How To Make A Car Last Forever

Please Wear A MASK While Driving

If you have a car and you use once in a time or every day, you should consider keeping the engine in good condition. The state of the engine of a car determines how long you can use the car. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your car, most especially the engine. Below are the easy ways how to make a car last forever and prolong the life of your car engine.

How to maintain your car to last many years

1. First take a proper driving course
2. Maintain regularly your car’s battery
3. Change regularly your car’s fuel filter
4. Check fuel hoses
5. Check coolant hoses
6. All time drive smoothly with relax mind
7. Use your car’s air condition
8. Check, Flush & Fill Your Vehicle’s Coolant
9. Try to Use manufacturer’s suggested octane
10. Regular chassis lubrication
11. Brake maintenance
12. Wheel bearing maintenance
13. Replace spark plugs and leads
14. Top up fluids regularly
15. Check your tires
16. Check Tire Pressure! Tire rotations, inflations, and alignment checks
17. Use high performance synthetic lubrication
18. Don’t scrimp on parts
19. After start check your warning lights
20. Don’t run with low fuel
21. Avoid resting your foot on the clutch
22. Avoid resting your hand on the gearstick
23. Keep your car’s outside clean
24. Keep your car’s interior cleaning
25. Use your brakes to reduce speed rather than shifting gears down
26. Try to avoid driving over rough tracks and potholes
27. Follow the rules of the road signs & signals
28. Resist the temptation to modify
29. Check your car rust proofed or not
30. Keep lighten the load capacity
31. Make a Schedule with a Trusted Mechanic and Stick to It / Follow the manufacturers’ recommended service schedule
32. Make important repairs / Perform Regular Maintenance /
33. Do visual inspections
34. Be gentle with your car when it’s too cold
35. Wash off the road salt regularly [the corrosive effects of road salt]
36. Keep your car clean, covered and protected
37. Don’t Ignore Gauges, Lights or Alerts
38. Keep an Eye on Fluids and Filters
39. Use the Right Parts, Fluids, and Gas
40. Get the coolant strength right
41. Use screen wash
42. Check the wiper blades
43. Be careful with chemicals
44. Use gummi pflege
45. Renew the water pump

Servicing is an important role for Make A Car Last Forever

When I got my car, the first thing I was told to do is to service the engine. This doesn’t really mean that the mechanic personnel to dismantle the engine and work on it. It was then I realize that servicing the engine is all about changing the engine oil of the car. 

You need to carefully observe the type of engine oil you are using as it is important you keep using that same engine oil whenever you want to service your car engine.

Keep up with oil changing to Maintain A Car In Good Condition

If you are interested in prolonging the lifespan of your car engine, then you should keep a record of how often you need to change the oil. For example, I keep a record of when I change my car engine oil and I ensure change after every three months to keep the engine in good condition. 

If you are confused on your choice due to the numbers of oil in the market, the Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil meets every requirement to help prolong the lifespan of any engine.

Always Keep the gas / oil tank full Running Engine Smoothly

If your gas tank gets empty often, it will be a home for contaminants that will settle at the bottom of the tank. So, keeping the tank full at all time will make it difficult for debris to form in the tank. This means the chance of getting dirt pumped to the engine is limited to ensure your engine remains in good condition.

Install a fresh Fuel Filter to Make A Car last longer

You should use a new fuel filter. Most people do not give close attention to this part of their car and so end up damaging the car engine. If you are interested in keeping your car for so long with a good engine, then you should consider changing the fuel filter as instructed by the manual.

The fuel filter helps to ensure the good gas only gets to your engine and not the polluted ones. The Mopar Fuel Filter is one of the best you can consider without regret.

Replacing the air filter for Long Lasting Your Car Engine

The next thing that you need to do to keep the lifespan of your engine is to change the air filter. If the air filter of your car gets clogged, the motor will do all to compensate the loss of oxygen on the air or fuel mixture, and that will wear out the engine by burning additional gasoline. 

This will also increase the temperature of the engine, add more pressure on it and cause it to lose its strength over time. There are many air filters you can consider and one of them is the K&N Air Filter, .

How To Maintain Car Engine : Easy Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car Engine

  • Regular change the car engine oil
  • Regular check the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter
  • Replace your car’s fuel filter if found any problems
  • Check the PCV valve for proper operation
  • Periodic inspections your engine
  • Brake inspections
  • Attention for leaks
  • Check engine belts
  • Don’t mistake to check engine light
  • Keep your mind on the cooling system
  • Check the spark plugs and spark plug wires
  • Replace spark plugs and wires
  • Check your car battery

Your Car’s Sensor/control maintenance and replacement

  • Mass Air Flow
  • Intake Charge Temperature
  • Throttle Position
  • Coolant Temperature
  • EGR Position
  • Oxygen
  • Manifold Air Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Idle Air Control
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • Fuel Pump Impact Switch

We recommend checking these as regularly as possible, perhaps every two weeks:

  • Fuel
  • Tires and Wiper blades Rubber
  • Coolant
  • Electrics
  • Screen wash
  • Engine air filter
  • Spark plug (petrol engines only)
  • Brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Interiors
  • Exteriors

ALERT : Things not to do when driving

1. Don’t drink and drive
2. Don’t check your phone
3. Don’t eat
4. Don’t steer the car with your feet
5. Don’t over load your vehicle
6. Don’t apply makeup
7. Don’t drive a car without wheels
8. Don’t drive attaching skaters or hanging someone on bumper
9. Don’t allow your dog to drive the car

Final Words

We have made the lists of some of the things that you need to do to keep the engine of your car in good condition. There are many things you can do with your car, and some of them have been discussed on this page – How to maintain your car to last many years.