How To Secure Your Home Without An Alarm

There are many ways you can easily secure your home from intruders, and one of the effective means is through the use of an alarming system. But what if you do not want to use an alarm? How can you secure your home? This post on how to secure a home without alarm will give the perfect answer to your question.

Use A Quality Locking System

If you do not want anyone in your home, then you need to create a barrier for them. The easiest way to create a barrier is through the use of a door lock. Once you constantly lock your home, you sure have created a barrier and stopped anyone from having direct access to your home easily.

There are different types of locks you can opt for, and once you get them, you use them to secure your home.

Use Bolt Cutter Proof Chain – Difficult To Cut But Not Impossible

Use Best Bolt Cutter Proof Chain on your front door handle, fence, bike etc. You should buy a best quality cut resistant chain. Buy a branded chain as like –

  • Vulcan Hardened High Security Chain
  • ABUS Maximum Security Chain
  • AKM Security Heavy Duty Chain
  • Schlage Cinch Ring Security Chain

Those are the best brand High Security Chain. You can use those chain for multiple purpose. I tell about BUY a chain which is difficult to cut. Because There are lots of good industrial bolt cutters, that are designed to cut hardened steel. So be careful about to choose or buying a chain.

Lighten Up The Landscape

Another thing that you need to do is to light up the landscape in your home. Anyone that doesn’t have lighting will easily welcome intruders.

Lighting will illuminate the house and ensure that no one easily come close to the house. It will help you have a wide range of views of the whole house with no place to hide for an intruder.

Use Home Automation

One of the safety measures is the use of a home automation device. The device can easily be controlled using a remote control. With it, you can keep anyone away from your home.

For instance, using a motion detection light system will scare people away because the light will come up once it detects anyone.

Get rid of all hiding places

The next thing you need to do next if all above have been met is to do away with places where people can hide in your home. There are places such as having a garage that is too thick or some items somewhere that can be a hideout for those who want to invade your home.


One of the other means you can secure your home is through the use of CCTV. With the CCTV, you can easily keep a record of everything that goes on in your home, even in your absence.

If anything goes wrong, you can easily revert to the CCTV to check the record and know what exactly happened.

Get a dog

Most people make use of the dog as a pet, and that is because they get close to humans, but they can be used as security. They appear as a threat to anyone that they are not familiar with.

One of the ways they keep people away from your home is through their barking, and because of their nature to bite and harm anyone, people do stay away from homes that have a dog.


If you are looking for some means to secure your home without any alarm, you are just in the right place. This post on how to secure your home without an alarm is the answer to all the questions you need regarding the ways to secure your home.