Why Your Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw Stopped Working and Troubleshooting Guide

On this page we offer you why your Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw Stopped Working and Troubleshooting Guide for those in search for a circular saw. With different brands responsible for the production of quality circular saw, Ryobi is one of those that you should consider for their exploit all around the globe. The company is known for producing top-quality circular saws that can match up with any challenge and still excel with their power and strength.

Cutting metals and all kinds of materials with the circular saw from Ryobi is effortless and effective, which is the reason for its increase in recognition in the market.

So, what are those things you need to consider when Buying A Ryobi Circular Saw?

Cordless or Corded Circular Saw

There are two types of Ryobi circular saw you would come across in the market. The cordless and the corded ones. It is up to you to choose the one you want for your project. The advantage of getting a cordless circular saw is that you get to have the freedom to move freely from one place to another.

You do not get restricted as a result of a power socket or not. Also, it works with a rechargeable battery which means you can work anywhere, even when there is no power supply. With the corded Ryobi circular saw, you need to always be closer to a power socket to operate the saw.

Right Hand or Left Hand

You need to carefully consider this factor too when buying a Ryobi circular saw. If you are a right-hand person, it is essential that you get a right-handed saw so as to make the application easy for you. Using a left-handed saw as a right-hand individual will give you lots of problems with having a smooth operation with the circular saw.

Saw Blade Diameter and Size

You should also consider the size of the blade that comes with the circular saw you are about to get. They do not come in the same blade size, and that is the reason you need to check the size and diameter and choose the one that fits the work you have with you.

Now that you’ve got to know the things you should consider let’s go through some of the problems you might encounter with the Ryobi circular saw and what you should do about them.

Ryobi Circular Saw Won’t Start

You do not have to worry or beat yourself over a Ryobi circular saw that refuses to start. There are few reasons that could cause it. First, you need to check the power socket and your circular saw cable and ensure there is no issue with the two.

If the voltage of the power is not up to the required voltage to power the machine, it will never get to work. So, you need to check that. Also, you might have to check the start button on the machine if it is not faulty. If it is, you need to fix it before the machine starts.

Also, another reason it will not start is if the blade is damaged. You need to run a check on the machine and see to it that the blade is in proper condition for it to start.

Why does my Ryobi Circular Saw Keep Stopping ?

If your Ryobi circular saw keeps stopping, it is an indication that something is wrong. The first thing that should come to your mind is the battery voltage you are operating the saw with. You have to work within the limit of your tools, and so you need to choose the right battery for it.

If you are using a small battery for it, you will have to force the machine to work, and then you will always experience and see it come to a stop often. A 2.0 Amp battery will not perform more than a 4.0 Amp battery.

So, if you are working and your Ryobi cordless circular saw stopped working, you need to carefully run a check to see why it stopped working. If you have been using it for a very long time, it might be as a result of overheating, which you need to stop and let it cool off before using again.

Also, if the Ryobi circular saw blade is not spinning, then it can be a result of the spindle lock getting stuck. If the Ryobi circular saw spindle lock stuck, then you need to stop the engine, allow it to cool off, and go on with fixing the issue.

Get a wrench to lose each nut to expose the areas you want to work on, set each part back into its compartment, and assemble it all together. If you find it hard to do, you can call on an expert to help you out.

Ryobi Circular Saw Troubleshooting

If your Ryobi circular saw laser not working, you might have to troubleshoot the machine. Here are things you should do below:

Replace The Blade

If the circular saw gets stuck when attempting to saw through any material. It might be as a result of an old blade, or it is weak and need replacement.

Replace The Battery

If the saw does not run, then you need to consider changing the battery. The battery might be dead or weak, so you need to get a better replacement before the circular can work optimally.

Trigger Dislodged

If the circular saw is not working, it might as a result of the dislodged trigger, and it will not come on with that. So, you need to fix or get a better replacement before you could get the machine to work.

Ryobi Circular Saw Safety Switch

Also, you need to check the safety switch every time you want to run or operate the machine. It might also stop working if the safety switch is faulty and you need to fix it before use.

Final Words

You have got all you need to know about the Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw Stopped Working and troubleshooting guide on this page. We do hope you get satisfied with the information we have here for you. If you ever encounter any issue with the saw, you can try out the troubleshooting method to get it back to work.