No Shut Off Valve For Outside Faucet

It isn’t surprising why most homeowners consider an outside faucet either for their personal use or for the use of their community.

The challenge with doing so have been with proper water management which calls for the use of shut off valve. What then is the fate of those with no shut off valve for outside faucet?

Economically, it is not advisable for you to have an outdoor water faucet without a control valve. It is an indication that you have to pay so much to cover your water bill which you could cut short with the use of a shut off valve.

Most homeowner makes use of a shut off valve where invisible to outsiders. You can easily control the rate of water usage with the shut off valve and ensure you don’t have to spend much on water bill.

If you decide to have no shut off valve for outside faucet, then you need to have an inner shut off valve to control the water supply to the outside faucet.

Irrespective of the types of system you decide to use either a pipe or hose, once you have the shut off valve on the inside you can control the water supply to the outside to ensure your water don’t run all the time.

Different Types Of Outside Water Shut Off Valve

There are different types of outside water valve shut off that you can consider if you are considerate with monitoring the use of water in your home.

Kindly take note that the type of shut off valve you get depends on your pipes and plumbing systems. If you have a copper valves it has to be used in a copper pipe. Also, if you run a plumbing system with a plastic pipe, you need to make use of plastic valves.

So, with this in mind, let’s go through the types of outside water valves you can consider below for your plumbing system.

Ball valve outside water shut off valve

For your main water shut off valve outside the house, a ball valve is the right choice. It is quite a large one that comes with a lever handle which is known for a quick turn on. With a simple quarter turn of the lever, you can close and open the valve.

Whenever the valve is opened, the internal ball will then align with the pipe thereby allowing water to gush and whenever it is closed, the ball will rotate at 90 degree and completely block the hole to restrict the move or flow of water.

Advantages of ball valve

  • Ball helps to seal the way
  • Large lever handle
  • Very quick to turn on and off


  • It is large

Compression stop valve

You are using copper water pipes, then you should consider getting a compression stop valve. It is the best for such water system. It is an efficient and effective shut off valve that gets into action very fast whenever you can on its service.

Its operation involves you pushing a brass ring in between the pipe and the valve through a compression nut.


  • Turns off quickly
  • Relatively easy to install on copper pipes


  • May require the use of compression sleeve puller

Three way stop valve

The truth is that it is a complex shut off valve as it has more than one outlet. It allows more than one pipe and can be mostly considered for kitchen sinks.

The shut off valve works by shutting off the fluid in one pipe while you allow pressure on the other side with full force. It allows you be in control of where you want to run the water in your home as you can decide the one that rush with pressure or not.


  • Perfect for cold and hot water supplies
  • It allows different fluids type


  • The configuration is sophisticated

Straight stop valve

The straight stop valve is mostly known to be used in water pipes that comes all the way from the floor. Its primary role is to stop or prevent water from traveling back in the same direction it came. It is similar to an angle stop valves and it allows you to easily turn off the water to one specific place.


  • Easy to turn
  • Allow you to shut off water to a point


  • Perfect for pipes that penetrates the floor alone

Angle stop valve

For plumbing system that requires using shut off valves for pipes on the wall, the angle stop valve is the right choice. The valve allows you to turn the water off to a specific faucet whenever you are replacing it without you shutting off the water to the entire house.

It is a durable one that last longer and it doesn’t have record of consistent issues. Also, they are usually found in either brass or chrome plated finishes.


  • You can shut water flow to a particular place
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to operate


  • It can be challenging to install

Sweat stop valves

The sweat shut off valves are known to be common with professional plumbers. The valve is mostly brazed to cooper water pipes and that makes it quite difficult to remove. Due to the installation and design, they tend to last longer.

If you have been faced with leaking faucet as a result of bad shut off valve, the sweat stop valves can be your lasting solution without you spending a fortune.


  • Durable and strong
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents leakage


  • Quite difficult to remove and replace
  • Push fit stop valve

Iron pipe shut valve

Iron shut valve are perfect for iron pipes. They are quite easy to install on iron pipes as you just need to screw the valve into the pipe and install it in place. The valve is known to be very durable and can be used on a range of pipes as long as an adapter is available.


  • It will fit different pipes with adapters
  • Quite easy to install on iron pipes


  • Not a good option for non-iron pipes

How To Turn On Outside Water Faucet?

There is no complex way of turning on the outside water faucet. It is very simple to do as long as you can locate where the shut off valve is positioned or installed.

The system is quite similar with most plumbing frame work. So, you are to have a shut off valve on the inside that controls the flow of water to the hose shut off valve you have on the outside of your home.

Once the shut off valve on the inside is moved in the clockwise direction, irrespective of the type you have, you have just shut out the flow of water through the pipe that leads to the outside water faucet.

So, for you to turn it on, you need to move the shut off valve to the anti-clockwise direction, and then the water will flow through the pipe to the outside.

You have to ensure the outside water faucet shut off valve is in the clockwise direction while you work on the insider, and then you can move the outside shut off valve anti-clockwise to allow the water to get out through the opening.

How to find a water shut off valve outside?

You can quickly locate the water shut off valve outside by tracing the piping system.

It is often not too far from where you have the outdoor water faucet so that you can easily control it without having to run into the house to do that.

Outside water shut off valve cover

If a proper measure is not in place, one might end up changing the shut off valve now and then because of the careless actions of people. This applies to those who have an outside faucet for their neighborhood.

However, to cut the losses or frequent issue with replacing shut off valve, you can consider getting a valve cover. The valve will help you conceal your shut off valve, and no one will easily get to know where it is.

It helps to ensure that no one gets access to water without your permission and it also helps in monitoring the use of water in your home.

Outside Water Shut Off Valve Leaking

There are many reasons you can experience shut off valve leaking. It can be as a result of too much of people having access to the shut off valve, it can be as a result of being an old one and that it already shows a sign of rust.

However, if you ever find yourself in such a condition, the right thing is to get a replacement for the shut off valve. A replacement is the right option. You can shut off the valve on the inside to restrict the flow of water and then change the leaking one with a new one.

There are many ways you can do that. You can opt for a replacement from a local or online store. However, you need to ensure it is one that is compatible with the pipe that you have in your home.

Then you can go ahead with installing or call on the service of an expert to get that done for you.

Final Words

With no shut off valve for the outside faucet, you are in control of your water system from the inside of your home. It means you can shut off the water supply to the outside while you get to enjoy the available water on the inside with your family.