space you can see. You need to ensure it is firm to keep the door locked the way you want it.

Remove to unlock

It will be difficult for anyone to open the door as long as the pennies are between the door and doorpost. So, you need to remove it before you can open the door.

How effective is locking the door with pennies?

Locking the door with pennies is very effective. It helps to ensure that no one finds it easy to break into your home. The interesting part of it is that it serves as added security for your home and helps to keep the door secured for anyone to break into your home without your permission.

Where can I place the pennies?

The right place for you to place or position the pennies is in between the closed door and the wall frame. You should spot the space between them and insert the pennies into it. You should use as many pennies as you want to depend on how firm you want to keep the door locked.


If you want to know how to lock a door with pennies, then you are just in the right place. It is a simple task to do for anyone, but you need to get the right numbers of pennies to get the door locked as you ever want it to be. We hope you get it done through our information on this page.