List Of Common Home Indoor Outdoor Low Maintenance Garden Plants

There is some garden that looks attractive and quite hard for you to ever overlook while some won’t even get one’s attention at all.

The appearance your garden has all come down to the quality of the plant or the look of the flower. There are some beautiful flower plants that you must add to your garden to make it attractive.

Beautiful Flower Plants Everyone Wants in Their Garden – Easy Plants To Grow At Home In Pots & Outside

African Violet easy plants to grow in pots

The African violet is one of the easiest houseplant flowers you can grow in your garden.

The flower blooms several times in a year with little effort from you. The flower like warm conditions and filtered sunlight.

Flowering maple easy plants to grow from seed indoors

The flowering maple blooms in shades of red, pink, orange, or yellow. It has a bright colour or appearance, which will make it a great inclusion to your garden.

Oxalis easy plants to grow at home

Oxalis is a cute plan which has triangular, clover-like purple leaves that fold down at night or during dim light conditions.

It has a constant show of pale pink or white blooms which goes on above the foliage. It will add more beauty to your garden if you add as one of the flowers there.

Peace Lily Low Maintenance Garden Plants

The peace lily flower is not the flashiest you will find in the market, but they have a stately elegance to them as they come up above the glossy foliage on slender and foliage stems.

The plant can boom throughout the year but brings out flowers during summer.

Jasmine Outdoor Garden Plants

Jasmine is one of the flowers that you should add to your garden. However, there are many types of jasmine which are the flowering jasmine and Arabian jasmine.

The two easily and gives plenty of light and moisture.

Calamondin Orange easy plants to grow outside

The calamondin orange is one of the flowers that you can consider for your garden. It is a hybrid flower that bears fragrant and blossom in the late winter or spring.

The flowers can develop into showy orange fruits with glossy foliage.

Brazilian Firework Home Garden Plants

The name fireworks come from two sources. During the late spring and summer, the flower will send up deep red flower bracts which help to develop the Levander flowers, thereby creating an explosion of color.

As the flower fade, it then shoots out small black seeds that can grow into even more plants. It is best used under a shade garden.

Guppy easy care garden plants

This kind of flower relatively blooms during summer. It has enough light, and it will flower all through the year.

It has a good structure which makes it an ideal choice for hanging baskets and many more.

Lipstick easy plants to grow in pots indoors

Lipstick plant is charming when you hang it in a basket. It has arching stems with showy flowers which dangle from its branch tips. The flower has dark purple cups encircling scarlet flowers.

The plant blooms in fall but can flower all through the year. It attracts hummingbirds when used outdoor during summer.

Riger Begonia easy garden plants to grow at Home

This type of flower grows from a swollen tuber-like base. It is a winter-blooming plant, and the color varies from yellow to orange and red.


There are many beautiful flower plants you can add to your garden. We know you are likely not to know them all.

This is why we have made the lists of about ten you can consider above. They sure have their distinctive way of adding beauty to your garden.