How To Remove A Stuck Faucet Cap : The Easiest Way To Do It

You should not lose your sleep on removing a stuck faucet cap, even if it is your first time handling such a task. If you want to know how to remove a stuck faucet cap, you are just in the right place.

With the information you are about to read, you should have a smooth operation with removing a stuck faucet cap even If you are handling a stubborn tap head.

Ways To Remove A Stuck Faucet Cap

Get the required tools

The technique or methodology of unsticking a stubborn cap depends on whether it screws or pops.

But irrespective of the means, some basic tools can help if you can’t do the removal with your hands.

Use a Wrench

You will need a wrench if the cap is stubborn, especially for those that show signs of corrosion and rust that you can’t open with your hands.

You should wrap the head of the Wrench in a scrap cloth and then fit it around the cap. Once you’ve done that, you should attempt to unscrew it by turning it counterclockwise.

You should notice the ease in the movement, which shows that it is loose and, mind you, never should you apply too much pressure as it can get the faucet cap damaged.

Check for Indentation

Sometimes you can go with the method of checking for small indentation, as you can spot one where the cap meets with the faucet piece. There you can insert a thin knife or flat screwdriver into the indentation and pry off the cap.

Penetrating Oil

If it still shows a sign of not coming off with the two methods, you should make use of penetrating oil. It will serve as a lubricant on the cap. Once you spray it on it, you should leave for some minutes for the oil to move down into the joint of the faucet cap.

Then you can go through the process of twisting with the use of the Wrench once again to lose the cap.

Use Hammer

If you notice the cap is still stiff with all you’ve done, you should place the Wrench on the faucet cap, then bit the hammer on the head in the counterclockwise direction. Don’t apply too much pressure.

Once you do this, the faucet cap will get loosen, and then you can go on with using your hand to lose the cap. It is as simple as that.

Call on A Plumber

Sometimes fixing things might get wrong, and you just need to bury your ego and call on the experts to get the thing done. Once you’ve done all said, and it still remains stiff and unable to remove, you should call on an expert to help you through the removal and repair process.

Final Words

We have given a highlight on how to remove a stuck faucet cap for the DIY lovers. It is simple to do once you follow the step above.

However, you need to be careful with handling and twisting the cap, so you don’t end up damaging some other components.