How To Put A Lock On A Door Without Drilling

Do you want to learn how to put a lock on a door without drilling? You are just in the right place. You might be confused or curious about how to lock a door without drilling, but there are ways you can do it.

Moreover, they are very effective, and some are strong that they can withstand and prevent forced entry.

How to put a lock on a door without drilling

Make use of DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace

Using a door jammer is one way you can lock the door without drilling the door. Not everyone loves to see holes in their door, and if you are one. Using a door jammer should not be an option. To use the door jammer, you can make purchases from different stores such as online and local ones.

To use the jammer, you need to position it beneath the door and then push the rest on the door. Tighten the knob to make it firm, and then you can try to open the door to see how effective it is.

Use Calslock Portable Door & Travel Lock

The Calstock Portable Door & Travel Lock is another way you can lock the door without you drilling the door. You just need to remove the device from its pack and then place it in between the lock and the door, then push to close the door.

Once the door is locked, you can squeeze the knob and push towards the door, and by this means, the door will remain closed until you squeeze again to release the lock.

Using door security bar

You don’t have to drill into any door to use the door security bar. All you need to do is to choose the area you want to position the lock. Just place the lock at the back of the door in a slant style, and this will ensure the door is perfectly locked to prevent anyone from coming into your home.

Doorstop alarm

The door stop alarm is another way you can lock the door without drilling. It is designed to be a small device that you just have to position beneath the door. Once you try to open the door, the lock will serve as the effective barrier to stop the door from opening.

Also, it serves more than stopping anyone from opening your door as it has an alarm system that helps to keep you alerted of anyone trying to enter your home.

Using addalock portable door lock

The use of addalock portable door lock is another lock system you can consider for your door. It works in a dynamic way by placing it between the door and the door frame. Once you do that, you just need to close the door and place the knob on the hole to secure the lock. It can be found in several online stores and local ones.


This page is focused on how to put a lock on a door without drilling the door. Not everyone love to see holes on the door but security also is important which is the reason you need to consider any of the method shared above.