Rafter Square vs Speed Square : What Are The Differences

This post on the Rafter Square vs Speed Square on this page thus reveals what most people don’t know about the square. Some gave wrong information that they two are different, but the truth is that they are not different but the same.

A rafter square is the same as a speed square. It has more than one name to itself, which is the reason for the confusion among woodworkers and carpenters. It works tremendously in such a way that it has the function of a combination square, framing square, and try square.

How to use A Rafter Square

There are different ways or dimensions you can use a rafter angle square, and some of them are discussed below:

How to Use A Rafter Angle Square

  • If you want to use a rafter angle square, you need to lay hold of the square and place it on the surface of the wood or board that you want to work on. You need to ensure that the lip of the square extends to the down part of the material you are working on.
  • Also, you can then rotate the lip of the square from the edge of the wood or board around the pivot. You need to ensure that the pivot doesn’t move, but you need to see to it that the point where the lip and the hypotenuse meet to move.
  • You should then line up the desired angle as you can see on the hypotenuse as you can see on the pivot too.
  • If your measurement is on the pitch, you should line up the desired pitch, but if you are working in alignment with the pivot, you should mark it on the same edge as the pivot.
  • To end the use of the angle square, you need to mark the outside edge of the rafter square for you to get the right-angled cut.

Using A Rafter Angle Square for Roof Pitch

  • Not everyone knows the speed square tricks, and that is why the use of rafter square in their hand is limited. You can also use the square for roof pitch if you are a woodworker. How can you do that?
  • Do your findings to locate the rafter angle of the pitch of the roof.
  • Once you’ve done that, you should use a spirit level to mark out a straight vertical line across the rafter.
  • Make sure that the lip of the square aligns along the vertical line, and then you should line up the pivot point from the rafter angle to the bottom edge of the square.
  • This is the right way to measure the pitch of the roof.

How to use A Speed Square to Cut Rafters

  • You can use a speed square to cut the rafter apart from different use of the squares. 
  • The first thing you need to do is to identify the length and width of the building you are working on. Also, you need to get the span of the rafter so that you can easily get the right number of rafters needed.
  • Putting a mark over the plumb is another way you can use a speed square to cut rafters.
  • You can then place the pivot point on the location of the edge of the square where the lip meets with the rafter board. 
  • You can also use a speed square to cut the rafter by rotating the square until the lining up aligns with the edge of the board you are working on.
  • Also, it is important that you use the speed square instruction manual and learn how you can go on with any of the tasks easily.

What is The Best Rafter Square for Woodworking

We can find lots of Rafter Square for Woodworking, but we discuss here 4 best Squares below –

WORKPRO Rafter Square

WORKPRO Rafter Square and Combination Square Tool Set, 7 IN....
1,252 Reviews
WORKPRO Rafter Square and Combination Square Tool Set, 7 IN....
  • Durable Material - The rafter Square is die-cast...
  • Clearly Identifiable Scale - The rafter square...
  • Multiple Graduation - 7-inch rafter square has...

The WORKPRO Rafter Square is a great choice of consideration for any woodworking task. It is made from die-cast heavy gauge aluminum allow, which makes the rafter square last longer than others. It comes with a clear finish with low glare and a protective powder coating.

The rafter has permanent deep markings with white graduations, which makes the rafter the best to use for all kinds of woodworking applications. The deep etching scale and multiple graduations make it a great tool. The different kinds of graduation blend the features of the try square, protractor square, miter square, and framing square

A rafter square is a versatile tool, and it has easy to read level vial, and the metal scriber on the side of the combination ruler expands the usability of the tool. Also, it is very easy to use. It can be used as a guide for crosscutting lumber and thus work accurately at an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

WENCHENG Rafter Square

WENCHENG Combination Square and Rafter Square Tool Set, 2...
23 Reviews
WENCHENG Combination Square and Rafter Square Tool Set, 2...
  • Tool Set1 x Combination Square, 2 x Rafter Square,...
  • Clearly Identifiable ScaleThe dimensions are...
  • High QualityThe speed square is made of...

The WENCHENG Rafter Square is a multi-purpose tool that fits well for different woodworking applications. It has a combination square, rafter square, which makes it a great tool for every carpentry work, such as roofer and other construction work. 

The dimension on the square is clearly etched instead of painted like you will find with some others. The design of the square helps to maintain the precision and accuracy needed for any work. The square is made of heavy gauge aluminum alloy. The ruler of the square is made of die-cast zinc alloy, which makes it very strong for all conditions.

Empire Rafter Square

Empire Level E2994 7-Inch High Definition Rafter Square
231 Reviews
Empire Level E2994 7-Inch High Definition Rafter Square
  • Graduations will not fade or change over time
  • Increased width for cutting deck boards
  • Thick, matte 6063 aluminum provides a safer...

The Empire rafter square is a versatile tool every woodworker must be proud to own. It is a tool that serves a different purpose and helps to make woodworking tasks easier. If you want to work on the roof or you need a quality ruler to mark out a line without guess or mistake, it is the right one to consider. 

It has graduations that will not fade, which makes the square a tool you can use for a longer period, and it doesn’t cost too much, which makes it easy for anyone to purchase. The etching process on the square makes it easy for you to read when making a measurement with the square.

Dewalt Rafter Square

DEWALT Premium Rafter Square, 12'
277 Reviews
DEWALT Premium Rafter Square, 12"
  • Stamped-in contrasting color graduations for...
  • Extra-thick extruded aluminum body holds up to...
  • Large base helps provide better grip on materials

The DEWALT Premium Rafter Square is also a great tool for consideration for those that are on the search for a perfect square for a roofer. It works than just being used for a roofer as you can also consider it for some other woodworking tasks. 

The rafter square has stamped in color graduations which makes it very easy for anyone to read even in little light availability. Also, it has a thick aluminum body that makes it a great choice for heavy use. It is an ideal option for anyone that gets involved in marking rip cuts or marking a line with the help of the scribe line notches.


This article on Rafter Square vs Speed Square opens your eyes to know that they are the same in carpentry world. Irrespective of the name you choose to call it, the use or operation is the same.

It can be used for different applications depending on what you want to do, and there are different types that you can consider with the few mentioned above.