How To Make Front Door More Secure : Top 25 Front Door Security Products

One of the places in your home that burglars find easy to break through into your home is the front door. This has led many to ask the question of how to make front door more secure, and we have taken our time to answer that question on this page.

List of Front Door Security Products : 25 Ways to Make Your Front Door More Secure

  • Padlock
  • Door Closer
  • Push Bar
  • Door Lever lock
  • Security Door Barricade
  • Mortise Lock
  • Barrel Door Latches
  • Electric Door Strike Lock
  • Entry Lever Door Handle
  • Buckle Lock Sliding Latch
  • Swing Bar with Auxiliary Lock
  • Keyless / Keyed Entry Lock
  • Fingerprint Door Lock System
  • Combination Slide Bolt
  • Door Jammer
  • Door Hinges with Handle Lever
  • Flip Hasp Bolt latch
  • Door Brace
  • Door Lock Latch
  • Sliding Bolt Gate Latch
  • Mini Sliding Bolt Gate Latch
  • Door Latches Chain
  • Bolt Door Latch
  • Barn Door Lock
  • Sliding Safety Latch Lock
  • Door Reinforcement Lock

Buy A Padlock to Burglar Proof Front Door From Outside

Mul-t-lock MT5+ #10 C-Series Padlock with Protector - 3/8"...
  • All Mul-t-lock items come standard with 2 keys and...

Not all padlocks come with a protector, and that is what you get from this mul-t-lock. It is a strong and tough padlock that is very hard to destroy or break for anyone. It is best for homes that have latches that come with a hole for padlock either at the front or at the back.

It comes with a protector, which makes it hard for any intruder or burglar to find it easy by cutting the lock. It is only ideal for doors that uses latch that has padlock hole. It is a portable door lock for outward opening door and can also for work indoor purpose. It is sure the best burglar proof front door to consider.

Not using it means you have to trust your door lock so much as the Mul-t-lock will increase the safety and security of your home. With it, you can keep intruders away as the lock is so hard to deform or destroy. If you Also, it is one of the high security door locks that helps you to be aware of those who get into your home.

Security Nightlock Door Barricade

Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade Dark Bronze Finish
  • "Don't stay home without it!"
  • Simple, Strong, Effective, Inexpensive, Easy to...
  • Easy installation! Minimal tools to install -...

Door Closer Is Another Best Choice

Door Closer with Hold Open Arm Dark Aluminum Finish Extra...
  • Holds up to Heavy Use - Ideal for high traffic...
  • Whisper Soft Automatic Door Closer - Keep sound...
  • Mounts Anywhere - This heavy duty door closer can...

If you welcome lots of visitors into your home or you have kids that often goes out through the front door, you need a device that will keep your door closed after each opening and this is where the door closer back check latch comes in.

The benefits of using the door closer is that it doesn’t leave your door opened at all time. It will gently shut the door at the speed you set it because it has 6 speed settings. The likely problem with not using the door closer is that you will have your home exposed whenever the door is opened unless you reach out to close the door yourself. This door closer have 5 different color & 2 different pattern.

The door closer is to be installed on the upper part of the door and it is best that you installed on the outside, if your door opens outside and if your door opens inside, installing inside is the right thing to do. It is not a safety device to prevent force entry, but it can help limit the coverage burglars may have in your home. The door closer can only work for a single door except you get two for a double door.

Push Bar Panic Exit Device

Panic Bar Exit Device - Push Bar for Exit Doors & Exit Lever...
  • High-Quality Hardware at a Great Value: Proven to...
  • Secure & Seamless: Our FS-950 panic door keeps...
  • Fully Adjustable: Supplied with a reversible...

If you find it hard to keep your front door closed at all time after opening it, the push bar exit lever with key might be the right solution for you. It does more than keeping your door closed but also securing it from easy entry for those who do not have the key to the exit lever.

The device helps to improve the security in your home and ensures no one come into your home without your permission. The only visible problem one might encounter without using the device is that your home is prone to force entry and burglar attack.

Due to the deisgn of the lock, it is right for you to install at the middle of the door while the lever key side is inside if your purpose is to increase your security. Its installation can take the right or left side position and since you can only open with key, no one from the outside can open the door.

The Push Bar exit lever with key is strong and tough to prevent thieves and burglar from your home as no one can break into your home forcefully because of its design. It is very important that you install the keying part is positioned inside the house for maximum security. Also, take note that it can only fit 31 to 36 inches doors.

Front Door Defense System

Barracuda Door Defense System (DSI-1: 5.75" Jamb Width)
  • For inward swinging 36" wide commercial vertical...
  • Fast and easy; installs in a matter of seconds
  • Securely locks an entry point in a lock-down...

The Barracuda defense system is the perfect option for homeowners searching for ways to improve their home security. it gives wide range platform to try out different security options to ensure you home is fully secured.

The advantage of using the defense system is that it helps to prevent force entry because your door lock alone can’t prevent burglar from easy entry. Irrespective of the type you get, they should be installed indoor at the back of the door.  It is the best way to improve the security. You can choose this defense system from 6 various styles.

The first one is compatible with door closer where you use it as a cap on the closer and use the screw to tighten. The second installation is one the handle of the lock and the third is on the footer of the door. Each has their screw for you to tighten and ensure the defense system is firm for added security.

Modern Mortise Lock Set with Bolt

Perko 0927DP0CHR Mortise Lock Set with Bolt, Chrome
  • Chrome plated zinc alloy
  • Locks by turn bottom from inside or key from...
  • Door Thickness: 1 to 1-3/8"

The mortise lock set with bolt is important is you want a lock set that is very hard bypass. The advantage it gives is that without the key no one can come into your home and that means it thus helps in securing your home from unwanted people.

There is no regret with you not using the lock set on your door as long as you have a quality one. But level of safety the mortise lock set gives is second to none. Also, the device is best installed at the middle of the door where most door locks are been installed.

It is the safest to use for your home because it is made from chrome plated zinc alloy which can withstand force which is the reason it is hard to break-in for burglars. It is only good on a singe door and it can be positioned either on the right hand or left hand depending on how your door is fixed.

Also, either your door open inside or outside, the lock set fits perfectly as you lock by turn bottom from inside or you use the key from the outside and it can take the reverse mode too.

Stainless Steel Barrel Door Heavy Duty Slide Latches

dingchi Sliding Bolt Gate Latch, Safety Lock Bolt Hasp,...
199 Reviews
dingchi Sliding Bolt Gate Latch, Safety Lock Bolt Hasp,...
  • Thicked Solid Stainless Steel, rust-proof and...
  • Keep those pesty intruders away with this high...
  • Made of high quality SUS 304 stainless steel,...

This Dingchi Stainless Steel Barrel Door Latches is made from SUS 304 stainless steel ensuring durability and dependability. Also, it has a rotating lock style, padlock hole and slide bolt that makes it deliver added security to your home. You can get 8 different pattern & style.

It improves your home security on all fronts as it helps to prevent intruders who can forcefully or smartly get through into your home. It ensures you are safe with your belongings. Without using this latch, your security is questionable.

The latch can only be installed at the back of your door indoor. It can be at the top, footer or very close to the lever lock or before the deadbolt. It is never designed for outdoor if you are using it for your front door and it is very effective at preventing anyone from getting into your home even if they bypass your door lock.

Barn Door Lock HASP : Sliding Tear Drop Door Latch

Homode Barn Door Lock, Large Size Sliding Door Tear Drop...
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION- High Quality Steel in...
  • PRACTICAL LOCK- The screw hole is in left or right...

The sliding door latch is an ideal option for your front door. It helps to ensure your privacy is not exposed. For homes that you do not want anyone to have a glance at what goes on in your home, the use of the latch lock is the best deal.

It gives restriction to people’s access to your sliding door. Sliding door is easy to bypass due to its design and that means anyone is welcome to your home. So, the latch helps to lower the rate at which people get in which in its way thus help to increase your security.

Its installation is right on the inside part of the door and it is right to be positioned at the upper or footer of the door. It is more effective at this position and it indeed serves as added security to keep you and your household safe.

Electric Door Strike Lock

Electric Door Strike Lock Complete TCP/IP Network Single...
  • It's ANSI strike lock,widely used in north...
  • Control 1 door, get in the door by swiping...
  • User capacity: 20,000 user / up to 100,000...

The Electric Door Strike Lock delivers an advanced means of security in your home. It gives you the full control over the security in your home. For home being troubled by burglars and you want to keep the away with an electronic lock, it is the right choice.

The lock doesn’t work like a push bar but it fits on a knob lock or any mechanic lock that has handles. It is good for a door that opens inside or outside and will only work on a single door. The door lock helps to keep your home safe with its highly reliable system. It should only be installed within the frame of your door.

Only those with the key or card can get into the house from outside while you need to press the key fob button or turn lock handle to get out of the house. Also, you can control the lock using your mobile device. In its dynamic way, it thus helps to improve your home security in a advance way.

Entry Lever Door Handle

Berlin Modisch Entry Lever Door Handle and Single Cylinder...
  • Designed to complement modern contemporary style...
  • Heavy duty high grade security door dead bolt and...
  • Uniquely crafted low profile round shaped door...

For your front door reinforcement the Entry Lever Door Handle and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock is the right choice for you. if you are moving into a new house or you want to change your door lock after a robbery or burglar attack, this lock is the right one for you. You can get 6 different pattern with 2 different color.

It has different style such as the single cylinder, entry and deadbolt combo, lock with keys and others. if you don’t use the lock, you are likely to be vulnerable to force entry and burglar invasion. It should be installed on the door at the middle. It fits for right or left side installation and it is good for doors that open inside or outside.

Your home is always safe with the lock as the unique thumb turn the interior lock knob to open the door and the exterior key for those on the outside. It means the security of your home is so tight that no one can easily get into your home without having a key and it is hard to duplicate.

Buckle Lock Bolt Lock Sliding Latch : 90 Degree Right Angle Door Lock Latch

90 Degree Right Angle Door Lock Buckle Lock Bolt Lock cam...
  • The sliding barn door latch included in our barn...
  • Quality latch constructed of Stainless Steel...
  • Convenience flip design,bolt locks are provide...

For your front door security lock the 90 degree door latch is an excellent option. It is the best option for all wood doors for anyone looking for a way to improve the security of their front door. It boasts of solid construction which makes it delivers topnotch safety performance.

The bolt lock is not easy to break and deformation can never occur which means it delivers the right level of security you need to live with rest of mind. Not using the lock means you have to get a solid door lock else; your home will be easy to break-in for intruders.

Right angle door latch is the best for indoor use and you need to install it either at the top where you can easily reach out to it or at the bottom. You need to screw in a part to the door frame and the second on the door. Once you use the buckle in the bolt lock, it will become so hard for anyone to get into your home.

Swing Bar Security Door Guard Heavy Duty with Auxiliary Lock

Defender Security U 11316 Swing Bar Door Guard With High...
  • Allows door to be opened slightly for viewing
  • Adds security to entry door and helps to prevent...
  • Addition of thumb turn lock prevents use of...

The Swing Bar Door Guard is the right choice for those who want to add extra security to their entry door and also help to prevent burglar and intruder from having easy access into their home. For home with series of forceful entry records, the device is the lasting solution.

The door guards take your home security to another level and it prevents forced entry to ensure your home is secured at all time. It has a part that must be installed on the door wall and the second at the back of the door.

It is only good for indoor if you are considering increasing your home security. It is quite hard to break since it is made from diecast zinc which means you can be confident no one can break into your home forcefully.

It is only good for a door that open inside and you can install it either on the left or right side but it has to be before the deadbolt or lever handle.

Push Bar Panic Exit Device

Dynasty Hardware Push Bar Panic Exit Device Aluminum, with...
  • Product's actual size: 31 inches, Fits Doors 30"...
  • Reversible, non-handed - Panic Hardware - With...
  • Dynasty Hardware 500 Series Panic Device With...

The Dynasty Push Bar Panic Exit Device with Exterior Lever helps to enhance the safety of the house by ensuring no one comes into the house without your permission. It is a bar safety device that helps to prevent force entry into your home.

The benefit of using the device is that it helps to take your safety and security to another level. You need to install it in the interior part of the door right at the back to be effective. It is only good for doors that open inside and not an option for the one that opens outdoor.

It can be installed anywhere at the back of the door but quite effective very close to the lever lock to add enough support to your door lock. Not using it means you’ve got a good lock but using it will sure increase your security and ensure you are safe.

Door Flip Latch : Heavy Duty Gate Flip Latch

2"Flip Hasp Bolt latch,ultra thick Stainless Steel with...
  • All Quality Stainless Steel 0.1" thickness sheet ....
  • 10X higher performance on rust and corrosion...
  • Practical design and Smooth finish Padlock hole...

You’ve got no reason not to choose 2 “Flip Hasp as your to-go device for added security in your home because of its double lock style. It is strong enough to be considered for gates and fences. However, it will be a great lock for your front door.

It helps to improve your security and restrict people from coming into your home even when you choose not to lock the door with the normal door lock. It is extra support to your door lock. It is made from a stainless-steel material that is very strong to withstand pressure and force, which means it can prevent a break-in.

It can be installed at the back of your door either it opens indoor or outdoor. Either at the top or before the deadbolt will be a better place to install. Also, it has padlock hole where you insert a best quality Abloy padlock for added extra security.

One part has to be installed on the door wall and the second on the door with 0-to-0.6-inch installation gap. The extra security it gives is second to none.

Schlage Keyed Entry Lever Lock

SCHLAGE F51A GEO 619 BRK Georgian Knob with Brookshire Trim...
7,930 Reviews
SCHLAGE F51A GEO 619 BRK Georgian Knob with Brookshire Trim...
  • Elevate the style of your entire home with keyed...
  • Style updates are easy with guaranteed fit on...
  • Finish coordinates easily with other home accents...

The schlage offers an advanced style of security to your home because it is a product of one of the frontiers in the industry. It fits perfectly on pre-drilled doors, and it is very easy to install. You can use a key from the outside of the door or manually rotate the interior turn to lock and unlock. It has 9 color variation, 5 different style, 4 different Pattern.

Anyone from the outside without the key can’t come into the house which means your home security is tight and secured with the lock. Also, it has keyed entry function with an option for you to control using your mobile device, which makes it an advanced lock that is so difficult for anyone to break.

No one without the key code or from the outside can open the door lock, which makes it safe for homes with treasures. The metal construction is the secret to the strength of the clock and not using it can leave you vulnerable just like other lock that can’t handle force entry.

It indeed resist attack and its simplicity are a reason most homeowners are choosing the lock. It has different options such as the passage, one sided dummy, privacy and the keyed one. You can install all at the back of the door just above your door lock.

Combination Slide Bolt Lock

MS40 Slide Bolt
143 Reviews
MS40 Slide Bolt
  • Mechanical, keyless combination
  • great lock for shed or trailer
  • indoor/outdoor use

It is a keyless security with an innovative twist that provide you with 10000 possible combination lock. It is one of the most secured lock for home doors. It is convenient to use than padlocks and many others. You don’t need to use a key or go about with keys in the house. You can use it both inside or outside of the front door. This combination latch provides you extra securities.

Irrespective of your choice, it can be installed outdoor or indoor with only those who have the passcode can get into your home. It thus helps to improve the security in your home and you can have a rest of mind you are safe at all time.

It is best installed for doors that open indoor and outdoor and it only fit a single door. Its installation should be done at the back of the door and not too far from the lever handle for easy use. Once you set the lock, it becomes hard for anyone to open which helps to secure you and anyone in your home.

Also, it is a secured lock for kids, and it helps to keep kids safe from having an easy exit from the house without your permission.

Mechanical Keyless Gate Lock For Wooden

YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock, Secure Gate Lock (MBX-2016Y-3ESF)
541 Reviews
YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock, Secure Gate Lock (MBX-2016Y-3ESF)
  • Flexible keyless lock - provides advanced security...
  • Ready for all seasons - weather proof and...
  • One hand operation - the YARDLOCK can be operated...

If you are looking for a budget friendly lock with modern style, then the yardlock is the right choice for you. The lock is a keyless operating one that helps to ensure you don’t go about with key with burglars having nothing to duplicate.

It has protective latch to ensure no one from the outside can easily unlock the door. With over 10000 possible clock combinations, only those that know the key code can easily get into the house without stress. Not using an extra security device will leave you prone to future attack from intruders.

The Yardlock Keyless Gatelock can save you millions with its security system. It has to be installed on doors that open indoor and you need to position it on the back of the door anywhere near the door lock lever.

Once you lock the device, no one from the outside can open it and it helps to prevent force entry into your home thereby improving your security.

Single Cylinder Jimmy Resistant Door Lock : Jimmy Proof Deadlock

Defender Security U 10530 Jimmy-Resistant Door Lock with...
  • Solid bronze construction
  • Includes 2 keys
  • Easy to install

The Jimmy-Resistant Door Lock is a versatile lock with single cylinder that fits any door without hassles. It is strong and tough to handle and stand up to pressure and force. Breaking into a home with the lock behind the door is very hard to do.

For homes that security is needed, the lock is the right choice to consider. Installing it behind the door is the right means of installation as it helps to keep your mind at rest that your home is secured. This should be used as added security lock.

It has to be installed above the deadbolt and those on the outside can only open with key while turning the knob on the inside will open the lock.

Fingerprint Door Lock System : Smart Door Lock

Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock - Biometric Door Knob...
  • Lock and unlock your door in a single motion - by...
  • No wires required. Fits standard-sized doors of...
  • Voice prompts guide you to set up to 20...

This is a modern lock that you can lock and unlock in a single motion. All it requires is to scan your fingerprints as you grab the hand of the door. The lock system makes it hard for any intruder or outsider to unlock or lock the door. It is one of the Best Fingerprint Door Lock System you will find in the market today.

The Biometric Smart Door Lock Knob can set up 20 use fingerprints. It uses an 800mAh lithium battery. It is perfect for your front door lock as it is your best means of keeping your home safe and secured. With two admin users and 20 more fingerprint options, only those with access can enter the house. It is an added security to any home without a doubt.

It can serve the purpose of your door lock and helps to ensure you can live in peace whenever you are at home or not. It is so hard for anyone to bypass. It is only ideal for a single door that open inside or outside.

Door Hinges with Non Removable Pins

AmazonBasics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Door Hinges, 18...
  • Product 1: Matte black finish
  • Product 1: Durable steel construction
  • Product 1: Pack includes 18 total hinges

Here are door hinges that can be used to enhance the security of your door. It helps to support the movement of the door in your home and ensure it remains in good condition at all times. Without it, it is quite impossible for your door to be properly installed.

It is easy to use on doors that open indoor and you need two of it to make it easy for installation. One at the upper part of the door and one at the footer. A section installed on the door frame and the second fastened into the door using screws or nails.

It is impossible to install your door without it. It doesn’t increase your security but makes it possible for you to install the door.

Homotek Rigid Door Stop

HOMOTEK 12 Pack Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop with Soft...
545 Reviews
HOMOTEK 12 Pack Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop with Soft...
  • 1.Protects Walls & Doors- The Rigid Body & Soft...
  • 2.Durable Design- Constructed Of High Quality Zinc...
  • 3.Easy To Install- Just Mark One Spot, Take Out...

With the Homotek, you cannot stop anyone from coming into your home. It only helps to ensure your door and the wall remain in good condition for a longer period.

You are to install to the baseboard as it will protect your wall this way. It is a door stop that helps your door in maintaining everyday use. The tip design helps to restrict heavy use, and prevents fast swinging doors from slamming into your walls.

It is not a security lock to stop intruders but it only helps in prolonging the lifespan of the door. It is safe for wood, steel and fiberglass doors.

Door Jammer Door Bar : Sliding Door Stopper Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar
  • BuddyBar has been tested to withstand up to 2,560...
  • The Buddybar is 8.2 lbs. of beautifully powder...
  • Great for Homes, Apartments, Dorms, and Traveling

Sliding door stopper bar is a very reliable door lock device that you can only use from the inside of your house. The locking device works best on the concrete, wood, and tile. One of the things you should be confident of is that it will never fall off your door.

It helps to ensure no one comes into your home easily as it has the ability to withstand up to 1560 pounds of force. It is great for your front door and every other door you have in your home. The patent-pending device is simply the strongest home security bar I’ve ever come across thus far.

You have to place it at the back of your door in a vertical manner that one part will rest on the floor and the other on the door.

How To Stop Toddler Opening Front Door : Child Safety Locks For Front Doors

You can simply do that using a door closer. One of those to consider is the BBTKCARE Door lever lock. The door closer or locker will help to restrict the access your kids have, and they will find it so hard to open the door easily without your permission or your assistance.

The home security lock we have above is a perfect option for parents who are looking for a way to prevent their kids from opening the door. Also, the BBTKCARE Door lever lock also proves effective and efficient at preventing kids from opening the door so easily.

Do note that not all front door security products can help stop your kids from getting out of the house and that is the reason you need to do your findings to choose the right one that will work for your door style.

Door lever lock : Child safety locks for front doors

BBTKCARE Door Lever Lock | Baby Proofing Door Lock | |...
  • A Must In Your Home: Looking for a practical and...
  • Premium Quality Material: These locks for door...
  • Whats Included: This convenient baby proof door...

The BBTKCARE Door lever lock is a double lock designed security device that gives added support to the lever locks. It fits most lever handles and it is a wonderful choice for homeowners in search of a way to make their home more difficult for their kids to get out and for intruders for coming in into the house.

It offers significant benefits and one is to ensure your kids can’t easily open the door and the second is to ensure you and your belongings remain safe from burglars that could try to break into your home with force. These child safety locks for front doors install inside.

Not using the double lock means you have to rely on your door lever lock and if it not a strong or a quality one, it can easily be broken by burglars. The installation is perfect on the inside and outside of the door right on the lever handle.

You can use it on the door lever handle either with rotation buttons or slotted lock and whichever method you choose, the device will surely give you control over who comes in and goes out of the home.  For maximum security, installing it indoor is the right way to go about it.

U Shape Sliding Safety Latch Lock

Child Safety Sliding Cabinet Locks (12 Pack) - Baby Proof...
  • Baby Proof Your Home: Our Sliding Cabinet Locks...
  • Child Safety Made Simple: Our baby safety U locks...
  • Child Proof Cabinet Locks: When it comes to...

The U Shape Sliding Safety Latch Lock is for preventing kids from getting out of the home without their parents’ permission. It is a good security device for parents that have toddlers around the house.

It is a good security LATCH lock for a double door. It can only work on a double door and should be positioned on the knobs or handles of the door. It is best for doors up to 5 inches apart. It is to be installed inside the house behind the door.

The U Shape Sliding Safety Latch Lock can prevent force entry thereby preventing thieves and burglars from your home apart from helping with keeping your kids indoors at all times. It is an added security to your lock and not using it means you can easily be attacked by anyone. This is ideal for double sliding door / double cabinet door etc. This latch is a unique child safety lock for double doors.

Door Reinforcement Lock

Home Security Door Lock with 8 Screws, Childproof Door...
  • [Upgrade Secruity Design]:8 Screws and 3" Stop...
  • [Easy to Install]: Use power screwdriver and drill...
  • [Easy to Use]: Place index finger on top of...

The Home Security Door is the right choice for indoor swinging door you have in your home. It has the capacity to withstand 800-pound pressure which means it is not one that can break as a result of force entry.

The benefit of using the lock is that it gives added support to your door and ensures the security is not bypassed as you have to use it with your door lock. For those who have kids at home, it helps to prevent kids from getting out of the house without their parents’ permission.

You have to install it at the back of the door right above your door lock. You need to choose a location and mark, drill a hole into the openings and screw it in. Only those on the inside can open the lock and it helps to defend your home from intruders.

11 Best Ways to Improve Front Door Security [That Really Works]

1. Install an ANSI Grade 1 Deadbolt
2. Reinforce or Replace Your Deadbolt Strike Plate
3. Installing a Keyless Door Lock is an Easy Way to Reinforce Your Front Door
4. Reinforce Your Door Frame and Hinges
5. Use a Strike Plate Lock Instead of a Standard Door Chain
6. Install a Door Barricade to Secure Your Front Door From the Inside
7. Protect Glass in Your Door with Security Film or Security Grille
8. Add a Horizontal Door Security Bar
9. Use a Door with a Solid Core
10. Install a Security Camera or a Video Doorbell to Deter Burglars
11. Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

How to make Front Door more Protected from Inside

The proper way for you to make your front door more protected from the inside is through the use of quality added security lock. One of those to consider is the buddybar which is a strong kick proof front door lock. For anyone to break into your home with the door barricade bar behind the door, they have to get a machine with a force above 2560 pounds.

However, there are some others as well that will deliver you the perfect security that you need as long as you rightly install them at the back of your door. The Home Security Door is also an option especially for those that have kids around in their homes.

It helps to ensure that kids do not find it easy to get out of the home without parental notice. Also, you need to ensure that you check the condition of the lock at every time and never assume it is in good condition. Always leave it less visible to outsider and that way, you can improve your home security.

How to make Front Door more Protected from Outside

There are many ways you can do that, such as through the use of padlocks that comes with protection, door locks that are keyless, or the ones with a key that are quite hard for anyone to duplicate. If you consider the modern style, you should opt for one that requires the use of a card and fingerprints to have access into the house. Those are ways you can secure the front door from the outside. 

The truth is that door lock on the outside is very easy for burglars to deform especially the experts among them. So, the reliable way is for you to use a modern lock that is sync with your mobile device which will tell you anything that goes on at your door.

Also, you can make use of more than one security lock on the outside and you thus make it quite hard for anyone to break in easily.

How to Secure A Door from being Kicked In by Burglars?

One of the acts of burglars is that they love to break into homes with a kick. However, you can stop that from happening through the use of lock and latches at the back of the door. You can make use of one or two latches which will increase your security.

Also, you should make use of door bars that will give added security to your door. Those door locks are easy to break, but with added ones such as security bars, they will find it so hard to kick in and have access. Using kick in proof door protection is very important to keep burglars away. 

 Also, always check out for locks that has the capacity to resist force. Locks such as Home Security Door, buddy bar and Jimmy-Resistant Door Lock to mention a few are all solid and tough to resist pressure to their capacity.

Best way to Secure A Door from The Inside

The best ways to secure a door from the inside is to always lock the door. Sometimes your lock might not be enough, which is the reason you should opt for added security devices such as door closer, panic bar, and many more. 

They are many doors closer out there in the market that you can consider for this task. You just need to get one of them, install and always ensure you use them to secure your door from the inside. The first step to take is to check the quality of your door.

If your door is so weak that can easily be broken, then you should get a new one. While doing that, you need to consider your lock. There are many locks that claimed to be good or effective but they are not. Some of those that you should consider have been discussed on this page above.

How to Reinforce A Door to Prevent Kick In

There is no magic to this thing. If you want to reinforce your door to prevent kick in, you need to get the right security device. The buddybar remains the best with a tough security system as it is hard for anyone to break easily with force and pressure once it is behind the door. 

How to Secure A Door that Opens Outward 

You should get security hinges for outward opening doors if you are bothered about increasing your home security. It is the best decision to take, and you can also get rim locks for outward opening doors to help you secure the door and not just leave it opened.

Also, it helps to enhance security and keep your mind at rest that no one can access your home without your permission. You can also make use of exterior door bar lock

How to Secure A Door without A Lock, is it possible?

You can achieve that through the use of door barricade brackets. Using door barricade devices is an effective way of locking your door without a lock. Also, apart from using door barricade bars, you can either jam or tie the door down, which will also help to secure the door.

Another way you can secure such door is to always position something heavy at the back as it will be quite hard for anyone to push or kick depending on the weight of the object you are using at the back of the door.

What are the best door locks for home security?

There are many security doors locks that you can call the best. Any lock that can secure your door without second-guessing is a quality lock. It must be able to secure and prevent anyone from having easy entry into your home.

Also, to be the best, it must be so hard to break, and the buddy bar still tops the list. Also, to choose the best, you need to check among the best door lock brand in the industry. However, we have on this page some of them such as the BBTKCARE Door lever lock, home security door lock, Door Closer Backcheck Latch, Barracuda defense system, push bar exit lever with key and many others.

Safety Gate In Front Of Front Door

One of the security measures in this modern day is the use of safety gate in front of the front door. They can come in different styles such as wooden design, stainless steel, iron, grill, and many more. They serve as added security to the door as you need to bypass the gate before you could have access to the door.

It has been a proven way to keep intruders and burglars away from your home. Most burglars don’t like to go through the stress of dealing with many security locks or systems whenever they want to break into a home. You need high security front doors locks, and never should you take it for granted.

The safety grill gate has proven to be the best from observation. However, others such as the stainless steel, iron and steel are also up for consideration as they all serve equal purpose. The good side of using a gate in front of your door is that you are saving your home from attack.

One of the greatest burglars said they don’t like to move closer to any home with strict security measures because they’ve got more work to do with breaking in. So, using the gate will only help to improve the security and give you rest of mind with or without being at home.

How many Maximum Locks should be Installed for Door Security ?

It is good that you know how important it is to use added door security devices and the numbers you should use is the question in debate. If you have a single door and you already have your door lock, you can go on with getting one additional safety lock to complement the one you have already.

If you are using a double door such as the sliding one, you might want to get a double security lock to complement the ones you have in place already. The whole decision comes down to your budget as you can choose to get more than one or two.

Getting more than one or two will only help to increase your security as it has no negative impact on you or your home.

Change The Door Locks

The first thing you have to consider with improving your front door security is to change the lock. Once you notice the one you have can easily be bypassed, it shows your home is not secure.

There are lots of smart locks that you can consider and choose above some others. Opting for an expensive one should never too hard for you to do. It helps to keep your mind at rest that no one can easily break into your home without your permission.

Get A Door Alarm

One of the things that most burglars get afraid of is an alarm system. If you do not have an alarm system in your home, you should consider getting one. It is one of the door accessories you can consider if you want to improve the safety and security in your home.

Once installed, it scares burglars away as the alarm will notify with sound whenever anyone tries to enter your home.

Motion Detection Light

One of the ways you can improve the security of your front door is through the use of a motion detection light. The light will not come up immediately it detects motion, and that is one of the things that scares burglars.

Once they notice you’ve got a light motion detection in front of your door that can reveal their identity, all they do is to keep away and find an alternative route to your home.

Get A Transparent Door

Some doors are designed in a way that they are transparent for anyone inside the house to see things on the outside clearly, but those outsides can’t see anything that goes on inside.

This security system helps to keep people away from your home as they don’t get to know if someone is watching them from the inside or not.

Install CCTV Camera

One of the ways you can also increase the security in your door front is to install a CCTV camera in your home. A burglar once said they hate to go to houses that have CCTV camera because they are at higher chance of getting busted or having their identity noticed.

There are CCTV you can instance yourself and some you need the help of the experts to get that done. However, the bottom line of it is that CCTV is one of the ways you can increase your home security.

Ways to Make Your Front Door More Secure

  • Replace your Front Door
  • Get a Solid Door NOT hollow inside
  • Re-Key the Lock
  • Change or replace your Door Screws [3 inch long screws]
  • Add a High-Security Single Sided DeadBolt Locks
  • Add a door lock that can open only from inside
  • Add a Strike Box
  • Add a permanent, temporary or portable barricade
  • Get a Door Security Bar
  • Install a Wide-Angled Peephole
  • Replace the lockset door strike plate, Add a Reinforcer Plate
  • Replace the Glazing in Your Door

Have a look at this video to get a better idea of how a strike plate lock works:

Greatest Ways to Improve Front Door Security

  • Install a heavy-duty, high-quality ANSI Grade deadbolt
  • Protect your door & windows with security film, stainless steel made gate or grill
  • Use motions sensor lights in-front of main door
  • Replace or reinforce your deadbolt strike plate
  • Get a video doorbell
  • Get a force entry Door Alarm
  • Install a door barricade
  • Reinforce your door frame and hinges, security hinge with tamper proof pins
  • You can setup or use keyless door lock
  • Make sure you have a door with a solid core
  • Pick Proof Your Dead Bolt
  • Install a security camera
  • You May Add a horizontal security bar
  • Install a strike plate lock

Final Words for how to make front door more secure

Improving some door hardware is one of the ways you can increase the security of your front door.

However, there are more other things that you can consider. There are different quality of door accessories, and you should opt for the best.

So, with this post on how to make your front door more protected, you’ve got everything you need to be on the safe side always.

Still if YOU confuse to buy door security devices for apartments !! Feel free to comment here or send us email, we will provide you best suggestion to clarify your confusion.