Useful Tips How To Protect Your House From Break-ins or Invasion – Advice From Burglars

Protecting your house is one of the things you should never take lightly. Many people are victims today because they do not know how to protect their house from break-ins.

However, this post on how to protect your house from break-ins will open your eyes to many things that you ought to know to help you keep your home safe.

How To Protect Your Home From Invasion !! Advice from Burglars

1. How to prevent home invasion ? – Always Lock The Main Door

You need to make it a habit to always lock your house door when you are home and when you are not. Closing your door will help to prevent anyone from getting into your house easily.

Using a strong lock will contribute to keeping your house safe. It is quite difficult for anyone to break-in into a house with door locks that are strong and of great quality.

2. Use Steel Bars or Dowels in Doors & Windows

Apart from your door, the other entrance to your home for a burglar is the window. Once they find it hard to break- in through the door, the next place to consider is the window, which is the reason you should keep your window secure.

How can you secure your window?

You can do that through the use of safety bars. Each window must have bars as it will make it hard for anyone to come into your house through the window.

3. How to stop burglars from targeting your home ? – Use Big Barking Dog

The next safety step you should take is to introduce the use of dogs in your home. When you have dogs in your house, it will become a threat to invaders.

Most people are fearful of dogs because of their bite and so prefer to stay away from houses that have dogs.

4. How to protect your home from invasion ? – Use Bars On your home Fences

The next thing you need to do is to use electric bars on your fence. The bar will be used on the fence all through and will prevent invaders from climbing through the fence into your home.

Although the fence serves as a barrier to people, some can go through the length of climbing. So, using bars that can hurt them will have them have a rethink whenever they want to climb your fence.

5. How to stay safe in your home ? – Use Alarm System on Your Home

You should get an alarm device and use it in your home. It thus helps you protect your house from break-ins. Once anyone tries to invade your home and the alarm sounds, they will find it hard to come into the house and flee. So, you are advised to get an alarm device and install it in your house.

6. Use Camera

You can use a camera too to keep people away from your house. Once they see the camera installed in your home, they will find it hard to move anywhere close to your house.

Some cameras work with a signal in such a way that they will send you signals that someone is trying to break-in into your house.

7. Use Motion Sensor Lights On Your Room & Stairs with Random Timers.

8. Trim Your Garden Bushes and Shrubs.

9. Leave Your Radio or TV On – Its hearing Funny ! But Works Great to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home.

10. Keep your blinds closed to prevent Burglars from seeing what’s inside.

11. Keep Securely Your Gold Jewelry, Cars, Bicycles, Bikes, DIY Tools and other valuables Assets. Burglar Proof your garage door with high security padlocks, deadbolt, security bars, motion sensor lights etc.

12. Make Some Friends with Your Neighbors.

13. Don’t Share on Social Media Your costly Purchases or you’re Away on vacation because Burglars easily monitor / track your foot prints.

14. Set Security Signs & Stickers on your Garden / Yard. Its Simple but also a good tips for Home Burglar Deterrent.

Home Security Tips from A Master Burglar

*** Use best quality heavy duty front door with hardware’s, padlocks, deadbolt, chain lock, door & window bar, smart lock etc.

Common Mistakes that Could Invite Home Burglaries

  1. High Fences
  2. High trees & shrubbery near your windows
  3. Children’s toys in your yard / garden
  4. ‘To Let’ Signs
  5. DIY Equipment like Ladders left out
  6. Rotting gates or gates hanging off their hinges
  7. Cluttered porch
  8. Unlocked windows, porches and doors
  9. Unlocked cars

Burglary Deterrents to Protect Yourself from Burglars : Ways to help prevent home break-ins or Invasion – Advice From Burglars

  1. Neighbors check
  2. Home security systems
  3. Quality padlocks on gates
  4. Smart locks
  5. Doorbell camera
  6. Bars covering basement windows
  7. Motion activated lights
  8. Thorny plants
  9. Light on a timer
  10. Shredded paper in your recycling
  11. Keep valuables out of sight
  12. Mobile Phone Alarms
  13. Get A Dog


If you are looking for ways to protect your house from break-ins, this page on How to protect your house from break-ins is all that you need.

This post has all the information you need to keep your home secured and safe.

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