Rekey vs Replace Locks : What To Do !

Rekeying and changing a lock are quite different from each other. This post on rekey vs replace locks will show you all that you need to know about changing a lock, rekeying and how to go about doing it yourself or sorting for the service of an expert to do that.

Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?
If You bought a Pre-Owned Building / apartment / office, we advice you should be change all locks for better security. If you have tight / small budget then surely change only front door locks.

Should I Rekey or Change Locks ?
If you have enough budget and needs more security go for changing locks.

What is Rekeying a lock?

Rekeying is the act of replacing the working key of a lock but still retaining the lock itself. You do not have to do away with the whole lock.

All that is required is to get a key that is compatible with the lock and then rekey it into the lock.

Advantages of Rekeying Locks

There are lots of benefits you enjoy from rekeying your lock, and some of them include:


Compared to replacing your total lock, rekeying will save you a lot of money. If you are moving into a new apartment, you should consider rekeying the lock as long as the lock is not damaged yet. If you have lots of locks to work on, rekeying should be the preferred option for you.

Improves security

Rekeying the lock means that you will only give access to those that have the key and nothing more. This helps increase the security in your home and ensure that you and the things you have in your apartment are safe.

Maintain the home aesthetics

Sometimes, maintaining the lock in your new apartment is the right thing to do as it thus has a way of complementing the design you have in place. So, changing the key by rekeying will not affect the design or appearance of your home or apartment.

It makes you feel secured.

If you get into an apartment and do not rekey the lock, it shows that those who move out of the apartment can access your home without your permission. Rekeying will make you feel secured and ensure you have your things away from the reach of people.

Disadvantages of Rekeying Locks

The disadvantage of rekeying a lock is that you might encounter lots of compatibility issue with the new key you are about to get. Even if you get the key, you might encounter an issue with securing the lock as time goes on.

What Is the Process of Replacing Locks ?

If you want to change a lock, there are few things you need to do.

Get a replacement lock

You should get a lock you will use to replace that one you want to remove. Getting a quality one is a right choice to ensure your home or apartment is well secured.

Remove the old lock

It would help if you got all the required or necessary tools needed to remove the old lock. Once the lock is removed, you can go on with installing the new lock.

Install the new lock

You should go ahead with installing the new lock into the housing where you removed the old lock. Ensure it is well screwed to ensure the lock is secured.

Advantages of Changing Locks

Not easy to unlock for anyone

The benefit of changing a lock is that it helps prevent anyone from having easy access to your home. Changing a lock will only allow those who have access to the new keys to come into the apartment.


When you install a new lock, you should try to customize the security. Changing the lock will allow you to choose the design with some additional features you want in your lock.

Disadvantages of Changing Locks

Changing the entire lock or just one will make you spend more, and it can be quite hard for you to do if you don’t have the fortune to spend.

It is the best form of increasing one’s security but considering the price it takes to get a new lock and payment for installation, and you might have to consider rekeying.

Reasons to Rekey Your Home or Business

1. You Just Bought an Old Apartment / Office

2. You Just Bought a Pre-Owned Building

3. You Fired or Let Go Someone Who Vowed Retribution

4. You or One of Your Employees Lost the Key

5. Someone Broke Into Your Home / Office

6. Your Keys Have Worn Out

7. Divorce or separation

8. After remodeling

What’s the difference between Rekey vs Changing Locks ?

The difference between rekeying and changing locks is quite direct. Rekeying is just the act of just removing a key from the lock and replacing it with another key.

In contrast, the replacement of the lock is the removal of the whole locks and replacing it with a new lock.

When should you choose to Rekey A Lock ?

You relocate to the apartment

If you relocate to your apartment, rekeying the lock is an option to consider. Replacing a lock can be too expensive, especially if you have many locks to work on in your home.

After a layoff and when employees are fired

Whenever you just fired someone in your office, it is very good for you to rekey the lock so that the person does not have access to the office premises anymore.

After remodeling

If you are going through remodeling in your home and hire people to do things for you, you might have to consider rekeying after the whole task is done to restrict the access given to anyone easily.

After break-in

If you just experienced a break-in in your home or offices, you should consider rekeying your lock.

When locks are acting badly

If the key you have in the lock is bad or acting up, you should consider rekeying. Changing the key will help to secure your security.

When should you choose to change the entire lock?

Want to change the lock settings !

If you are considering changing the lock in your home to a smart lock, you must consider replacing the lock.

An old, rusted or damaged lock !

If the lock in your home is old, rusted or damaged, you might have to consider replacing the whole lock. You should change a lock if you notice it is damaged beyond control.

Can I Rekey A lock Myself?

Yes, you can easily rekey a lock yourself if you carefully observe the process and have access to the right accessories.

If you find it hard to do, you can easily call on an expert to do the rekeying yourself.

Should I Change the Locks to My Commercial Rental Property?

It would help if you considered changing your commercial rental property as long as it is transferred to different people.

You might have to overlook changing the lock yourself and leave the task for the new person acquiring the property to do so. However, if you want to prevent anyone from having easy access to the rental property after sending them parking, changing the lock is the right decision.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rekey a lock?
The price of rekeying is quite different from each other because key comes from different brands. However, getting a quality key for rekeying should not cost you a fortune.

Can two locks have the same key?
Yes, it is very much possible for two locks to have the same key. Some happen by chance, and some are specifically designed to open multiple locks.

Lock Change or Rekey ? Which One Should You Choose !
For you, we always suggest Rekeying is the best option then replacing locks.

The cheapest way to change locks

Changing lock can be expensive, especially if you have to do with more than one. However, there are ways you can go with acquiring the best lock you want without spending a fortune. You can opt for fairly used locks, which is somewhat cheaper than some new ones.

Also, instead of calling on an expert to help you install the locks and pay for the service rendered, you can install the lock yourself to save the cost of paying for installation.

Changing locks on a new house

Changing the locks on a new home is very important, especially if you are relocating and the house isn’t built. There are many reasons you have to change the lock. You might not like the design of the previous lock you met in the house, and that will warrant you to call for a change.

Also, changing the lock will deny anyone that is not a member of your house to have easy access to your house. It will help improve the security you have in your house and ensure that all things are safe and secured.

To change the lock, you need to check the following and make available some tools too carefully.

  • Check the lock design and ensure you get a replacement that will fit the lock housing so that you don’t have to break or damage anything during installation.
  • Remove the lock by unscrewing all nuts and bolts.
  • Replace with a new lock and fasten every nuts and bolt in the right place


This post on Rekey vs replaces locks shows you all that you need to know about the two and help you make the right choice whenever you want to improve the security in your home. You’ve got two options, and they are either replacing the whole lock or just rekeying, and we’ve got the whole information you need on this page.