How To Use An Electric Hand Planer On A Table Top : Is it indeed A Versatile Machine or Not?

Do you want to learn how to use an electric hand planer on a table top? We will take you through the whole process of how you can handle a hand planer on a table top, even if you are new or a novice. The truth is that power tools will save you a lot of time and make you more productive, but you’ve got to be extra careful with it.

Handling electric hand wood planers can be fun truly, but the safety part is one of the operational measures that you should never have to overlook.

What is An Electric Hand Planer ?

An electric planer is a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood or board slaves. An electric wood planer is a device that has a rotating set of blades that are positioned between two base plates. The plate that is located at the back of the rotating blades is a non-adjustable one which makes a good support for the tool as it passes over the face of any material.

There are some of the things that you need to do before handling an electric thickness planer. So below are some of the things that you need to do before using an electric hand wood planer.

How To Use An Electric Hand Planer On A Table Top

The first thing you have to do with using an electric planer on a tabletop is to place the planer at one edge of the board you want to work on. Once you have the clamp in use to hold the board in place, you can go on with the help of the machine.

Get your dominant hand on the switch button to the equipment and then the second hand, which is the non-dominant; you need to use it while you place it around the knob or find the safe path to push the machine. 

You should then slowly move the planer across the board’s surface and notice the blade stripping the wood and stop until you get your desired result. While pushing the planer on the board, you need to do this with care not to push too much. With this method, you can end up getting your desired depth of cut.

Once you are through with the task, you must disconnect the planer and keep it safe where no one can access it. But before that, you need to ensure that you clean the necessary places and free the machine from any dust from the work you just finished.

What Are The Best Electric Hand Planer Brands

There are several brands out there in the market responsible for the production of electric thickness planers, but some are frontiers, and they include bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ryobi, to mention a few. They are known to be trustworthy and produce one of the best electric hand planers you will ever come across online and in the market.

So, let’s check out one of their products that you can consider below.

Makita Brushless Electric Hand Planer XPK01Z

The Makita XPK01Z is one of the best Makita electric hand planers you will find to have a high rate of delivering the best performance. The precision-machined aluminum base helps to deliver outstanding planning accuracy.

Makita XPK01Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-1/4 in....
576 Reviews
Makita XPK01Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-1/4 in....
  • XPK01Z - 2-blade cutter head with double edge...
  • XPK01Z - 15,000 RPM motor engineered for faster...
  • XPK01Z - Spring-loaded stand elevates the base to...

The 14000 rpm motor of the planer is engineered to deliver the best performance, and with the two-blade cutter head with double edge carbide blades, the planer is the best for planning on a wide board or wood. It doesn’t weigh more than what you can carry, and that makes it easy to move around. You can buy 4 different styles – Bare Tool Only, Bare Tool with 5.0Ah Battery, Bare Tool with Battery & Bare Tool with Jig Saw.

The Makita brushless planer boasts an electric brake which helps in enhancing the productivity of the machine. Also, ergonomically centered balance with the help of the soft rubberized grips on the rear and front handles.

Also, the Makita electric brushless planer has an easy blade setting which makes it swift for anyone to install the blade, while the spring-loaded stand helps to elevate the base for the protection of the blade while using the machine.


  • Safety brake
  • Easy blade setting for fast installation
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Accurate cutting
  • Very Comfortable using it
  • Its Large electric hand planer
  • Best woodworking planer for the money


  • Battery and charger not included

BOSCH Electric Cordless Hand Planer PLH181B

With fast cutting speed and long battery run time, the BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B is the right-hand planer for long-term work.

BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer
61 Reviews
BOSCH Bare-Tool PLH181B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Planer
  • Optimized Performance: Fast cutting speed and long...
  • Electronically Counterbalanced Single-Blade Design...
  • Chip-Ejection Switch: Directs shavings left or...

Its application on wood and board is effortless and effective. The design of the bosch wood planer makes it easy to be used for all kind of woodworking applications

This Bosch thickness planer allows left or right direct shavings through the help of the chip ejection switch. You will always get consistent planning on any wood and board through the help of the edge guide fence. One of the things with the single-blade design planer is that it is easy to operate.


  • Cordless design
  • Perfect for trimming door
  • Delivers clean and accurate trimming


  • It requires a battery, and you have to get that separately.

DEWALT Electric Hand Planer Cordless & Brushless DCP580B

If Dewalt hand planer cordless machine is your choice among planers in the market, the 20v DEWALT DCP580B is the right one for you. The brushless motor of the hand planer is the secret to the quality performance of the planer. It has the capacity to operate at any length.

DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Tool Only)
1,483 Reviews
DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Tool Only)
  • Brushless motor of the electric hand planner...
  • The hand planer featuring 30,000 cuts per minute...
  • 5/64-inch (2 mm.) maximum depth of cut

The Dewalt dcp580b 20v max brushless planer can easily be transported from one place to another easily. It is lightweight, and it weighs just 6.8 pounds. One of the benefits you enjoy with the planer is that it delivers 30000 cuts per minute, which helps you achieve much in little time.

The Dewalt hand planer cordless has a poly-V drive belt which helps to improve the belt performance. Also, the handle helps to ensure you don’t get weak due to fatigue when using the machine. Also, the Dewalt brushless planer has a kickstand that helps users to rest on the planer without you damaging the wood or board.

It can carry out any woodworking task easily, such as on doors, ceiling, hardwood floor and many more. With the precision machine front and back aluminum shoes, you can be sure of parallelism of cut, which other hand planer lacks.


  • Delivers maximum comfort when using it
  • Delivers perfect cut
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • It delivers a fast removal rate
  • Kickstand present


  • The blade alignment is tricky

Things that you need to do before handling An Electric Hand Planer

Choose The Right Material

The first step is choosing the right wood material. You need to choose a wood that is very dry to make it easy for the planer to work smoothly on it; else, you should dry out the wood in the sun for days before you decide to use your hand planer on it.

Check For Nail

One of the things you never want to encounter on a plank of wood while using your hand planer is a nail. Some woods do have nails in them, and using your planer unknowing to you on such wood is likely to cause damages to your planer blade.

If you’ve not experienced this, then it is best not for you to do so because those who have had such experience thus have to change their blade over time.

Clean and Clamp

At this point, you need to clean the surface of the wood and ensure it is neat so that your planer can move on the wood smoothly. It is thereafter you can use the clamp on the wood. The primary function of the clamp is to help you keep the wood stable so that it doesn’t move around while you are working on the wood.


You need to check the condition of the hand planer and ensure it is in good condition. One of the parts of the hand planer you need to check critically is the blade. If the blade is blunt, it is definitely going to take you extra effort to achieve the right result. So, you need to ensure the blade is sharp for the right result.

Using an Electric Planer on Wide Boards

If you are working with a wide board, you have more work to do, especially if you have many boards. The part of the machine that determines your speed and outcome is the width of the blade. The width of the blade helps you know the number of passes you will have on a board. 

You need to make use of a surface with a larger width to accommodate the board perfectly. It means the board has a stable platform to rest for you to make use of the electric planer effectively without you having to deal with holding any board in place.  

Not having the right plan will means you are likely to start anywhere. For an even application or result, you need to make a marking on the board and start from there. Move with the same pressure and force you to start with to ensure you don’t go too deep in some areas and not in some. 

It is expected that you go through lots of movement, but proper planning and application will help you achieve much in a little space of time. 

How to use An Electric Wood Planer Hand Held to trim A Door

If you are thinking of replacing your wood door, the best way for you to avoid the process of trimming the door is to make the right measurement of the door that will fit into your wall without any correction. You can do that using your tape to measure the height and breadth of the doorpost and ensure you get the same reading on the door.

However, if you get a door that is sticking and doesn’t close easily, there could be many reasons for that. Well, irrespective of the reasons the door is sticking, the solution is all that is important. You need an electric thickness planer. 

Before you could use a hand planer on the door, you need to remove the door from the wall socket. Once you’ve removed the door with the right tool, you can then go on with removing fasteners to avoid blade damages.

Go on with measuring the area you want to trim, and then place the machine there to trim it. It is much easier to do it with the door removed and in the right position than using a planer on a door that is fixed. 

Using An Electric Hand Planers on Floors

One of the difficult tasks to do is leveling a hardwood floor. It is the reason you see most woodworkers have to charge much for this service. However, for DIY enthusiasts, you can go on with the task yourself even without the assistance of an expert. 

The truth is that using a planer is effective and better than sanding, which can take a longer period. The first thing you need to do is to consider and observe the structure you have in place and how to go on with the leveling.

After you’ve gone through the observation stage, you need to get rid of the fasteners so that your blades don’t get damaged, and you need to give maximum attention to the process of using your planer on the wood.

Your blade can get clogged when you are removing the protective coatings, and that is the reason you need to clean all residue from the board to keep the blade path clean and free from running into any protective coating that can get it to stop working.

How to use An Electric Hand Planer on Ceilings Joists

The versatility of the hand planer makes it a great tool for all your woodworking tasks if you ever need to level a surface. So, with your ceiling joists, you can also make use of your electric hand planer to level and correct all forms of mistakes and issues that occur during the construction of the ceiling.

The only challenge you can have is not reaching out to the ceiling easily without hassles. So, with that, you can get a tall ladder that can help you reach out to your ceiling without any struggle. Once that is secured, you need to get your hand planer and get to work.

Also, it is important that you use one that has a dust collector so that you don’t have to deal with avoiding dust or wood particles from getting into your eyes. Also, you can make use of protective glasses to keep your eyes safe.

As your safety is important, your convenience is too because you can only achieve the right result only if you have your ladder all set and balanced for you to stay stable.

How to use An Electric Hand Planer as a Jointer

As said earlier, a hand planer can also do the work of a jointer. This is the secret most woodworkers don’t get to know. Instead of getting a jointer, you can make use of your electric hand planer to do the task for you without stress.

Pick up the wood you intend to work with and have it positioned in a way that will make it easy for you to do the task easily. Get a clamp to help you keep the wood in place, and then you can select the right set of tools you want to use on your planer.

Once you’ve inserted the tools, then you can go on with placing the machine on the wood. Mind you, and it will not take off the coarse or rough surface away at once. So, you need to do the movement of the planer over and over again until your desired result is met.

Once you have flattened the wood or board, you can use the hand planer to straighten and square out the edges of the wood or planer, and that is just the work of a jointer.

Can you use An Electric Hand Planer as A Benchtop Jointer?

If you do not know a way around a thing, you can agree that it is very difficult to do or use. The fact remains that you can convert your hand power planer into a benchtop jointer, and it is not difficult to do. All that you need is a jig body and jig fence.

You need to check the base section because it is the section that will support both the electric handle and the jig. You need to get the two ready and understand how to use them to get the right or desired result.

How to use An Electric Hand Planer Safely

Your safety is very important and must never be compromised or sacrificed for anything. So, you need to do all that it takes to stay safe and secured at all times whenever you are handling the power hand planer. If you are using a corded electric hand wood planer, always check your electric cable line before the start.

Wear Eye Protection

You need to protect your eyes at all costs. It is quite impossible for you to work on a plank of wood with a planer without seeing dust fly around. The process of smoothing a plank of wood or board requires that some part will get peeled off, and during this phase, dust is one of the things you see.

They are easy to see flying in the air, especially if you are working in an area that is exposed. So, it is very important that you protect your eyes from any potential hazard by using a planer. The protector in the form of glasses will prevent dust from direct contact with your eyes.

Inspect The Wood

The next thing you need to do is to inspect the wood you want to work on. Some wood comes with fasteners, and you wouldn’t know unless you do the inspection. It is very important because running into a fastener with your blade will cause damages to the blade, and that means you’ve got to spend to get another blade.

Inspect The Planer

Do not join the group of people that use their planer without running an inspection on them. It is wrong to use your hand planer without getting to inspect the planer. You need to inspect as it will help you get to understand the state and condition of the planer.

Use Clamps or A Vise

If you are working on a plank of wood or board, you need to make use of a clamp or vise. Each of the two is very important to help you keep the wood or board in a stable condition. It helps to fasten and keep the board stable so that you can have the best performance it using your planer on the wood.  

Use Your Two Hands Always

Do not ever try to prove you are a professional or impress anyone with handling an electric planer with one hand. Once you’ve got the board or the board secured with a clamp, you need to get one hand on the knob in front of the planer depending on the one you get, and then use the second hand to press the button, which will initiate the operation of the planer.

Keep The Blade Sharp

Using a blunt blade is not a good move or the right decision for you. It will only make the whole work difficult and hard for you to do. Ensure the blade is sharp, and then you can go on with your task. Only a sharp blade can straighten rough edges and surfaces, which is the reason you need to use one always.

Shut Off The Machine

One of the safety precautions with using a hand planer is that you need to always get used to switching the machine off whenever you are through with using it. Never should you leave the machine running without you using it.

Disconnect or remove the batteries and ensure it is not running if you are not using it.

Use Dust Collector

Not all the hand planer comes with a dust collector. The benefit of using one is that it helps to prevent dust from flying around in the air, which could contaminate the atmosphere. Apart from the havoc it can cause if it enters your eyes, it can cause a respiratory issue if you inhale too much dust into your lungs.

How to use an Electric Hand Planer to improve your Woodworking

If you are a novice or a beginner with woodworking tasks, using the best electric hand planer is not the wrong choice to make. There are different types in the market, and getting the best cordless planer is the right decision if your work requires you to move around.

A corded hand planer will restrict your movement to the four walls of the length of the cord. So, for whatever task you’ve got at hand, having a hand planer will help you achieve much with any woodworking job.

If you have to straighten or flatten a wood or board, you sure need a hand planer to help you do the task. Mind you, you can choose to use any type of hand planer, but none is as ever effective and efficient as using an electric one.

Also, some come with the ability to serve a different purpose. So, getting a hand planer is a great deal, especially if you’ve got a great woodworking task at hand.

What is an electric hand planer used for?

If you are wondering about the magic you can do with your hand planer, here are some that you should know. 


If you want to take off a little bit from the edge of your door, a hand planer is a right machine for the task. Sometimes, doors can get swollen over time due to one thing or another, and this will lead to difficulty in shutting the door. Using a planer to flatten will help solve the issue. 

Straightening out framing

Studs and joists used for the walls, floor, and ceiling may likely shrink during the process of building a new house. By removing material from studs, joists, or rafters that are lower than all of the others, a cordless hand planer can help to straighten out some of these issues.

Cutting rabbets

They are commonly utilized in the construction of doors, cabinets, and furniture. It is advisable to use a guide with the planer, and this will provide a much straighter and better end result.

Smoothing edges

​Some other tools are more exact for achieving this, but a planer can also be used for champering edges. In order to successfully mill with a planer, ensure that the angle of the planer is consistent during the entire cut, which is practically difficult without the use of a guide.

​Hand Scraped Look

With electric hand planers, older wood becomes newly visible, showing off a more brilliant, more recent hue beneath the oxidized layer. Using electric hand planers, especially the larger models, can produce a great effect with the right technique and the correct cut depth.

Electric Hand Planer Tricks

Here are some tricks or techniques regarding electric hand planers that you need to know.

You should always add pressure to the front of the tool whenever you are starting any project, as it will help in getting a smoother start and also helps you reduce the possibility of snipe issues.

The blade of the hand planer must be sharp as it is the only way you can have the perfect cut, which will make your work looks professional.

When approaching the end of your workpiece, you should apply more pressure to the back of the planer as it will help to eliminate snipe issues perfectly.

To become perfect with using your planer, you should work on a couple of sample boards. It doesn’t have to be the expensive ones. Just pick the less expensive ones to practice the use of the planer.

Also, you need to get used to using the depth adjustment knob, which will help to increase the amount of stability control you have over the planer.

Always use a guide or marker to mark out the areas you want to work on as a beginner. It will help you in having an easy operation with the hand planer as time goes on.

Final Verdict

We did justice to the question on how to use an electric hand planer on a table top and some other aspects of the planer that you need to know. Some do not even know that the hand planer can work in diverse ways, and we have taken out time to share how you can use the planer on this page.

Finally, we suggest that you to buy – Cordless Makita Electric Hand Planer Model – XPK01Z for your woodworking projects. This Makita Brushless Planer is very comfortable to finish your work smoothly.