Reset Circuit Breaker Still No Power : What’s Wrong

Are you battling with the challenge of restoring electricity or power to your home after your circuit breaker tip-off? Have you tried to reset circuit breaker still no power? You do not have to wear yourself out over this issue as there are things you can easily do to restore electricity in your home.

  • Try to reset the breaker if possible,
  • You should check the GFCI reset button,
  • Check your all outlets,
  • Check the fuses,
  • Replace the breaker

Confirm if the power gets to the electricity box

There are cases where you will think the cause of power cut is from the circuit breaker and it is not. The circuit breaker will only tip-off when the power or electricity supply is too much. It gets into action once it senses overloading of electricity.

So, you can only agree that the circuit breaker is faulty only when you confirm that there is an actual supply of power to the house, but you have no power.

Check if the circuit breaker is damaged

Once you’ve checked and you confirm that the power supply gets to the electrical box in your home, and you’ve tried all you could to reset the circuit breaker, but all effort proved abortive, you might have to run a check to see if the circuit breaker is not damaged.

If it is damaged, it is quite sure it will never work as it should, and that will lead to no power supply. So, you might have to get a new one.

Get a new circuit breaker

Once you get a circuit breaker, you can quickly fix by giving close attention to removing the previous or damaged circuit breaker. Follow the wiring instruction so that you can get it done rightly. Once you have been able to fix the circuit breaker, you can switch on the power source and check if it works. Take note: You should do all electrical work with the electrical fuse disconnected.

How to Fix the Problem – Reset Circuit Breaker Still No Power

  1. Reset a GFCI Outlet
  2. Check all bad connection as like –
    – Loose terminal screws
    – Loose stab-in connections
    – Loose wires at wire connectors
    – If you find any loose wires, remove the wire connectors
  3. Check for Loose Wires
    – Check the screw terminals
    – Carefully check any charred, broken, or corroded wires and screws
    – If outlet has a loose connection – tighten / replace those
    – Buy best copper wire if needs
  4. Fixing Loose Wires at Stab In Connections
  5. Checking Wire Connectors for Loose Wires
  6. Reinstalling the Connector
  7. Replacing with Best Quality Circuit Breaker
  8. Get Your Power Back

“Circuit Breaker On But No Power To Outlet”

An expert will quickly find out what is wrong with the cut of power supply to the house because electrician have all types of quality tools and machine that makes such a task more manageable. To find a better electrician, you can check online for those closest to your location and read their reviews and customer report before you get anyone to come into your house to do any work. Also, you need to be sure they have credibility so, and you don’t end up regretting your decision.

Call An Electrician

No one does anything better than the experts or professionals. So, after you must have tried lots of things to fix the broken circuit breaker and it remains the same with no power supply, you can consider calling on an expert to help with the task.


If you’ve got your circuit breaker on but no power to the outlet, then you need to rest the circuit breaker. However, if it remains the same, then you’ve got to run some check. This page on “reset circuit breaker still no power” tells you things you can do if you are ever faced with such issue.