How To Secure Windows Without Bars

You might find it hard to secure your homes if your windows are not well designed to prevent invaders from coming into your home.

How to secure windows without bars has been so difficult for most people, and this post will show you how you can do that successfully without hassles.

Use Reliable Window Locks

The first thing you need to do with your windows if you do not have bars is to use a strong and reliable lock. There are different brands that are into the production of top-quality locks that can help to keep your window safe.

All you have to do is to get one of their products and use it on the window to secure it from any form of invasion from outsiders.

Install Window Security Reflective Glass

Unlike blocking the total view of the window, you can make use of reflective glass on the window, which makes it transparent and easy for anyone to see whoever is standing before the window.

This will easily help to keep people away from trying to get into your house through the windows.

Use A Window Alarm or Security Camera

The next you can consider is the use of window alarms and cameras. You need to check the alarm system companies and opt for a perfect one for your window. Having a camera on your will help to keep anyone away.

Once they notice you have a camera on your window, they do not move anywhere close because the camera can easily blow their cover.

Also, you can get an alarm system and use it. This will trigger a panic sound once it detects an intruder coming into the house. So, it is important that you use any of the two to help keep the window safe and secured.

Install Outdoor Motion Light

Once you install outdoor motion light in your window area, it will also help in keeping intruders away from your home. This kind of light is the type that comes up once motion is detected. So, anyone that tries to break-in will be caught in the act as soon as the light detects motion and comes up.

This has been in use for a longer period and has been productive. It helps in ensuring that no one who is confident of coming into your home from the door will never find it easy to get into your home from the window.

Plant Thorns Under The Windows

You can also try to use thorns under your window. This will make it hard for anyone to get into your home from your window. Once they try to do that, they fall on the thorn and get injured.

So, planting thorns at the bottom of your window is a good act.


This post on How to secure windows without bars reveals all you need to know about securing your window even if you do not have bars on them.