Sanitary Tee Usage – All that you need to know about the fitting

We have here for you the sanitary tee usage information you need if you ever have to handle or use the fitting for any plumbing task. A Sanitary tee is a plumbing fitting that is responsible for draining water and vent in a plumbing system.

It is used for connecting the branch line to a vertical line, and it helps liquids to go towards the drain. There are different types of plumbing fitting and if you have the regular tee or sanitary tee with you to use, below are some of the things you can do with it.

Usage Of A Sanitary Tee

Joining horizontal line

Whenever you are dealing with any plumbing task that requires you to join a horizontal line, you should consider the use of a sanitary tee. It helps in serving as a waste arm to a vertical riser. Using any other fitting aside from a sanitary tee for a horizontal piping system will lead to chaos.

So, therefore, either you are a novice or a professional in plumbing work, you need to know the right application of the sanitary tee will lead to good result while otherwise will result in leaking, which could affect your work.

Vent tee alternative

It requires higher skills and understanding of the plumbing system to use a sanitary tee as an alternative to a vent tee. Whenever you are plumbing a vent line, using a sanitary tee can help you maintain the proper flow that you desire for an adequate outcome.

One might wonder if, indeed, a sanitary tee can work well with venting, but it can be used for such a task as long as it is rightly done. It is tricky, and so you need an expert to help with the task; else, you are likely going to regret using it.

Things to note with Using Sanitary Tee

If you are using a sanitary tee, you need not lay it on its back with its sides opening. It is wrong to do so as you are likely going to have an upstream splash of waste whenever it hits the bottom of the horizontal pipe.

Also, one of the things you are lily to experience with such is clogging inside the line. To prevent that, you need to keep the sanitary upright at all times for the right result; else, you might have to regret your decision immediately or later in the future.

Always check and see to it that the application you are about to use a sanitary tee for is compatible with the fitting. Over time, one can make the mistake of choosing the wrong fitting due to lack of experience or ignorance. So, if you are a novice, you need to be sure you need a sanitary tee before purchasing one for your piping system.

Final Words

The sanitary tee usage on here for you will help you know when and how to use a sanitary tee. There are different fittings, and they work well for whatever they are designed to do.

So, it is important that you know and apply a sanitary tee where necessary.