Learn How To Stop Thieves : Theft Prevention Tips

It has been a serious issue for some on how to stop thieves from invading their homes. A lot of people have lost their loved ones, resources, and some other valuable things in the hand of thieves, thereby leaving a long, lifetime stigma for them to deal with. This is the reason we did the research and have this page to teach you ways to stop thieves for those who want to Learn How To Stop Thieves and Theft Prevention Tips.

There are different ways you can stop thieves from having easy access to your apartment. There is vague information all over the internet which ends up with disappointment for those who tried them out.

However, we have come with a lasting proven solution, and we hope you can find solace in any of the given actions you are about to read below.

How to prevent theft in the community

It should be a community joint effort to stop theft. There are ways this can be done. The community leader should raise a vigilante group that will be on patrol always. It is quite hard for thieves to come into such a community.

Also, the community should invest in street lights using a motion detection one. It will help to illuminate the whole community and leave no place for a hideout for thieves. Once they realize that a community is security conscious, they do all it takes to keep off from such a community.

Burglar Deterrent Gadgets

It is important that you make use of burglar deterrent gadgets in your home if you experience lots of disturbance from burglars. They will not stop coming once they notice you don’t have the right security resources in your home.

There are lots of gadgets that you need to consider. The first among them is the alarm system. There are different types of alarm systems out there in the market and in online stores. They will surely come on once they notice any strange impact or touch.

Using outdoor light is another gadget that you need to consider. You should never leave your home so dark as it will give thieves the chance to come into your home easily. Outdoor light will always illuminate your home and ensure you get to see everywhere clearly.

There are many kinds of outdoor lights, and the best is the motion detection which will come on once it detects movement and goes off after been idle for minutes. It helps to scare thieves away. Also, you can consider the use of a camera which has been effective and still till date.

How to stop thieves stealing your car

With several reports on car theft, most cars owners have seen the reason they should consider a high level of security for protecting their car from been stolen. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stop thieves from stealing your car, but only one is very effective.

The only effective means is to install a car alarm which is also known as panic sound. No thieves love to be caught, and once the alarm signal is triggered, they will have no option other than to run away and leave the car. So, to stop thieves from stealing your car, you might have to install and activate the panic sound.

How to stop thieves stealing keyless cars

Once thieves have access into your car and it uses a keyless ignition, it is quite hard for you to stop them from stealing it. However, you are not to lose hope on this particular topic. You still have something to do to stop them from taking your car away.

You need to make use of a security system in your car. There are some security companies in charge of this device which will be installed in your car and sync with your mobile device. Once you initiate the don’t start button on your mobile device, the car won’t start.

It is enough to keep your mind at rest that thieves won’t take your car away, but you need to always initiate the button at all times and deactivate it once you are ready to drive your car.

How to stop thieves from breaking into your car

Is it right to prepare for days when thieves will try to break into one’s car? It is so important that one needs to keep his/her car safe at all times because you never know who if someone is watching closely to steal the car from you.

You can’t stop thieves from breaking into your car if you don’t know their means or ways of doing so. There are different ways thieves break into one’s car. They can do that by damaging the side glass of the car, use a duplicate key or a device to open the lock knob of the car.

So how then can you stop that? First, you need to ensure you always wind up the glasses so that they can have no chance of passing any device through them to unlock the car. The second way is to ensure you don’t get careless with your car key to the point that they can have access to duplicate, and the third is using a car alarm system.

How to stop thieves from stealing packages

Where there is little or no security, you are likely to end up losing some things to the hands of thieves. To stop thieves from stealing your packages, you need to entrust your packages to someone to watch over for you. You can then take the person responsible for any loss if such occur.

Also, you can keep your packages in a room or place where no one else has access. You need to lock the place using a quality key that is quite hard to duplicate. Also, if you have the capacity to get a security camera, it is one of the effective ways to stop thieves from stealing one’s property.

How to stop thieves from cutting fence

It is a good thing to have your fence so short, but the disadvantage is more than the good it gives. As short as it is, anyone can easily climb through and jump into your home. Therefore, you need to ensure to raise the fence to the point that it will not be too easy for anyone to climb.

Also, you should make use of bar wire on your fence. Most homeowners are using it to enhance their security. Some even go to the extent of ensuring the wires are electrocuted, which is enough to scare thieves away from trying to cut through your fence.

In addition, you can keep up with a thorn plantation right behind your fence. No one will ever want to find his/herself in the midst of thorn. It will be a keep-off sign for thieves who want to get into your home by cutting the fence.

Furthermore, you can make use of a security light to illuminate the fenced area. Most thieves operate at night, and they don’t like to be noticed. So, illuminating your fence will make it hard for them to consider it as an option.

Defeat Bolt Cutters

It takes a lot of effort for thieves to break into a home or apartment that uses a padlock that is very hard to cut using a bolt cutter. The thicker a lock shackle, the less it is exposed and prone to damages. So using a lock that is hard to break with a bolt cutter will surely increase your security, and some of them are master lock pro series and master lock magnum, to mention a few.

Ball-bearing lock mechanisms are top-notch

Padlocks that come with ball bearing locking mechanism prove strong and stubborn for burglars to easily break-in. Some are made from hardened steel, and those that are made from boron are harder than hardened steel which makes it hard for thieves to break. 

Gun Safety, Rifle Scope and Hunting Gears

Gun is one of the weapons that you are not permitted to play around with. It can cost someone life with reckless usage, which is the reason you can only have access to it if you’ve got the permit to own a gun. Some states allow the use of a gun, and some do not. Overall, having an understanding of how to keep a gun safe is very important. 

Best way to store guns without a safe

the best way for you to store a gun is by using a safe with a lock code. It is the safest means of keeping a gun from the reach of anyone. Only those who have the key to the safe can have access to the gun.

Now on the off chance that you do not have a safe in your house and you are in possession of a gun, you should consider keeping it somewhere in your home that no one can have easy access to. 

You can keep it in your wardrobe and lock the place with a key which you will only have access to so that you can rest assured the gun is safe when and when not you are in the house. 

Is it legal to keep a loaded gun in your house?

In some states, owning a loaded gun in your house is not permitted and, in some states, it is permitted. All that you need to know is to check if owning a gun is permitted in your states or not. If it is permitted, you will have to get a license or a permit to carry or keep a loaded gun in your house.

You have to go through series of screenings and examinations before you could be allowed to keep a loaded gun. So, you need to check if it is legal in your state of residence before you decide to purchase a gun. 

Where to keep gun at night

One of the reasons for getting access to a gun is for protection and security. Therefore, at night it is important that you have the gun closer to you. You can keep it under your pillow or inside one of the drawers of the bed stool you have closer to you. 

It has to be within your reach at night in case of emergency, and you need to protect yourself using the gun. 

Where to keep gun for home defence

It has to be closer to you, i.e. within reach. Although it is not ideal that everyone in your house should have access to a gun. However, you should keep it anywhere that it will take you a whole lot of time before you could reach out to the gun. You should also consider emergency cases where you need to reach out to the gun as fast as possible.

You can get a holster where you can store the gun at all times whenever you are in your home or in your car. Some holster comes with concealment that makes it hard for anyone to know you have a gun on you. Best Ways to Store Your Guns at Home & In Your Vehicle.

RV safety

If you’ve got a recreational vehicle and you are wondering how to keep it safe from thieves, the best thing is to use a tracker with the vehicle. Some thieves are smart with bypassing shocks which are being used to lock wheels. 

The safest means is still through the use of a tracking device which will be inserted or installed in the car, and then you can track the movement of the car and also send a command to the car for it not to start whenever anyone tries to start the vehicle.

How to stop thieves from stealing your catalytic converter

The best way you can stop thieves from stealing your catalytic converter is through the use of a theft device. Using a theft device will alert you of the activity of the thief, and then you can be so sure that no one can steal your catalytic converter.

Also, you can paint or inscribe a name on the catalytic converter. It is a method that will surely keep people away from stealing your thing. No one will want to buy a catalytic converter that is stolen. So, you should always have your trademark on it to show you are the rightful owner.

Burglarproof Your Alloy Wheels

Using a burglarproof device on your allowed wheels is another form of preventing thieves from having an easy go at your vehicle. Once the burglar-proof device is on the wheels, it becomes very difficult for the wheel to rotate.

So, this makes it very hard for thieves to steel the vehicle. However, when getting a burglar-proof device for your alloy wheels, you need to ensure it is one that can never be cut easily with a bolt cutter.

Protect the tire wheel

The next you should consider if you have a good trailer you don’t want to use is to use a wheel chock that will help to prevent the tire from rolling. It is one of the security measures that is required to keep your trailer secured. 

Protect Your Trusty Trailer

Protecting your trusty trailer is an important act for anyone to do. There are many things you can do, such as getting a wheel lock which is one way to keep your trailer safe. You can use an alarm system that comes up once anyone comes near your trailer, and you can also use a tracker to ensure no one starts the car without your permission.

Outdoor safety

Outdoor accessories are one of the things that are quite hard to keep safe from thieves. It is the reason you need to be on your toes at all times or get the right equipment needed to keep the outdoor accessories from the reach of thieves. 

Camp Stoves

If you have a camp stove and you are wondering how to keep it safe from thieves, you can have your name inscribed on the stove. It becomes quite hard for anyone to steal and use without you noticing.

Also, you can have a metal inserted into the concrete and then use a chain to lock the stove into metal you have in the concrete. You use a solid padlock that will be quite hard for anyone to cut easily. 

Space Station Tent / $2500 Tentipi Zirkon CP 15 (communal tent)

Space tent which cost almost $5500, can be the center of attraction to thieves considering it is expensive, and they can make some bucks out of it. The best way you can keep your tent safe is to keep it where it is not too easy for thieves to have access to if it is not in use. 

However, if the tent is in use, you should ensure it is fastened into a system or lock that will be very difficult for anyone to unlock. Also, due to the bulky appearance of the tents, they are quite difficult for thieves to get through with it. 

Cobra Ice Axe Tool

The best way to keep this tool away from thieves is to store it in a secured place. You should get a toolbox where you keep your tools, and you should make use of a quality lock on it.

Scarpa Phantom $8000 Mountain Boots

If you have a mountain boot and it happens to be Scarpa Phantom cost $8000, then you need to be more careful of how you handle the boot. The best way you can go about keeping the boot safe and secure is by keeping it safe from others.

Once you keep it in a place that several people can access, you are likely going to lose the boot. Keep it in a place that you know no one else has access to.

Sleeping Bag / PHD Hispar $1200 Down Sleeping Bag

Getting an expensive sleeping bag cost $1400 is never the wrong choice to make. If you own a sleeping bag that is expensive, you will get to know that you should keep it safe from thieves. If you are going on a trip with others, you should have your name written on the sleeping bag so that no one can steal it. 

Ski Onesie $850

You should have a place where you keep your resources so that no one finds easy access to them without your approval. Most thieves know the worth of some of those things you have and will go the extra mile to steal them. You should always keep somewhere safe.

Swiss Army Knife $4000 / Wenger Giant Pocket Knife

The best way to keep your knife is to get concealment for it. For whatever reason is best known to you for getting a knife, keeping it safe should be one of the things you should never joke with. It is harmful to be careless with it, and losing it can also be so bad considering the price. So, you can get a duffle bag where you can store the knife so that no one can easily steal it.


If you’ve got some expensive gadgets such as a $1700 Smart Watch, $600 Glacier Sunglasses and many more, you should consider keeping them safe and secured. Gadgets are alluring, and most people will want to have access to them.

Apparently, one of the things that thieves look for in your home is your gadgets, and you should ensure you keep them in a more secured place. You can keep those like your watches, neck chain, bangles and many more in your wardrobe where you get to lock using a key. 

The best way you can keep your gadget safe from thieves is to get a quality safe for them. For some gadget such as Genuine pt boat, personal submarine, gold speakers and many more, you can get a personal tent to keep them safe with a quality lock to make the tent secure.

Garden Tools Safety

If you’ve got a garden and you took to pain to acquires some essential tools, you should know how to keep them safe and secured. If your garden doesn’t have a gate or fence and it is exposed, you are likely going to experience your tools missing.

So, if you find yourself in such a situation, you can keep the tools in your garage or to a place in your home where you know they are secured. If you decide to leave them in your garden, then you need to be sure you have a security measure in place. 

Building a tent or having a structure to keep your garden tool is the best form to keep your garden tools safe and secured. Ensure the secured place is restricted with the use of a quality lock with no one having access to the key.

Motorbike & Bicycle Safety

The rate at which people steal bikes and bicycles is alarming, which calls for bike owners to be careful and consider a high level of security to keep their property. If you own a bike such as the $9000 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon C 650b Trail Bike, or your bike uses a $1,500 Bike Pedals, you should know the importance of keeping thieves away.

You should never make use of cheap cables to lock the bike or bicycle. The cheap cable can easily be destroyed within seconds. You should make use of a quality lock or cable that will be quite hard for anyone to unlock or cut. 

Apart from locking the bike with key, you can make use of your garage to secure your motorcycle or bike. Ensure the garage has a lock device and you make use of a solid or quality padlock that can’t easily be broken

Cloth Safety

If you are in possession of any of the clothing such as $1000 Berghaus Men’s Ulvetanna Hydro down Suit, $1800 Arc’teryx Veilance Patrol IS Coat, $1300 Performance Trench Coat, and $1500 Patagonia Encapsil Down Belay Parka (down Jacket), you will understand the importance of keeping your cloth safe and secured. 

Always ensure you don’t leave the cloth outside your home or place where anyone can easily pick up and walk away with it. You should get a bag or wardrobe that you can hang the cloth. Ensure that you use a lock with the zipper to make sure no one find it easy to access the cloth.

Welded Eye Bolts

Using a welded eye bolt through one of the studs you have in your garage to lock your property with a chain or cable lock will make it hard for anyone to have an easy go at it. 

Chain with Hexagonal or Square Links

Not all chain has theft resistance, and that is the reason you should be wary of the one you get. Getting a heavy-duty hardened steel chain with hexagonal links makes it very hard for anyone to use a bolt cutter to get a grip.

Cheap Chain Cut Easily

Getting a cheap chain will in no way stop thieves from having access to your properties. They become very easy for anyone to cut, which is the reason you should never get a cheap chain that you can find easy to cut with any dimension of a bolt cutter. 

Cuff your Bike

One of the ways you can also secure your bike and some other things is through the use of a cuff. It is very easy for you to carry, and the standard ones are made of good steel, which makes it hard for the bolt cutter to cut through

Foil Trailer Thieves

It is much easier for trailer thieves to get through with latch locks as they can easily cut through using a small bolt cutter. To prevent someone from having access to your trailer, you should use a coupler lock which is somewhat hard for anyone to cut using a bolt cutter. 

Add an Eye Bolt to Concrete Projects

You can add an eye bolt to your concrete project, which will help you in keeping your generator secured. Most homeowners do not consider the use of an eye bolt when building a house, and so, it becomes a challenging task for them to secure some of the property that is placed outdoor. 

Also, when placing the eye bolt into the concrete, it has to be done in a way that doesn’t interfere with the footpath. It mostly serves as a secure anchor for hooking up your motorcycles, generator, grills, bikes and even trailer. 

Device Tracker

You should always ensure you have a tracker on all of your properties that is compatible with a tracker. One of them is your car. You can’t install a tracker yourself, and so you need the service of a company or an expert to get that done.

They will install the tracker and sync the control to your mobile device. You get to monitor the movement of the car from your mobile device. Some are sophisticated to the point that you can command the car not to start at all.

This has been used in several cases to recover stolen cars, and its application is on the rise today for those who know the importance of using a tracker. This helps to keep thieves away and also helps in recovering your lost property.


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