How To Put A Lock On Door

If you prefer the DIY method of doing things yourself, then you are just in the right place for the search or solution on how to put a lock on the door. Sometimes, paying professionals and experts to get the work done comes on the high end, and one can regret not doing the task.

However, it is safe to do the installation yourself to reduce the chance of a security breach. Putting a lock on your door is not a difficult task to do, and the process below will help you through that.

How To Put A Lock On The Door

Check the door lock and get a replacement

This stage is crucial for anyone who is going to put a lock on their door. You need to remove the previous one you have there and replace it with a new one. If it is a new door with no lock, you have no worries, as you can always find a way to create a compartment for the lock.

Remove the door lock

You need to remove the old lock from the door, and to do this, you need some essential tools. Check the fastener used with the lock. If it is a nut, you can get a screwdriver to unscrew or use a bar to remove the nail if it was fastened on the door with a nail.

Place the lock in the compartment

Now that you’ve successfully removed the old lock, you can go on with inserting the new one for installation. Just carefully push the new lock into the old house and screw it in, or you make use of your nail to ensure it is firm and strong.

Install the door handle

After you have installed the lock on the door, you need to install the lock handle. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone as some lock comes with an installed handle and some, you have to install the handle yourself.

Lock the door for confirmation

It is important that you check what you have just done. You should close the door to ensure the lock is properly installed. If there is a sign of imbalance, you can quickly do all it takes to make the right correction and fix the error.

New door lock installation

For a new door lock, you might not have to go through the stress of creating a compartment for the lock if it comes with it. However, if you go for such a door, the only challenge you have is finding the right lock that will fit the door compartment.

However, if you have to do it yourself, you just need to make your marking with the door lock on the door where you want to install and then go ahead with tools that will help you get rid of the wood in that region, such as chisel and hammer.


Of a truth, how to put a lock on door is not a difficult task for anyone to do. You need to focus on the information we have for you above to make the right decision without any hassles.