How To Rekey A Lock To Match Existing Key

The first question that will come to your mind whenever you misplace your original key is how to rekey a lock to match existing key?

You will get to know more about rekeying a lock without having the original key within reach.

How To Rekey A Lock To Match Existing Key : Let’s Find Out Below

1. Get a rekeying kit

The first step to rekeying your lock is to get a rekeying kit. You can quickly get them at any hardware stores and in some online stores.

Some kits come with the ability to work with heavy duty padlocks or multiple locks. So, you need to get a rekeying kit that can easily fit into a various lock.

Rekeying Kit Set Locksmith Tool Box

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2. Remove the exterior doorknob or lock face

The next step that you need to take is to remove the exterior doorknob or lock the face. The doorknobs are held in place with a clip that you can only access through the wire’s insertion into a tiny hole.

You might be lucky to have your rekeying kit come with this tool, or you might have to make use of paper. Unbend a paper clip and insert it.

HPC Follower Set For Rekeying

3. Take out the lock cylinder

The next step you need to go through is to take out the cylinder of the lock. You need a cylinder follower to do that with ease.

Just push the cylinder through the assembly and remove the sleeve covering it, and that will allow you to remove the cylinder easily.

LAB LSK2N1 Pro Pin Kit for Rekeying

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4. Remove the cylinder retainer ring

After you’ve removed the lock cylinder, then you should remove the cylinder retainer ring.

This can be done using a wrench like a ring removes to remove the retaining ring from the lock cylinder.

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5. Take out the cylinder plug

The next step is to insert the key for the current lock into the cylinder and then turn it to separate the upper and the lower lock pin. With constant pressure, you can find it easy to push the plug follower through the cylinder.

When going through this step, you need to be more careful as you do not want the spring to get out when removing the cylinder plug. You should pick them up and reinsert if they fall off, but it can be pretty hard to do without tweezers to put the pin back in place.

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6. Take out the old lower lock pins

The next step for you is to remove the lower lock pins. The pins are roughly bullet-shaped, with a pointed end touching the key.

They come in different lengths, and you need to understand that for easy operation.

Locksmith Pinning Mat

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7. Insert new lock key in the cylinder

You should insert the new lock key into the cylinder by pushing the springs out of the way for the new lock pins.

PreCut Keys for Rekeying

8. Insert a new pin in the lock

You need tweezers or small needle-nosed pliers to grip the pins of the lock and insert them.

You need to align the new pins with the key whenever you are inserting them in the lock.

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9. Reassemble the lock

Get all that you’ve removed in place, such as the cylinder plug and retaining plug, and you are done with rekeying.

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Now the Big Question Is – Can you rekey a lock without the original key ?

If you lost your key or misplaced your original key – In most of the cases, a locksmith easily can rekey a lock without the original key. You can also try it yourself if you purchase Rekeying Kit set.

Before start check some videos – Hope those are helpful for you


We have above the information you need to know about how to rekey a lock without the original key.

If you are still asking a question such as how to rekey a lock to match existing key? We’ve got the right answer for you on this page.