How To Winterize Outdoor Faucets

One of the challenges with using an outside faucet is that you have to find the proper way to prevent the faucet from not getting freeze and how then can you do that with the little or no experience you’ve got with such a task? This page on how to winterize outdoor faucets will show you all that you need to know.

You do not have to worry or wear yourself out over winterizing your outdoor faucets. There are many ways you can get through with ensuring your faucet never gets affected by the extreme cold condition. It is much easier for you to prevent than to look around for a solution when the faucet gets freeze.

So, without further ado, let’s go through some details on how you should go about securing your piping system during winter.

How To Protect Outdoor Faucets From Freezing?

There are many proven ways you can protect your outdoor faucet from freezing, and we will share everything here for you in detail, so you do not fall victim and keep your piping system safe during the cold season.

Disconnect the Hose

You are getting yourself ready for the worst scenario if you fail to remove your hose from your faucet during winter. Leaving the house with the faucet is a bad decision to make for anyone as it may lead to interior water lines bursting or freezing.

For you to do that, you need to turn the hose in the counter clockwise direction and ensure you move the hose forward and back to remove any debris that might be clogging the spigot threads. After you must have removed the hose, you need to ensure you empty the house.

You need to be sure it has water in it, and then you can decide to store it in a place that is secured, such as in your store or in your garage where it can’t be exposed to the cold atmosphere.

Shut off The Valve from The Inside

There is always a valve that controls the flow of water from the inside or from the water tank to the outside faucet. At this point, you need to shut the flow of water to the outdoor faucet, and the best way to do that is to locate the valve that controls the water to the outside.

Once you’ve located the valve, you can go on with shutting it off. It will ensure that water doesn’t flow anymore through the pipe that leads to the outdoor faucet.

Open the Tap and Empty it

After you shut the valve, it is a norm for water to remain in the pipe that leads to the outdoor faucet. You need to ensure you open the tap to empty it. You need to be sure that the faucet and pipe don’t have any reserved water in them.

Once you do that, you need to close the tab and open it again to be sure it is indeed empty, and then you can close the tap. If you leave any water in the pipe after closing the valve without emptying the pipe, the water can freeze during winter, and that can hinder the flow of water, if need be, for water supply through the outdoor faucet.

Best Ways How To Winterize Pipes / How To Protect Outdoor Faucets From Freezing

Winterizing the pipes should never be a wrong decision for anyone to make concerning his or her piping system during winter. It is very important, especially during the cold season. Most people give attention to the faucet and overlook the pipes.

Empty the pipes

Mind you, and they need attention too because once exposed to the cold atmosphere, any water in the pipes can easily freeze and cause more havoc than you can imagine. You should empty the pipe and ensure there is no water in it.

Insulate the pipes

Also, one of the ways you can winterize is through the use of insulation. You can insulate the pipes using insulation sleeves by wrapping them around the pipe. Also, you can use slip-on foam to achieve the aim of insulating the pipes.

Use heat tape

Aside from insulation, you can also use heat tape to insulate the pipes. It is one of the preferred methods of winterizing pipes during winter, but it requires lots of caution so as not to end up experiencing fire issues when using it.

How To Insulate Outdoor Faucet

If you don’t want to give any chance of dealing with a frozen faucet, you can also make use of a method known as insulation. It will help you to keep the faucet in stable condition even if the cold weather is too harsh. So here are ways you can insulate your faucet.

Wrap the faucet with a cloth

You can get the old clothing that you are not using anymore and wrap the cloth around the faucet. The fabric will make it so hard for the cold weather condition to have an effect on the faucet. It is an easy way of insulating your faucet without spending a dime on getting any piping material.

Cover with a plastic bag and secure with tape

After you must have wrapped the cloth around the faucet, you should cover the cloth with a plastic bag; else, the cloth will fall off. Then you can grab your tape and use it to secure the bag and the cloth to the faucet. It has to be firm in a way that the breeze can no take it off easily.

Should outdoor faucets be left open in winter?

It is never the right thing for you to leave your outdoor faucet open during winter. It has all chances of getting clogged due to freezing, and that could affect your piping system in a way you never expected it to.

Best Accessories to Winterize Outdoor Faucets

Blue Penguin 6000B Miser-Outdoor Freeze Protection

Blue Penguin 6000B Miser-Outdoor Freeze Protection |...
  • SAVES WATER |Typically, a faucet has to be...
  • EASY INSTALLATION | Simply screw the Freeze Miser...
  • HOW IT WORKS | The Freeze Miser senses the...

The Blue Penguin 6000B Miser-Outdoor Freeze Protection will fit perfectly for any outdoor faucet you want to prevent from getting frozen. Most people think allowing dripping can keep faucets from freezing, but it does raise the chance of getting it to freeze.

The use of freeze protection helps to protect the faucet and spigot, and it is very easy to install. You just need to screw the freeze miser on your outdoor faucet.

The miser here works through its sensor. Once it senses the internal water temperature, and ensure that no water will drip until the activation temperature is attained. The good side of the miser is that it will always prevent freezing irrespective of how short or long the cold weather lasts.

Aquor Wall Hydrant V2+ Frost-Free Outdoor Faucet

Aquor House Hydrant V2+ Frost-Free Outdoor Faucet with...
  • Connect garden hoses instantly
  • Leak-proof, drip-free valve with high-performance...
  • Sub-zero freeze protection to -30 F

One of the ways you can care less or become less worried about outdoor faucets during winter is that you make use of a frost-free outdoor faucet. One of the best to consider is the Aquos Wall Hydrant V1+ Frost-Free Outdoor Faucet. It is a quality faucet made from stainless steel with a matte finish.

It makes it easy for you to access your water easily during winter. It is designed with a flush mount that allows you to easily attach your garden hose with just a simple twist. The stainless-steel body and the internal materials help to offer the right freeze protection needed.

The installation of this faucet is simple and straightforward, and it is compatible with any plumbing type plus, water starts to flow immediately, it is connected, and it shut off immediately you disconnect.

But care Backflow Insulation Cover

Butecare Backflow Insulation Cover - 17W x 21H Water Pipe...
  • Size: 17W x 21H(Outside dimensions, fit up to 15...
  • Made of durable industrial grade 600D PVC coated...
  • No matter of the climate, such as snow, rain, wind...

If insulating is your kind of thing, and you need a better cover to carry out the work excellently, the Butecare Backflow Insulation Cover is the right one for you. Irrespective of the climate condition, the insulation cover is the perfect choice to protect your backflow from freezing.

It is made with the use of industrial-grade 600D PVC coated waterproof insulation oxford material, which makes it fit to handle any harsh conditions to help prevent you from spending money on repairs. It is important that you measure your backflow valve system before purchase.

You should not be afraid of rust or freezing when using the cover, as it boasts of 3M Thinsulate insulation to ensure that there is little or no chance for freezing. It thus helps to keep moisture out and almost ensure the piping system is warm.

Teal Turtle Winter Freeze Protection and Cold Weather Insulation

Teal Turtle Reusable Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winter Freeze...
  • Protects your faucets, spigots, sillcocks and hose...
  • Fully assembled and easy to apply Slide rubber...
  • One size fits most common faucets and valves -...

Without you spending a fortune on securing your faucet from freezing, the Teal Turtle Reusable Outdoor Faucet Cover offers you a lasting solution. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost much as it is one of the affordable you will find in the market that is effective at doing what it was designed to do.

The primary assignment of the cover is to protect your spigots, faucets, sillcocks, and hose from getting freeze during cold weather. You’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to installation. It comes fully assembled and very easy to install or apply.

All you need to do is to pick up the one-size-fits cover for all faucets and valves and then slide the rubber ring around the faucet, and then you can pull tight to lock against the shell. The impressive part of the cover is that you can reuse it, so it saves you the money of buying insulation cover during any cold weather seasons.

Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Faucets

Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Faucets: Air...
  • Adapter to easily winterize underground irrigation...
  • Pre-assembled length: 11.5 inches (approximate)....
  • Flexible hose allows the adapter to access tight...

With the Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Faucets, you have less to worry about any climate change anymore. It comes in different sizes, and you should choose one that perfectly fits your piping system and your budget.

It is designed to winterize and piping system and ensure you have no cause to complain about the freezing of any sort. It is almost indestructible, and you can find it easy to connect to any piping system to prevent plumbing damages as a result of freezing.

Also, it has a long lifespan because it is designed or manufactured using tough materials. As it may be, it is said to be ideal for winterizing RC, boat, camper, travel trailer, watercraft, to mention a few. You are getting yourself a great bargain.

Minimprover Lead-Free Brass Winterize Blowout Adapter

Minimprover Lead Free Brass Winterize Blowout Adapter: 1/4"...
  • Material The 3/4" GHT with Ball Valve is made by...
  • FunctionDesigned to winterize garden hose,...
  • ApplicationAdapter to easily winterize underground...

Using the Minimprover Lead-Free Brass Winterize Blowout Adapter in your piping system will also help to prevent any chance of freezing. It is specially designed for winterizing sprinkler systems, faucets, garden hoses by getting rid of water from the water lines. It is one of the easiest winterizing materials you can always reach out to in the market today.

The adapter has an easy operating system which makes it fit into other plumbing devices. Also, you can easily install it on any faucet, garden hose, and spigots, to mention a few, and it is made from high-quality materials, which makes it stand up to any harsh conditions.

Frost King Outdoor Faucet Cover to Protect Outdoor Faucets from Freezing

Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover, To Prevent Freeze...
  • Protects outdoor faucets from extreme temperatures
  • 5/8-inch expanded polystyrene shell
  • 3/4-inch one piece foam gasket

The Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover is also an option for you to consider if you are on the lookout for one of the best ways to prevent freezing for your outdoor faucet. It comes in more than four styles or sizes for you to choose the right one that will fit your outdoor faucet.

It indeed protects your outdoor faucet from extreme temperatures, which ensures your faucet doesn’t freeze. You just need to place it on your faucet as it comes fully assembled and install. Also, it is reusable after any winter season.

Echaprey Water Faucet Lock, Outdoor Metal Faucet Protection Cover

Echaprey Water Faucet Lock Outdoor/Kitchen/Garden Hose Tap...
  • [Outdoor Faucet Locking Device] Secure faucets and...
  • [Universal] Match most faucets on the market.
  • [Metal Iron Material] Anti-fall, anti-sun, sturdy...

 Well, you might want to consider this, but it doesn’t guarantee that your faucet will not get frozen. Its primary assignment is to prevent strangers from having direct access to your outdoor faucet without your permission. It comes with a simple design that makes it easy to use.

You just need to place it on the faucet and lock it up with a padlock. Only those who have access to the lock can open it and have access to the water. So, in its way due to its design, it can also help to prevent freezing.

SharkBite 24636LF Frost Free Sillcock

SharkBite 24636LF Frost Free Sillcock, 12"
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS: 1/2 inch push-fit inlet x 3/4...
  • PERFORMANCE: Rated to 200 PSI and 200 Degree F....
  • VERSATILTY: SharkBite connects Copper, PEX, CPVC,...

Why Are Frozen Pipes Dangerous?

Frozen pipes are not just dangerous but extremely destructive due to the fact that water can easily expand when it freezes, and that can cause damages to the pipe as a result of too much pressure. The pipe is not accustomed to handling solid substances, and that will be seen as a foreign body in the piping system.

In some cases, the pipe will burst, and that will leave you to arrange for repair. The damages might be little or more depending on the level of the freeze. So, the best way to avoid that is to ensure you never leave any chance for your pipes to freeze.

We have above some of the ways to achieve that, especially with the insulation method, which works like magic.

Warning signs of frozen pipes

Sometimes, paying little attention to your piping system can give you a hint on whatsoever is going on. 

It is beneficial that you notice early so you can fix it than getting to know very late, which could have caused some damages that will require repair. So what are the signs?

No water

The most significant sign that your pipe is freezing is when you notice that there is little water supply which is not normal. Once freezing starts taking place, space for water to pass through to the faucet will be restricted and blocked, and that will lead to little water reaching the faucet.

If you experience this during winter or any cold-weather season, you should know your pipe is likely to be going through a freezing state.

Visible frost

Once you start seeing frost on your pipe, it is an indication that the pipe is going through a freezing period. Once you notice one part of your pipe going through that, you should consider using insulation to that part as it will help to get rid of the clogging.

Also, you can restrict the exposure of that area to the atmosphere with heating tape, and that will help to reverse the frosting process going on there.

Unusual sound

If you get to hear some sound such as bubbling noise, it could tell that your pipe has some frozen solid which runs through the sewer line whenever you flush. Any form of sound from your piping system during winter calls for inspection as the chances for freezing is high during this period.

Clogged faucet

It might be a result of your failure to empty the faucet after your previous use. Leaving the water in the faucet will increase the chance of freezing, and once you notice the water is not coming out from the faucet as it should, it is an indication as well the freezing has taken place.

What To Do If Your Pipes Are Frozen?

If any of your pipes burst as a result of the expansion of the solid in the pipe, you need to call a plumber to help you fix the issue. However, here are some of the things you can do if your pipe shows any sign of freezing and it as well showing signs of getting burst.

  • You need to turn the water off at the main valve using the shutoff knob
  • You need to turn on the faucet so that the water can easily flow through once the ice begins to melt inside the pipe
  • If the process of melting is taking longer than you expect, you should heat the frozen section of the pipe using a hairdryer, electric heating pad, or space heater.
  • You need to continue to apply the heat until the water pressure returns
  • Ensure you check all faucets in the house before you could say you’ve finished all tasks.

Tips to Prevent A Pipe From Bursting When Freezing is Detected

This section helps you to easily prevent the pipe from busting if you’ve sighted any that has frost or going through freezing in your home. Here are the things you need to do.

Keep the water faucet running

It has been one of the proven ways to keep the faucet from freezing. To do this, you need to keep the faucet open in a bit for it to drip continuously. This method seems to work, but you are likely to lose your water, and the whole place can get damp. Water moving through the pipe and dripping through the faucet will help to prevent freezing.

Direct warm air

Another method that is ever effective is directing warm air to areas where you have freezing pipes. You can make use of any portable heater and move it into the room where you have your piping system or near any pipe that you notice is freezing.

Disconnect hose from the outside faucet

You need to be sure that you’ve disconnected your hose from the outside faucet. Leaving water inside the hose will cause damages because as the water therein starts to solidify, the hose will expand and can burst, which will leave you to get a new one.

Use heat tape

The next thing is that you should use a hearing tape. You just need to wrap it around your pipes and faucet, and then it will carry out its work by heating the pipe and ensure no freezing takes place. It is important that you call on an expert to help you do that instead of doing it yourself. 

Seal all leaks

There are places in your home that expose your pipes to cold air. You should look into those places and ensure that you restrict the flow of air from those ends. You can make use of caulk or any insulation device to keep the cold out. Too much access or exposure to cold air can lead to freezing.

Call on experts

You are not skilled to understand all that you need to do. It is the reason you should sometimes leave the task for the experts to do. So, once you have challenges with your piping system during winter, you should call on a plumber.


With the information we have here for you, you should no longer worry about how to winterize outdoor faucets during any cold-weather season. We have all the right information on this page for you, and we also give some of the accessories you can consider for winterizing your pipes and faucets.